Wood Prints on Ceramic Tiles

Wood has long been the companion of homeowners. From walls to beds to floorboards, wood has crowned the list as the surest fabric for home décor. We get connected to wood, as we do with nature. Whilst the time involves renovate your home, people can’t carry themselves to aspect with the earthy feel of wooden that brings warmness and luxury to a home. Now we’ve even more the way to make that possible: Wood prints on ceramic tiles.

The latest technologies in electronic printing enables wood prints and designs to be reproduced in ceramic tiles. The long-standing functionality of ceramic tiles will combine with the unique texture of wooden to provide homeowners with a good higher domestic décor experience.

With digital printing, the problematic details, from the nice veins to the grainy texture of wood, can now be incorporated on ceramic tiles. This technologies enables the genuine essence of wooden to be captured by way of adding subtle wooden facts on the tiles. For instance, it’s now possible to have an analogous conclude of saw cutting and deciding upon in ceramic tiles that turned into once only attainable in wood. The chances are endless, but the result is necessarily the same: surely breathtaking!

wood tilesPixabay

  • Choose a random design in order that the advent is extra organic and realistic.
  • Opt for the smallest grout possible. Wood is heavily held together. With the aid of choosing the smallest spacer attainable you may hardly ever inform it’s not real wood. Want to sound fancy? Call it faux bois (French for “fake wood”).

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