Wondering, How Do I Determine Who Owns a Piece of Property?

Have you ever wondered, “How do I verify who owns a piece of property”? If you have, you’re not the 1st one eyeing a piece of real estate — and wanting to know all its ownership details. 

There can be several reasons why you may no longer get the details about the landlord of the property easily. A straightforward talk-to-the-neighbors may no longer be sufficient. Cases in point: while the valuables in query has been vacant for a long time or if the house is rented or if there’s insufficient details at the title transfer.

But, bet what? You don’t have to hire a private investigator to find out who owns a particular property. Or, spend a large amount of money during this search. The information is available to the general public if you knock on the right doors! Read directly to learn about the way to discover property owners. 

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Reasons why anyone could want to determine who owns a property

Obtaining detailed information on property possession offers you an overall picture of its history.  Maybe you’re a real estate investor looking to land the finest real estate deals or a potential homebuyer who’s planning to acquire the valuables for a small price. Whatever your reasons, every person attracted to a particular piece of land or house wants to search for off-market real estate opportunities. 

Here are some of the most common reasons why you’d want to determine who owns a property:

  • If you’re purchasing a house, you must uncover out every piece of information about the property. It will assist you understand all the aspects, adding the condition of the structures, before signing on the dotted line. The law requires you to get the whole history of the valuables — right from the first proprietor to its current owner.
  • If you’re interested in any development assignment in the area, this information will help you understand the real estate market better.
  • In case you’ve come across an unusual or an abandoned property, you may want to know who owns it.
  • As a estate investor, you may want to learn more about the environment and other environmental aspects of the area.
  • If it’s a property you’re eyeing, you may want to get in touch with the owner to attempt to strike a profitable deal. 

How do I verify who owns a piece of property?

who owns a property

The well news is that finding the name of a property’s owner isn’t as hard as it may seem. The method can be often fast and easy. But, only if you recognize wherein to appear and whom to speak with. 

If you’re wondering the way to uncover the landlord of a property, you’ve got plenty of options. You can choose to do an on line search or an in-person search — based at the location of the property, the rules of the state and county you live in, and the information you’re starting with.

To help you navigate via all the ways, we’ve indexed some expert tips and steps on the way you can verify who owns a property. 

Contact the tax assessor

One of the easiest ways to fish out possession details is to find out who is paying taxes on the property. You can get such public documents by way of your local tax assessor’s office. 

A good way is to go to their official website to conduct this research. You will want both the address of the valuables or the parcel ID of the home to get the information. Remember that usually the valuables may not have an address — which is often the case with vacant land.

The tax assessment department will also provide you with access to the relevant information, adding the most current appraisal, property dimensions, tax liens if any, and most importantly the contact details of the homeowner. 

However, there’s a chance that you may no longer get complete information online. In which case, you’ll have to visit the tax assessor’s office in person. 

Check the county recorder

Fortunately, estate deeds and identify files are publicly available, much like the assessment rolls. The United States has good organized official web content such as the Automated Town Sign up Information Method (ACRIS) wherein you can look up such information — unfastened of cost. In some special cases, you may be expected to pay a fee though. When you appear at the property deeds, you’ll be able to understand who the real owner is. Or, even if you’re dealing with an LLC-owned property, a property of a trust, or individual ownership. 

However, the extent of information you’ll get through these governmental web pages is dependent upon the state you stay in. For example, you can uncover scanned copies of deeds going back to the Sixties in New York in the course of the ACRIS whilst states such as Arkansas or Missouri may now not offer that convenience.

Use on line resources

Sometimes, tracking the landlord of a home or land can be particularly difficult. Extra so if the property doesn’t have an address or is a commercial building. In such cases, the best way to check who owns the valuables is through researching via online real estate databases. 

There are several real estate data vendors that provide you with access to the contact information of owners, especially of LLCs. Some on line search equipment offer the information for free of charge while others exchange it for a month-to-month subscription. Interestingly, apart from finding out the possession details, you can also find the parcel ID, tax liens history, and even assessed value of the property!

Connect with a name company

If the above measures don’t get you the kind of information you want, there are always name companies. In view that they deal in real estate transactions — correct from handling the paperwork to proposing name insurance — they can help you track down the landlord of a property. 

These title companies can participate in background tests to examine if there are any tax liens or unpaid estate taxes. It’s crucial information for you if you’re taking into account purchasing that property. However, such information comes at a cost, usually ranging between $200 and $400. But, if you’re a potential homebuyer, it is going to be a priceless investment for you.

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Ask a real estate agent

Real estate agents within the area possibly able to help you with information regarding the ownership. If they’re any good, they may have already researched the valuables in anticipation of adding it to their portfolio. If you’re critical about buying that property, it’s best to hire an agent to help you close the deal. 

Last words

Finding out who’s the landlord of a estate is a critical part of your research. Especially whilst you’re planning a real estate investment. So, if that abandoned residence matches your idea of a dream home and you want to bypass a realtor and contact the owner directly, you ought to have that option. 

Or perhaps you’re a tenant residing in a rental property who suspects their landlord’s claim of possession and needs to get to the bottom of it. Whatever the reason, there are ways to get proprietor information. We’ve indexed some of the most practical techniques of going about it. We hope these steps will assist you track down the information you need. 

So, start along with your research today and own that residence you have been eyeing!

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