Women in Construction: One Professional’s Experience

We’ve all been to networking routine in which persons ask “What do you do?” Once I tell those that I’m a construction manager, they often desire to comprehend what it’s like being girl in the male-dominated construction industry. That’s after I share my adventure with an early mentor in the industry.

Not long after starting my creation leadership firm, I was pointed out a contractor by way of a mutual buddy who idea he’d be a well mentor for me due to his residential and commercial construction experience. He was skeptical to satisfy me because every time he met a lady in the development industry, she had the target of finding a husband – now not as a result of a keen favor for the work.

After learning more about me and my inspiration for becoming a construction manager, he got here to the realization that I used to be the “real deal” and had no hidden agenda. That set the tone for a effective mentor-mentee relationship according to mutual respect.

What I widespread about my new mentor turned into that, regardless of his initial skepticism, he on no account inferred that I used to be no longer capable of doing the task of a production supervisor due to the fact I was a woman. In fact, since I was focusing at the residential remodeling industry and since women initiate 80% of domestic improvement purchasing decisions, being lady could be an advantage. However, he did allow me understand that until there are extra ladies in construction industry working on job sites, I’d stumble upon skepticism and unconscious bias since women in the industry have been traditionally employed in office roles, not in the field.

Homeowners desire working with someone that listens greater than talks and makes them think heard. The fact that I happen to be a girl that own those traits has helped decrease their tension and build believe early on.

So what’s it like being a lady in the development industry? For me, it’s marvelous helping people bring their dream houses to life.

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