What’s the Average Cost of Kitchen Countertops?

Are you looking to put in new countertops or update the present ones on your kitchen? Well decision. A kitchen maintenance is nearly always incomplete devoid of redesigning the kitchen countertops. The goal is to select a good kitchen countertop fabric that’s simple on the pockets too. Therefore, you need to do an intensive study on the price of kitchen counter tops that’s available in your zip code.  

After all, the kitchen is indeed one of the busiest places in your home — this is wherein you whip up luxurious meals and catch up with your household members. Your kitchen needs to be just excellent — both in terms of appears and functionality. 

And, it’s wherein we help you. If you’re deliberating countertop installation, our buyer’s aid will clarify the expenditures of kitchen counter tops intimately — the versions of materials and their linked prices. You can then effortlessly become aware of the types of countertops that healthy into your maintenance budget.  

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Knowing how a lot the different types of counter tops price — will help you opt in your budget, the complete countertop area you require, and if you would like to remodel yourkitchen layoutplans earlier than you start with the project. 

Cost of kitchen countertops at a glance

Look at the table under for an idea approximately the standard cost of kitchen counter tops of exceptional kinds. 

Popular variety of kitchen countertopsPrice range in step with square foot (excluding installation)
Granite countertop$50 to $200
Quartz countertop$100 to $150
Marble countertop$125 to $250
Cultured marble countertop$40 to $140
Carrara marble countertop$50 to $150
Plastic laminate countertop$20 to $50
Corian countertop$45 to $65
Concrete countertop$70 to $150
Solid floor countertop$80 to $120
Stainless steel countertop$75 to $150
Silestone countertop$50 to $100
Formica countertop$20 to $30
Travertine countertop$50 to $100
Soapstone countertop$70 to $120
Butcher block countertop$35 to $200
Recycled glass countertop$50 to $125

Cost of kitchen countertops in detail

Now that you’ve got a concept of the commonplace cost of kitchen counter tops available, you can budget your house development in a better way. Keep in mind that the total setting up cost of each countertop material could range based on the type of design, length of your kitchen, the complexity of your layout, and labor charges. Therefore, it’s important that you recognize what you’re stepping into once you consider a particular option. Let’s explore all the selections in detail.

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Popular types of countertops

  • Granite countertop

Kitchen granite countertopPhoto by fran hogan on Unsplash CC0

Granite is one of the optimum choices for countertops. And, there’s a well motive — any such countertop is warmness resistant, scratch-resistant, and appears beautiful. The strong material, when installed properly, can add substantial importance on your home. 

However, seeing that it’s a organic stone, the material is a bit expensive. But when you appropriately seal and preserve your granite countertop, the durable alternative will last you for many years to come. 

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Cost: $50 to $200 in keeping with rectangular feet. 

  • Solid surface countertop

Interestingly, an excellent floor counter has no seams and seems to be one long, non-stop piece. The reason is that exceptional binders are utilized in the sealant. Needless to say, this sort of countertop appears neat and attractive. To not forget, practical too.

Another virtue is that an effective surface counter calls for less renovation than some other substances — making it even more reasonably priced in the long term.

Cost: $80 to $120 in keeping with square feet.

  • Corian countertop

The iconic Corian countertop, the long-established solid surface material, became synthetic by using DuPont and became considered quite more advantageous in its day. Thankfully, it nonetheless remains a favourite with so much homeowners. It’s excellent and functional on your kitchens.

The bendy material is less prone to crack than a healthy stone surface. And, it doesn’t require any sealing. 

However, the resin and mineral blend in the fabric might be susceptible to scratches and no longer proof against high temperatures. But relaxation guaranteed that any minor scuffs and scratches can be buffed out easily. 

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Cost: $45 to $65 according to square foot. 

  • Quartz countertop

This engineered stone is made of a resin and quartz blend. Due to the fact it’s manmade, it enables you to make a choice from a good selection of colorations — more, much more than in the case of healthy stones. Moreover, a quartz countertop material is extra flexible and less likely to crack in the course of installation. 

In the appears department, it’s almost perfect! No ask yourself this hard-working fabric is a well-liked choice in lots of kitchens.

Cost: $100 to $150 according to rectangular foot. 

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  • Marble countertop

Marble countertopPhoto by Jason Pofahl on Unsplash CC0

Everyone knows that a marble countertop is an epitome of luxury. It’s maybe the most expensive countertop material that you’ll lay your eyes on. It’s softer than other stones and but is warmth resistant and funky to the touch. Most importantly, this certainly wonderful material is available in a wide range of patterns and colours — every one particular in terms of veins and patterns. 

However, keep in mind that the stone can chip and scratch simpler as a result of its soft nature. And since it’s porous, it could stain except sealed properly. 

Cost: $125 to $250 a rectangular foot. 

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  • Cultured marble countertop

Don’t want to shell out a large amount of money on countertops, and but possess a bit that looks and feels great? Go for cultured stone. It’s received the finest of both worlds – the beauty, color, and texture of healthy stone and an low-cost cost, due to the blend of resins and pigments. In short, the cosmetic of marble and the toughness of engineered stone.

Cost: $40 to $140 in step with square foot. 

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  • Carrara marble

If you’re searching for a cheaper variety of a marble counter, this manner is less expensive. The reason is that it’s usually not as pure-white as the highly-priced marble variety. Its gray veins supply a shadowy appear that’s a bit muted yet stunning nonetheless.

Cost: Starts offevolved at $50 in step with square foot.

  • Laminate countertop

Laminate counterPhoto by Sidekix Media on Unsplash CC0

Do not underestimate a plastic laminate countertop. Although it’s one of the most inexpensive options, it’s no manner cheap-looking. This sort of countertop material is made out of layers of paper or plastic and resin. Despite the fact manmade, a good-quality laminate is durable, waterproof, and lovely to appear at. 

If you’re on a tight budget, this material is right for you. It does have its limitations, yet so long as you know them beforehand, you’ll perhaps be one pleased homeowner.

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Cost: $20 to $50 in step with square foot. 

  • Concrete countertop

Concrete countertopImage by renthouse from Pixabay CC0

Don’t think that a concrete countertop would be as boring as your neighborhood sidewalk and block. A kitchen concrete countertop may be quite stunning and artistic. And, it’s made to match any kitchen with further dyes and pigments.

In fact, a concrete countertop is a well-liked choice for big indoor andoutdoor kitchens. Remember that the good and sturdy material is porous, and needs to be safely sealed to prevent any stains. 

Cost: Starts at $70 according to square foot. 

  • Formica countertop

Formica is resembling a laminate countertop in that it uses layers of plastic bonded to particleboard to create strong worktop. It’s long lasting as well as attractive. Returned a good choice for small price range renovations.

Cost: Among $20 and $30 according to square foot.

  • Stainless steel countertop

More and extra homeowners are now opting for metal countertops. The benefits are many. Any such countertop is durable, simple to clean, and has an elegant appear that fits so much modern kitchens. Moreover, it’s simple to install and there’s rarely any renovation required. All these causes maintain the overall price down and make a steel countertop a beautiful proportion.

Cost: Between $75 and $150.

  • Silestone countertop

Silestone is a quartz brand name — one of the optimum ones on the market. It is good and stain-resistant. Furthermore, any such countertop might be personalized to compare yourkitchen decorperfectly. 

And, there’s more good news. The cloth is available in a variety of colors as well as finishes.

Cost: $50 to $100 in step with square foot depending on the thickness.

  • Recycled glass countertop

The best part about a recycled glass countertop is that it’s eco-friendly. And, appears preferred too. In case you have a retro-styled kitchen, you could use this quirky and cool countertop as a exciting statement. 

As the call suggests, this fabric is made out of recycled glass, pigment, and resin. Often, cement is mixed to form a kitchen paintings surface. Interestingly, a tumbler countertop might be colored any manner you desire to match yourkitchen cabinetryor decor. A good decision for these who’re seeking to lessen their carbon footprint!

Cost: Between $50 and $125 in keeping with square foot

  • Travertine countertop

Travertine is in fact a kind of limestone that’s shaped less than extreme warmth and pressure. Usually referred to as the ‘black marble’, it appears genuinely stunning. 

However, understand that it’s high renovation due to the fact it may scratch effortlessly because of the softness. Also, the porous material ought to be sealed appropriately and that too regularly. 

Cost: Among $50 and $100 in keeping with square feet. 

  • Soapstone countertop

The best feature of soapstone is that it resists bacterial growth, is heat resistant, and doesn’t require sealing at all! And, it has a beautiful talc-like appearance. What more can you ask for, in a kitchen counter? The attractive surface is so functional that you could preserve a warm pan on it or knead dough on it without a worry. 

Cost: Among $70 and $120 according to rectangular foot. 

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  • Butcher block countertop

Butcher block counterPhoto by We Are Social on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Last yet obviously now not the least significant is a wood countertop. Wood, as all of us know, is hot and inviting. An all-natural material that appears rich and yet can take plenty of abuse. Reduce foodstuff on it, use it as a counter for foodstuff prep, or simply as a dining space — just retain it well oiled and sealed. And, it will final you a number of years. 

Costs: Between $35 to $200 in keeping with square foot — based on the thickness and tree species.

Last words

Whether you’re upgrading your kitchen countertop on your possess comfort or making improvements with a view to get a greater go back in your investment or ROI, you could plan your kitchen redesigning so as to economize and its associated hassles. 

We hope this aid lets you consider the number of kitchen countertops and choose the type that fits your budget and style. 

Once you zero in on the so much fantastic countertop, make sure to lease licensed professionals for a seamless installation. Pleased renovating!

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