What Are the Different Types of Swimming Pool Heaters?

Are you pondering of investing in a pool heater for your home? But are pressured about which one to purchase due to the fact there are such a lot of types of swimming pool warmers accessible in the market?

We will help you. This article is going to briefly clarify the best models of swimming pool warmers along with their execs and cons. Our endeavor is that will help you select the finest one for your house in phrases of needs.

What is a swimming pool heater?

A swimming pool heater works continuously to warmth your pool. It ensures that the pool water remains flawlessly unique at 77-85 degrees. This pool temperature is neither too hot nor too bloodless — giving you an optimal experience.

The water heater permits you to enjoy your swim time to the maximum. Not purely in winters, yet a pool heater is likewise worthwhile in summers. It effectively lessens the sit back in the course of those early morning laps in the pool. And, due to the fact of this wonderful swimming pool equipment, you may very easily take a dip throughout the fall. The water temperature stays perfect — neither too hot nor too cold. 

For a pool owner, getting energy-efficient heating that matches into the planned price range is crucial. Apart from this, there are several motives to think about when deciding that is the finest heating solution on your ground pool.

Before we begin, one desires to knowthat all pool heaters are sized in step with the British thermal unit.A BTU is the measured volume of warmness that’s created through a pool heater. Such a lot outputs variety from 75,000 Btu to 450,000 Btu.

So, let’s provide you with a glimpse into the such a lot simple heating recommendations for your pool.

1. Fuel swimming pool heaters

Cost to run a gasoline pool heater:On average, the cost to run a natural gasoline pool heater is $300-$600 in step with month. The price is extra for a propane heater.

Historically, gas warmers were used for many years and with the aid of many people. Moreover, today, thanks to the ever-progressing technology, we’ve clever gas pool heaters. Such a lot of these natural fuel heaters are pilotless with digital ignition, fan-assisted combustion, and low-Nox emissions.

Gas heaters burn either natural gasoline or propane to create heat. The mechanism is simple — fuel burns within a combustion chamber with a lot of copper coils. Because it burns, water passes by way of the coils and heats.

These heaters save you meaningful energy and money.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Heats the pool water quickly.
  • Works independently of air temperature.
  • Great for any size or any design of swimming pool.
  • Emits low emissions.


  • Expensive to operate.
  • Uses gas or propane — both high-priced alternatives.
  • Not an green option.
  • Causes air pollution.
  • Not very power efficient (COP 0.80 and 0.85)
  • Has a short lifespan of approximately 5 years.

2. Pool warmth pumps

Cost: Pool warmness pump prices begin at $2,000 – $3,000 and move as excessive as $4,000 – $5,000.

Electric pool warmness pumps are one of the most in your price range methods to heat-up your pool. Powered with the aid of electricity, it absorbs heat from the air and transfers it on your pool water.

As compared to gas pool heaters, heat pumps price extra initially. But, in the lengthy run, they price less because of their exclusive heat generating ability. They also last longer.

While air-source heat pumps move heat from the air, water-source aka geothermal warmness pumps transfer warmness from the water. Due to their energy-efficiency, these heat exchangers are rapidly growing in popularity.


  • Eco-friendly: uses a renewable power source.
  • Is power efficient with COP of 5-6
  • There are no emissions, reasons no pollution.
  • Cheap to run.
  • Has a lifespan of 10-20 years.


  • Expensive to buy.
  • Heats pool water slowly.
  • Requires continuous electricity provide with 220V outlet.
  • Doesn’t paintings good in colder temperatures.

3. Photo voltaic swimming pool heaters

Solar energy swimming pool heater14/06/2009 – Photo voltaic Power, by Phil Wiffen on flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Cost: A photo voltaic pool heating method usually fees among $3,000 and $4,000 to purchase and install.

Here’s a heater that uses the sun’s power to deliver a excessive output photo voltaic heating system. The science is straightforward — the photo voltaic panels collect warmness from the sun. Then, the swimming pool pump pushes water by way of the solar panels. As the water passes by means of the photo voltaic panels, it heats.

For cloudy and wet days, numerous people use auxiliary heaters anyway the solar pool heater.


  • Eco-friendly alternative for heating a pool.
  • Doesn’t trigger air pollution.
  • Uses a loose source of energy.
  • Not expensive to operate.
  • Lasts 15 to 20 years.


  • Relies a lot on direct sunlight.
  • You will want a backup gas heater or warmth pump.
  • Costs a lot initially.
  • Works only on a sunny day.
  • Heats water very slowly.
  • The photo voltaic panels make your backyard look messy.

4. Electrical resistance heaters

Cost: So much electric resistance warmers areavailable for only $2,000

These resistance warmers use electric currents to create heat. A current is applied to the resistor positioned within the unit. As a result, the resistor heats. Water then washes over the resistor and heats — inflicting the resistor to cool.

As they require huge quantities of electricity, such warmers aren’t splendid for large-sized pools. They’re usually used to heat small, portable spas and therapy pools.


  • Inexpensive to buy
  • Doesn’t count much on air temperature.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Doesn’t cause air pollution.
  • Perfect as spa heaters.


  • Costly to operate.
  • Expensive installation.
  • Requires tricky wiring and large-amperage circuit breakers.
  • It’s now not very energy efficient with a COP of 1.00.


Pool heaters make your swimming periods extra glad even when the air temperature isn’t. From heating the water on a chilly iciness night time to helping you delight in your early morning dips in summers — these water heaters paintings tirelessly to provide you with the perfect swimming experience. Any time of the day or year!

Apart from this, a heated swimming pool can add colossal magnitude on your home and attracts new home buyers. We hope our aid on the different types of swimming pool heaters, along with beneficial execs and cons, will make it easy for you to select the best option on your pool. 

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