What Are the Best Bathroom Flooring Options for Your Home?

Your bathroom is a different room in your house, a place in which you spend time every day. Many people seem for their loos to be a calming vicinity to relax, a personal haven of wellness. It’s also an area that isn’t redecorated very often. So that you ought to do your research when you’re selecting new bathroom flooring, accessories, or décor elements.

The bathing room floor performs a big aspect in the environment of the bathroom. And we’re here that will help you make choosing bathroom floors an less complicated task. Safety, water resistance, and style are all significant factors. Wood, cork, tile — there’s an preference for each taste. Get prompted by means of the finest bathing room floors techniques for bathrooms in addition to powder rooms — provided below. Find the excellent healthy for your new bathroom!

Ceramic Tile Bathroom Flooring

ceramic bathroom floor
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One of the leading sorts of flooring is a ceramic tile floor. The pros are obvious: they are durable, more affordable than many other options, waterproof and stain-resistant. Ceramic tiles are available in more than a few shapes, patterns, and finishes, meaning you may find ceramic tiles compatible with each style.

However, they even have some cons. Ceramic tiles may well be uncomfortable in case your feet get bloodless effortlessly (though you could set up in-floor radiant heating). Also, installing them may be a challenge, even for a talented DIYer. Upload slip-resistant techniques as a way to prevent slips from occurring in the bathroom.

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Vinyl Bathroom Flooring

Vinyl floor is another well bathroom flooring choice — you may choose sheet vinyl or vinyl tiles. The two ideas are low-maintenance, secure and more comfortable when compared with ceramic tiles. Vinyl is also a budget-friendly choice and simple to install, which is great for DIYers.

vinyl flooring bathroom
New bathroom layout in 2017 by way of Alexander Lau, [CC BY-SA 4.0] from Wikimedia Commons

If your bathroom sees heavy site visitors and is definitely no longer a splash-free zone, sheet vinyl is perhaps your finest bet. Sheet vinyl has fewer seams. This reduces the opportunity of moisture creeping by means of the seams, in comparison to vinyl tiles. You can find countless styles of vinyl too — making it simple to pick a great ground that completely reflects your taste.

Laminate Bathroom Flooring

laminate bathroom floor
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Laminate flooring is achieveable for the bathing room floor. Laminate flooring is durable and simple to maintain. The most important issue has to do with the seams. Laminate flooring is locked into place, making it attainable for water to seep by way of the seams, which will cause the laminate to expand and buckle.

You can upload laminate floor glue to the seams as explained at doityourself.com to extend their resistance to water. You should word that this will not make your laminate floors waterproof. Quickly cleaning up after any water spills or splashes on the floor remains a recommendation, and a necessary attention to keep in mind.

Cork Bathroom Flooring

If you are looking for an eco-friendly floor, cork might be the one for you. Cork flooring continues to be a much-discussed bathroom floor. Though it is frequent to be water-resistant, it is not waterproof. Even as it grows in popularity as a floors choice for any room, the specialists are a ways from unanimous about whether it ought to be used in a bathroom.

Cork flooring does have many advantages: it’s soft underfoot, hypoallergenic and resistant to mildew. It’s renewable every eight to 10 years and stays hot when compared with tiles which suppose top notch opposed to bare feet. If you decide to move with cork floors for your bathroom, we propose you to first assess whether it has been accepted for utilization in excessive moisture spaces.

Stone Tiles Bathroom Flooring

stone bathing room floor
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Stone tiles include granite, limestone, slate, marble, and travertine. Compared to other floors options, stone tiles are expensive. They want extra care compared to ceramic tiles, which means regular cleaning is recommended and you’ll ought to have the ground sealed and then resealed all the time to protect the surface.

Keep in mind that some stones scratch extra easily than others and some chip extra easily, even in the course of installation. Buying additional stone tiles is inspired in case these accidents occur. Despite the fact stone tiles may well be a costlier bathing room floors option, they do upload a beautifully dramatic suppose to spaces. Over the years, stone tiles increasingly reap man or woman and may be good for the value of your home, if that’s a consideration.

Porcelain Tiles Bathroom Flooring

Porcelain tiles should not be overlooked if you are selecting bathroom flooring. On account of being waterproof, stain resistant and tougher than ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are enormously fantastic flooring for bathrooms.

Besides being resistant to moisture, porcelain tiles are durable, require little or no maintenance and preserve their colour longer compared to other tiles. They are also a classy selection yet may be costly and difficult to install. While selecting porcelain tiles, you may desire to consider installing in-floor heating to restrict really bloodless floors less than bare feet.

Glass Tiles Bathroom Flooring

One of the lesser popular — or chosen — ideas are glass tiles. Glass tiles will obviously add a unique, desirable function in your bathroom. For example, small mosaic-style glass tiles supply bogs a stunning and lush feel.

Glass tiles are stain- and mildew-resistant yet could be slippery. Therefore, we recommend textured tiles or smaller tiles with a number of grout to hinder slippery flooring. Glass tiles additionally easily exhibit dirt and scratches, are on the costlier side, and installing is a much bigger assignment due to all the small tiles.

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Hardwood Bathroom Flooring

Imagen de kirkandmimi en Pixabay CC0

Hardwood flooring seems like an outstanding choice as a result of its durability and natural absorbency, but it doesn’t handle genuinely moist locations which include the bathing room very well. Nonetheless, you can nonetheless uncover it in some stylish grasp bathrooms. One solution is to observe a finish, but this will not warrantly a water resistant floor.

Both wooden floors and engineered wooden floors demand high maintenance. Mould and mold can come to be a problem, although some sorts of wooden hold up bigger when compared with others.

If you choose to move with hardwood flooring whilst you’re selecting bathroom flooring, ensure you comprehend the special wooden versions and discover the one that is going to carry up best. So what are the pros? No one can argue: hardwood flooring are gorgeous, and add heat and charm to any space.

Concrete Bathroom Flooring

concrete bathroom floor
Photo by means of Pexels

Concrete is a lesser-known floors preference but is growing in popularity. Concrete flooring doesn’t have many cons. It is available for so much budgets, low maintenance, stain-resistant, water-resistant and durable. And that’s not all: it can also add a sleek, modern seem in your bathroom.

Are there downsides? Yes: you require to reseal concrete flooring regularly. Additionally, it is genuinely tough compared to other floors options. A bathing room is one area in the house where accidents occur. Hence, we could not recommend concrete as a flooring option for young children or seniors.


Whenever you choose any bathing room floors inspiration or type, follow the latest traits as well. Our friends at Sebring Services have listed all the bathroom tile traits for 2017. Our favorites incorporate nude neutrals and geometric tiles.

The excellent bathroom makes you relaxed and rejuvenated. And nude colorations can really assist create this type of atmosphere. Using geometric tiles is all the rage correct now, it’s an desirable selection that will make your bathroom floor pop — we like it!

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