Very Small Garden Design Ideas You Can Do on a Budget

When it involves the renovation of your small garden, it can usually believe like not much can be done, let alone when on a budget. Yet gardening on a budget doesn’t mean you have to put up with a boring backyard. In terms of transforming your outside space, a little can go a long way. Here’s some of the best price range ideas that will transform your garden space, just in time for summer.

DIY Hammock

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Who doesn’t dream of swinging in a hammock and watching the world move by? A hammock is the ultimate way of adding alfresco relaxation on your garden, no matter what size it is. This would instantly transform your garden or patio into a chilled-out scene that might rival any beach bar in Ibiza (with some imagination). Prefer vibrant materials to add a pop of color and design on your garden and hang less than shade for the perfect shield sleeping spot.

Fairy Lights

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For a small, yet very efficient investment, outdoor string lights can remove darkness from a place in a multitude of ways to transform your garden into something essentially magical. Illuminate your paths, illuminate the yard, add an intimate think to alfresco dining, or jazz up plain fencing and old tree. Outside lighting fixtures can be purchased online all year round and they’re a awesome quick, simple and cheap way to carry a exceptionally glow on your small space.

Seating Area

backyard seating areaPhoto by on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

This may appear as if an unattainable idea, particularly in a small space on a small budget. Adding some contemporary furniture such as a small bench or seating blocks within the corner of your small garden is a great way of making use of space and ideal excuse for inviting neighbors and family over in the summer months. Keep a feeling of warmth, even in a shady nook by using adding brightly coloured cushions and planting.

Fence Makeover

garden fencePhoto by Field Outdoor Spaces on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Garden fence often want extra care and attention than you think. It’s a great and affordable way to add life in your small garden. Use paint that is specially designed for backyard use as this will assist preserve the wooden meaning the colour wont fade. Instead of going on your usual shades of brown or green, consider a sparkling and playful colour instead that will convey a pop of vibrancy in your garden. Attempt a shiny orange shade that will make a bold statement as well as giving your garden a warm Mediterranean feel.

Add Some Texture and Material

outdoor home decorTree photograph created via mrsiraphol –

An outdoor rug and some oversized ground cushions laid over a faded decking or old patio will instantly existence your backyard space and provide you with an entertaining area which is just as elegant as your interior, as well as being the ideal summer season retreat. Opt for designs that have patterns on each side so that you can flip them over if they start to discolour in the sun and make sure to store them in a dry place at night.


flower gardenPexels

It may seem obvious, and somewhat boring, yet when it comes to easy backyard ideas on a budget, you can by no means go wrong with flowers. Bright flowers are ideal for adding a natural pop of color for your landscape with out overcrowding. Plant hydrangea trees or tulip bulbs along the fence or visit your local gardening store and purchase a few pots to fill with your favourite blossoms. If you have opted for a colour scheme inside your garden, follow this with your choice of flower for a awesome based and thought-out look.

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Portable Bar

portable barPexels

Say goodbye to making multiple journeys inside and say hey to a portable bar cart. Load your cart up with glasses, small appetizer plates, a pitcher for lemonade or water, and an array of snack to have a convenient fuelling station that is sure to impress pals and family.

Tree Stumps

tree trunk tablePhoto by Lee Bonnifield on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Getting rid of the huge, historic tree trunk that takes centre place in your small garden may seem like the foremost daunting (and expensive) of tasks. So, don’t. Instead of spending time, power and money seeking to take away the stump, simply add a wooden or glass true to transform it into a useful table for enjoying a morning coffee, sunset cocktails or weekend brunch with pals.

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Landscaped Lines

Landscaped LinesPhoto by Nyplanting from wikimedia commons [CC BY-SA 4.0]

Small spaces can also be made extra attractive with a crisp, contemporary seem and strong landscaped lines. This can be achieved on a price range by means of creating fascinating interlocking zones with exceptional materials such as wood-stained decking, or decorative stones which can be purchased cheaply and will assist you achieve a based look, even within the smallest of gardens.

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DIY Vertical Grow

diy vertical gardenPxhere

This is one of the best and affordable ways to transform your small garden. Invest in some cheap plastic plant pots and drill them into a wooden pallet to place against your house, garden walls or fence.

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Don’t Allow Length or Budget Scale down Your Ambitions

A backyard makeover doesn’t have to be highly-priced to be luxurious. Often, the right ambience lighting, patio fixtures and DIY magic are all you wish to create your dream yard to fit your taste and style.

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