Unique Ways to Repurpose an Old Water Heater

Thinking of water heater disposal is, more usually than not, the last thing on a homeowner’s mind when installing a new one. But, you do need to determine how to eliminate the historic water heater. You possibly pleasantly amazed but there are a selection of innovations available to repurpose ancient water heaters. 

If your ancient water heater has worked beyond its existence expectancy of eight – 12 years, or if it’s showing some symptoms that it’s on its manner out (gritty or discolored water, pungent water, insufficient warm water, defective valves, or a leaky hot water tank), it’s time to update it on the earliest.   

If you’ve employed a licensed plumber for the new water heater installation, there’s a well chance that they will help you eliminate your historical water heater. Many companies even include water heater disposal in their service.

The ordinary price of eliminating an historic water heater runs about $35 to $160, and can go as high as $700 (or extra if it’s a big underground tank). Its disposal ranges among $10 – $30 — depending in your location and size of the heater (30 gallon, forty gallon, 50 gallon).  

While there are steps to thoroughly do away with a water heater, it’s a great thought to repurpose an ancient water heater, and give it a moment existence by way of transforming it into something new, something spectacular! 

When it comes to repurposing your heater, it pays to get inventive – rather literally. Don’t skip straight to the considered throwing it to the curb for some regional natural world to make a brand new domestic of. Instead, test those specific methods to repurpose your ancient heater. 

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1. Turn it into a photo voltaic water heater

Yes, you examine right! With some intelligent engineering, you can effortlessly convert your electrical water heater with a well tank into a solar water heater. In reality remove the sheet steel case along with the insulation and then remove the electrical controls. The next move is to paint the tank flat black for it to greater soak up heat. 

Then, construct a box with a transparent top or front. Insulate it and disguise the within with a reflective material. Finally, mount the water tank in addition to the field horizontally. 

Such a heating method can assist you preheat water in your regular hot water usage.  This will assist you economize and reduce your energy consumption. Moreover, if you have a solar system that makes extra energy, you can also update the water heater’s heating parts to use the extra photo voltaic energy. 

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2. Use your historic water heater as a tempering tank

Simply connect your cold water line to your historical tank’s inlet and attach the ancient tank’s outlet to the inlet of your new water heater. This way, you can plumb your ancient water heater tank according to your new water heater. 

What will occur is that, because the cold water comes, it’s going to collect within the ancient tank — to gradually hot up to room temperature. This too will reduce your power consumption, and for that reason funds in the lengthy run. In addition, this sort of heating procedure provides an extra reservoir of water whilst presenting you clean water that continues circulating.

3. Convert your heater into a wooden stove

If you’re an enthusiastic DIYer who’s handy with a torch and a welder, you can use your ancient heater as a wooden stove. Begin designing the constitution by means of supporting the tank horizontally on a collection of legs. 

Construct a feed field for wooden on the top 0.5 and attach a hinged conceal on the top. On the other side, reduce a vent hole and weld pipe vertically for a flue. Then, cut a hole in the course of the top of the tank and insert a metallic pipe horizontally. Don’t forget to drill a chain of holes alongside its size for the air intake. You can use a canopy at the end of the pipe with an adjustable lid so as to control air for the combustion. 

Important tip: Do ensure that your stove complies with the local building codes in your area.

4. Turn your heater into a funky grill

Keep your historical heater tank horizontally and cut it in half. Stand it on a set of legs, upload a handle and hinges for joining the top and bottom halves. Use an angle iron to assist grills for cooking. Upload a flue at the top and a fire field on the bottom. Use charcoal and your slow-cooking grill or smoker is ready.

5. Cut your ancient heater down into an outside fire pit

Using your ancient water heater for a fire pit is a great way to repurpose it. Honestly reduce the heater down to the height you want for a fireplace pit and drill some holes on the bottom for airflow. For a more fancy fireplace, you can reduce angles and shapes and give your fire some legs or a stand. 

6. Convert your water heater into a backyard heater

If you adore a home made project, you can create some marvelous things! A backyard heater is certainly one of them. You can repurpose your historic heater through retaining it upright on your garden and then slicing a square hole with a cover in your gas source. Attach a flue on the top of the constitution to let out the smoke and waste gases.  

7. Shape your heater into flower pots

For a real blue gardener, not anything brings extra joy than designing unique planters. Surprisingly, you can create flower pots out of your repurposed historic water heater!

Simply cut it in 0.5 vertically and you’ll get two long, 0.5 cylinders. Plant some plants and greens in a way similar to classic clay pots. 

8. Donate your historic water heater to a charity

If you’re feeling slightly extra virtuous and much less experimental, you can donate your historical heating procedure to charities. The only stipulation is that your heating unit will still need to be in good operating order for you to be capable to do this. Alternatively, arranging for a pickup of the historic procedure could preserve you from worrying approximately finding methods to transport it yourself if you don’t have a car.

9. Scrap your water heater properly

If none of those techniques charm to you, and you virtually want to be rid of your ancient system, 

you can make some cash to help offset the cost of your new water heater. Recycle it yourself and sell the non-ferrous metals. You can count on your historical water heater to bring in approximately $7 to $30 depending on the prices at scrapyards in your area.

Interestingly, due to a regulator, fuel models have extra value. 

Last words

How many of us have imagined ourselves as inventive geniuses? Well, repurposing your historic water heater may be a chance to allow your creativity shine. Those thoughts will assist you convert your historical heating appliance into anything genuinely unique.

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