Turn Your Fireplace into a Focal Point of Your Home

If you’re bored of your traditional fireplace seem and want to turn it into a beautiful focal point of your home, here are a few amazing renovation ideas. They are going to no longer basically increase the style of your fireplace but make all the room appear extra attractive.

Achieve contrast

The finest way to highlight your fireplace and make it stand out is to achieve contrast with the encompassing materials and colors. For instance, neglect about the dull brick and boring white wall around your fireplace and decide on a touch of drama with dark stone veneer, a black wall, or different fireplace doors. This would create a modern but intricate appear that will attract the attention of every person who steps into your home.

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A easy repaint

If you’re crazy about colour on your home, you then can use it to achieve an amazing outcome around your fireplace. Try to match the color of your fireplace’s brick surround to create one coherent look. For instance, if your walls are painted spring green, you can splash a color one shade lighter or darker around your fireplace. In case you want to bring out the appear of your fireplace a little more, you can paint just around the fireplace and overlook the surrounding walls. Painting is in actual fact one of the best and cheapest ways to freshen up the seem of your fireplace, and it’s very easy to change the appear when you get uninterested with it.

living room fireplacePhoto by Kendyl Young on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Super efficient marble

If you want to update the appear of your fireplace surround it with a material that is timeless, elegant and durable, you would possibly want to put money into some marble. Replace your existing encompass tiles with white marble and your fireplace will appear splendid elegant for many decades to come. If you don’t want to splurge on marble tiles, you can discover marble wallpaper or stickers for purely a few dollars. They are going to achieve almost the same outcomes and are perfect if you’re renting the space and don’t want to make any permanent changes.

marble fireplace

Image Source: By Daderot [Public domain or CC0], from Wikimedia Commons

Revive the brick

You can transform your dark and outdated brick fireplace with just a simple can of white colour and some patience. Try out whitewashing the brick for an elegant Scandinavian home design or coastal look. Clearly grab a can of white paint, brush it on the brick and then wipe down the excess paint. This will freshen up the appear of your fireplace and nonetheless exhibit the touches of the original color and texture.

painted brick fireplacePhoto by Donald_Trung [CC BY-SA 4.0] from wikimedia commons

Rustic stone

Ledge stone is an amazing fireplace renovation material, especially if you want to achieve a rustic look. It appears very attractive around traditional wood-burning fireplaces with an open hearth. This kind of fireplace looks amazing, but sparks and logs can spoil your floor, so it’s a great idea to hide the areas with protective epoxy paint that will hold your ground seeking great for a long time.

ledgestone fireplace


Geometric and statement tiles

If you really want to make your fireplace stand out and leave a lasting impact in your guests, you can spice matters up with geometric or statement tiles. Mexican tile encompass and tribal pattern all have a very powerful decorative vibe and seem amazing fun. However, they can easily overwhelm the space, so preserve your mantel clean and uncluttered.

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3D tiles

For a more contemporary look, you can switch your statement tiles with modern three-dimensional tiles. They healthy in perfectly into every contemporary and minimalist space. They are going to give it texture and fashion while staying authentic to its minimalist approach.

3d tiles fireplacePhoto by Talissa Decor Faux tin ceiling tiles on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Turn it into an art gallery

Your fireplace doesn’t even have to be transformed with a view to appear sparkling and updated. Generally you can make the encircling ingredients more fascinating to present your fireplace a fresh look. For instance, fill your mantel with seasonal decorations or the space above it with amazing and original art. The largest outcome is achieved with a sequence of artwork or prints that all comply with a theme.

fireplace decoration ideas

Image Source: pixnio.com

Create an ever-burning fire

If you want to keep your fireplace burning with out actually playing with fire, you can paint a trompe l’oeil mural in the interior of your fireplace. Paint some logs, beautiful fire, and some smoke and your house will always look warm and welcoming.

All of these fireplace remodeling ideas will give your boring old fireplace a new and clean look that will boost the fashion of all the home.

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