Tips for Remodeling Your Attic Before Selling Your Home

For many, attics call to mind cobwebs and bins stashed with property of yesteryear, but maybe they ought to deliver a feeling of wonder. With a little concept and a few know-how, an attic may be whatever you desire it to be. A simple attic redesign can provde the space you always desired and make your home appear a touch more appealing to buyers when it’s time to sell. 

Let’s go through some pointers on making your attic remodel-ready and some fun and inspirational thoughts on the way to re-envision your space. Listed here are a fewcheap how to boost home value.

Clean it up

attic room

Image with the aid of Lutz Peter from Pixabay CC0

First things first, you’re going to need to intestine the attic of all your possessions. Consider donating, recycling or selling items you don’t want, and putting people who you do in the basement or a storage facility. 

If you’re getting ready to promote your house, it’s wise to do this throughout the home. The total concept in preparing to sell is to take away the “you” from it in order that buyers can envision residing their lives in the home. Be sure to remove any confidential items.

Once you’ve decluttered, you’re going to must extinguish all those cobwebs, in addition to dust, vacuum, mop and scrub down each rectangular inch of that attic. 

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Pay attention to flooring 

Depending at the flooring situation, you may simply must spiff up existing flooring, or you would possibly have got to update it altogether. 

Hardwood tends to be what wows buyers, and you’ll probably get again your complete investment, ought to you choose to place it in. However, it could be costly (around $3,000 to switch out or redo), based on the sort and finish. 

There are lower-cost techniques along with laminate, which appears almost as extraordinary as genuine hardware and may be mounted for $3-$7 in step with rectangular foot.   

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Apply a clean coat of paint

attic designPhoto with the aid of Pxhere CC0

Next, check out the walls. Slapping a fresh coat of paint on the walls can yield sellers a 1-3 percent return on investment. A paint job also makes the space consider new and refreshed, which buyers love. 

A DIY paint job will probable cost you around $200-$300. Have fun selecting a color for the attic, yet remember that greige (beige and grey) have a tendency to do well for buyers, so keep on with something neutral. A bold paint color selection will remind purchasers that it’s your home and also that they may must repaint when they circulate in, which is quite a turnoff for many buyers. 

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Brighten it up

Light fixtures can make each of the difference in a space’s ambiance. Based on the kind of attic you imagine, you can select something as chic as a chandelier or as simple as a alternative fixture. Assess your local ironmongery store for mild fixture ideas and pricing. 

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Choosing your project 

There are so many imaginative how to utilize this freshly accessible space. Here are a few thoughts to get these DIY juices flowing. 

Bonus bedroom 

Make a bit getaway for guests. There are such a lot of how to customise it and make it fun. Listed below arenine lovely attic bedroom ideasfor inspiration. 

attic bedroomPhoto via John Coley on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

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Indoor she-shed

Dedicate the room to all matters she. This has a tendency to include a shabby stylish collection of furniture including a delicate, maybe floral, sofa and a workspace, consisting of an antique desk, in addition to that chandelier we outlined earlier. Define the purpose of the room, and enhance around it. 


A large flat-screen TV, a mini fridge, a couple leather-based recliners and a small bar area cross a long way in making an attic a cave fit for man. 

Reading nook

Bookshelves and a comfy seating place with overhead lighting fixtures or a close-by lamp make a perfect alcove where readers can get away from all of it and get away right into a book.

Writer’s retreat

Or, if you’re extra a writer, create a room conducive to creativity. Upload a desk, sufficient lighting to liven up the gap and some wall hangings that inspire. 

In-home theater

Put in movie-theater reclining seating, a large-screen TV or projector, perhaps a popcorn machine, and you’ve received an in-home theater. 

Playroom or kid’s hideaway 

A lego wall, some cubbies, a book shelf and easel are the various ingredients which can make a playroom fun. Or you can make it right into a tree house-like environment and make contact with it a hideaway. Young children will love it. 

Regardless of what you choose, if getting the foremost from your sale is your excellent priority, communicate together with your agent before you pull the set off on any large renovations. Your agent will be capable of inform you of what’s selling in your market as well as what the marketing procedure for your home would look like.  

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