The Right Placement of Stove and Microwave in Your Kitchen

Since its invention in the early 1950s, microwave ovens have gone from a futuristic science fiction to an everyday device in kitchens. Nearly everybody has a microwave in their domestic but very few of them know the right technique of placing it or suffer from a chronic indecision of placement before installing it. A lot of things like cooking, foot traffic, efficiency, time consumption or safety is dependent upon the setup of the microwave and stove in the kitchen. Placement of microwaves have long gone by way of a enormous evolution and now there are a lot of effective and secure possibilities to select from. Plenty of homemakers all over the internet ask this question, “Where to put the stove and microwave in the kitchen?”.

It is indeed very vital and valuable subject for the security of yourself and your family. The GE installation manuals imply that the gap between range exact and the bottom of the cabinet touching the microwave ought to be not less than 30 inches.

Placement of Stove and Microwave

Here are some ways your stove and microwave may well be placed in accordance with the structure of your home or apartment:

  • Over The Range:

    Setting up microwave over the range is not only so much ordinary but additionally largely authorized over the years by using interior designers all over the world. But, modern-day designers discourage putting one’s microwave over the range. The placement is undesirable due to the fact nutrients goods are tough to place into it. There is a sturdy chance that the nutrition goods will spill out of the bowl and you’ve got to reach out to the tip to bring the nutrition out of the microwave.

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    The danger of burning yourself isn’t too less. Also, people who are elder or younger or now not physically healthy can have a hard time operating these over the variety microwave ovens. This manner of placement is not suitable for 2 cook kitchens too as the folks using the microwave and the stovetop will come in way of one yet another vehemently.

over the range microwave

Image Source: By means of Tomwsulcer [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

  • Above Your Kitchen Counter:

    Above-counter placement is a much more efficient and safe than over the variety placement. It’s secure and usable for kids, elderlies, and persons with physical handicaps. In most of the cases, interior designers advise it as there is a closure at the allocation of placing other kitchen appliances in keeping with it. If you have all of your places set, but can’t get a neighborhood deep enough to put your microwave in, you can simply decide on the area below your shelf. Above-counter placement also offers the necessary area to maintain your microwave oven free from damp or moisture. Cooking with a countertop microwave makes your every day existence easier.

countertop microwave ovenPhoto by Wonderlane on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

  • Below the Kitchen Counter:

    Homeowners all over the world are finding it tough to deal with all their kitchen home equipment in their accord. Having extra appliances does no longer implicate the shortage of kitchen efficiency. Numerous people have instructed me that by some means they find their lower than the counter microwave set as much as be in the apogee of kitchen experience.

  • People who cook dinner plenty do not like this placement because it involves a lot of bending and people with curious babies are suggested to think twice earlier than picking this technique up for planning as it is very dangerous. It’s also evident from the fact that some of its clients love it because it maintains the counter clear and spacious. It’s also ideal for kids sufficiently old to cook dinner and for handicapped people as it gives them that potential to move the dishes freely around the kitchen in their wheelchair.

under the counter microwavePhoto by Nancy Hugo, CKD on flickr [CC BY-ND 2.0]

  • On a Wheeled Cart:

    A wheeled cart is the most productive microwave placement. It renders the utmost quantity of flexibility and ease. One does not need to spend on making cabinets or counters for the microwave, just have to put it on a wheeled cart. It can be placed anyplace as it is easily movable and does not require too much of area in the kitchen. Plug and prepare dinner anyplace you want in the house.

Placing your stove and microwave in the correct place is quite important. Choose the kind of placement that best suits your needs and configure your kitchen accordingly for a safe and higher cooking experience.

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