The Pros and Cons of Backsplash Stickers for Your Home

Want to restyle your home, but in the most affordable yet stylish way? Or, are you making plans your home remodeling on an extremely restrained budget? Or, do you desire to briefly (and drastically) difference the arrival of your condo property? If your answer to any of these questions is a yes, you need to consider selecting peel-and-stick backsplash stickers. 

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These self-adhesive wall tiles take the ease and simplicity of protection to the subsequent level. They simplify remodeling. You can practice these backsplash tiles to a thicker and more durable fabric that’s specifically designed to satisfy the challenges of a kitchen or bathroom. But, please don’t underestimate these tile stickers; they’re durable enough to hold onto walls and preserve them. 

Moreover, in contrast to standard ceramic tiles, or the other kind of tiles for that matter, those are so pliable that you may hand-cut them into any form which you desire. 

And, they are nearly a child’s play in terms of installation them. Just peel and stick. And, voila! Your kitchen or bathroom will appear dreamy — with a touch of drama, of course.   

FYI: These wall tiles work good with awkward corners.

Beautiful backsplashPhoto by kevint3141 on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

If there are benefits for something, most often than not, disadvantages do not take long to follow. Anyway, given that we always try to explore each side of a coin, we bought in touch with several specialists and customers to determine what they in fact idea of backsplash tile stickers. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Installing A Brick Backsplash? Let’s take a look!

Based on our analysis, we’ve curated a catalogue of the pros and cons of those peel-and-stick self-adhesive fixtures. We hope it enables youanswer some of the common questions concerning backsplash tiles, and whether they’re a good suggestion or not.

So, let’s begin. 

Backsplash tile stickers pros

  • Easy installation

Remodeling doesn’t get simpler than this. These wall tiles are much, much easier to put in than classic tiles. The latter calls for plenty of materials, including mortar, grout, tile spacers, etc. (not to forget their linked costs) and hours of work. 

Also, installing ceramic tiles or different contemporary bathing room or kitchen backsplash tiles require a certain amount of skill, knowledge, and of course tools.  

With backsplash tile stickers, all you ought to do is measure the space, peel off the backing, and stick the tile sheet to the wall. Simple! You don’t have to stress approximately handling mortar, grout, or different messy substances.

Moreover, these adhesive-backed plastic or vinyl tiles can easily mimic the seem of a regular tile. What extra might you ask for?

  • It’s the cheapest way to improve your kitchen or bathroom

Backsplash tile stickers are at the bottom price range of redesigning materials. Also, you could save cash on installation. Unnecessary to say, those explanations reduce the final cost of a bathroom or kitchen remodel. 

Just just remember to select high quality self-adhesive wall tiles that are attractive and serve the specific purpose that made you put in them in the first place. 

If you’re on a decent remodeling budget or have time constraints, peel-and-stick tiles are one of the finest substances you could use to improve your kitchen or bathroom.

  • A sensible choice for renters

These stickers are excellent for you in case you live in a apartment property. Ensure that you choose a fabric that’s removable in a not-so-shoddy-way. 

When you progress in, all you wish to do is cut, peel, and stick — with certainly no mess at all. And, whilst it’s time for you to go out (or if you grow tired of them), simply take them down to revive the previous look. These renter-friendly tiles make your activity easier.

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  • An excellent selection for DIY projects

Peel and stick tile backsplash are a good selection for a DIY project. Numerous people choose this way of backsplash as it’s the most effective way to refresh the appear of your kitchen or bathroom.

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  • Available in a wide variety

Fortunately for renovators, there are countless backsplash kits accessible on the market. You can find a good selection of colors, patterns, and styles including, glass tiles, faux tin tiles, copper tiles, etc. Select the foremost terrifi layout for your interior. 

Backsplash tile stickers cons

Kitchen tile stickersPhoto by Rustico Tile and Stone on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

  • Requires a initial wall preparation

If you’re deliberating employing sticky label wall tiles, remember that they require that you train that particular wall in advance. You would like to ensure that it’s smooth, otherwise, the adhesive won’t stick properly.

In case you spot any cracks or holes in the walls, be sure they’re filled. Also, the wall needs to be completely dry before you install the tiles.

  • Doesn’t last long

Since these adhesive tiles are supposed to be removed, they are not made to be especially durable. And can put on down over time, especially in a kitchen or bathing room in which there’s a lot of moisture. In extreme cases, it could even fall off the wall — harmful the skin underneath.

  • May seem a tad tacky

Here’s a certainty that is unluckily true. Such rapid fixes are NOT the true deal. If you choose skinny peel-and-stick kits, you wish to remember that they won’t give you the desired intensity that genuine tiles or bricks do. And, sometimes may end up looking reasonably-priced as in keeping with decor experts.

Of course, you’ll decide for higher-quality kits. But, their costs can run up to $25 in step with square foot. Which, by any standard, is a lot. If you’re spending this a lot amount, you may want to reconsider backsplash stickers.

And, here’s an extra important downside, most capacity homebuyers can easily spot tacky, rapid fixes. It might go away them thinking in regards to the different corners you’ve gotten cut on your house.

Pros and cons: quick takeaways

Quick and easy installationTemporary solution
Doesn’t require any distinct toolsMight peel off components of your drywall
Easy to cleanGood-quality ones might not necessarily be inexpensive
Available in several designs and stylesThe installing must be executed cautiously to avert overlapping
Can exactly match the rest of the roomDoesn’t deliver an analogous conclude and intensity as a standard backsplash tile

Types of peel-and-stick tiles

As mentioned above, those peel-and-stick tiles are available a range of materials. Let’s quickly check out some of them to help you choose the correct tile for your home:

Types of backsplash tile materialsFeaturesAverage cost
Vinyl tiles
  • Made with foam or plastic backing
  • Cheapest option
Upwards of $8 for a set of eight panels
Metal tiles
  • Made of steel (usually aluminum) with an adhesive
  • Lightweight
$16 for a pack covering 1 rectangular foot
Glass tiles
  • Glossy finish
  • Looks glamorous
$25 in line with square foot
Stone tiles
  • Mimics stone/slate finish
  • No grout or mortar required
$15 in line with rectangular foot
Gel tiles
  • Made from a 3-D gel material
  • High quality
$6 to $15 apiece

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How to put in peel-and-stick backsplash tile stickers?

The installing instructions are within the name itself. You’ll select to finish the task yourself orhire a professional. Either way, you ought to understand the method within out. 

Here are some installation steps to assist you:

  1. Start with a clean surface. 
  2. Get your wall repaired if there are cracks or holes.
  3. Use a cleansing spray or cleaning soap and water to remove any residual grease.
  4. Let the wall dry completely.
  5. Measure the gap with a ruler.
  6. Cut the quantity you’ll need. 
  7. Remove the back sheet.
  8. Stick the backsplash to the wall — pulling off the returned sheet as you adhere.
  9. Smooth out the skin with a credit card or ruler.


Now that we’ve explored the professionals and cons, types, and installing of backsplash tile stickers, we are hoping it helps you to choose whether you want to install them or not. 

We, of course, think that those smart tiles can be very revolutionary and stunning if you select the correct one. Remember that there’s an outstanding line to toe among looking high-quality and appearing tacky. So, decide for good quality and select well. 

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