The Most Popular Types of Toilet for Your Home

When it comes on your bathing room remodeling, remember that whichever versions of bathroom you’re pondering of choosing, the basic thought is to flush down and dispose of the forged waste in the most handy way. You have to choose the finest kind of bathroom in terms of design, style, and flushing technology.

If you’re overwhelmed concerning the myriad of possibilities for a bathroom on the market, don’t be. We will list out the most popular ones for you according to exclusive parameters including bathroom type, toilet style, flushing mechanisms, bathroom bowl types, etc. You may peruse through the record and select the type of toilet that’s ideal for you and your home.

Just remember that while taking into account the quite a few choices, you should consider the efficiency of the toilet, your location, the scale of your bathing room or half bathroom, plumbing system, mode of sanitation, fashion of your house, the variety of persons using the toilet, and of course your budget.

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So, let’s begin with the types of toilets from around the world. 

Types of rest room according to waste disposal technology

When it comes to purchasing a brand new toilet, the first thing you need to think about is the bathroom sort based on the flushing technology or the type of method it makes use of to flush down and dispose of the waste. Here are your choices. 

1. Gravity-feed toilet

Gravity-feed toiletPhoto by way of Freepik

A gravity-feed toilet is one of the most common models of toilet. Because the call suggests, it makes use of gravity to flush down the cast waste. Its working is straightforward — there’s a rest room tank to hold the water. As you press the flush valve, the water drops down into the bowl, makes use of a siphoning action, and then pushes the waste during the trapway.

It’s this movement of the flush and layout that assist clear the bowl. The advantage of this kind of toilet is that it has a quiet flushing action, calls for minimal maintenance (as it has fewer relocating parts), and any repair work is easy.

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2. Pressure-assisted toilet

Such a toilet has a powerful flushing action. As clean from the name, there’s a process of pressurized air that forces water from the tank into the bowl. However a pressure-assisted flushing technique is a lot louder than a gravity-feed toilet, it’s also much more efficient. 

All the waste is flushed faster and forcefully. Pointless to say, the chance of clogs is less common. In case you have a large household and your toilet utilization is high, this can be a good choice.

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3. Dual-flush toilet

A blend of gravity-feed and pressure-assisted toilets, the dual-flush mechanism is increasingly gaining popularity. And, there’s a good reason. It has the choice of using a 1/2 flush or full flush each time you desire to drain the bowl. This way of flush rest room technique finally ends up saving appreciable water.

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Interestingly, when you use a half flush, it clears the toilet with a gravity-feed procedure and is good for liquid waste. An entire flush, at the other hand, clears the bathroom with a pressure-assisted procedure — splendid for solid waste.

4. Double-cyclone toilet

Now here’s a type of flushing procedure that makes use of a minimum volume of water per flush yet still has a lot of power. The technologies is slightly exclusive from different models of toilets. Here,  two nozzles along the rim of the bowl supply the flush. So, you don’t have the usual holes within the rim. These nozzles deliver a more efficient flush. 

While this sort of rest room does no longer keep a significant amount of water with every flush, it provides up ultimately — making a large difference in your monthly water bill.

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5. Waterless toilet

When there’s a shortage of water or absence of plumbing, those varieties of self-contained waterless bathrooms are a boon. These models don’t use water or any flushing system. Each of the waste is just accrued in a receptacle that’s placed underneath the lavatory seat.

While they don’t seem to be usual in everlasting houses, they are ideal for worksites, camping out sites, or as a temporary association in the course of home remodeling projects.

FYI: There’s a sort of waterless toilet, known as composting toilets, that promotes eco-friendly living.

Types of bathroom in line with style

When it comes to toilet style, you should consider the wide variety of components or portions in the toilet and whether it’s at the floor or installed to the wall. Listed below are some of the best toilet fashion options you have.

1. One-piece toilet

One piece toiletPhoto via Freepik

A one-piece rest room is made out of a single piece of material. No rocket technology there! This sort of bathroom is customarily accessible in ceramic. It contains an integrated bowl, tank, and trapway. Most have a bathroom seat as well. So, you don’t have to buy it separately. Of course, you may always replace the existing one with a newer model. 

It goes devoid of asserting that one-piece rest room installing is rather easy — and so is its maintenance. When you consider that there’s a unbroken fit among the bowl and tank, toilet cleaning is easier too. Plus, the sort of rest room appears neat. 

2. Two-piece toilet

Two-piece toiletPhoto by Jean van der Meulen from Pexels CC0

So, there are two pieces which are assembled to create this way of toilet — a toilet tank and a bathroom bowl. You have the option of buying these together as a group or mix or matching them consistent with your preferences. It usually comes with out a toilet seat.

While a two-piece toilet is a tad tougher to clean, it’s usually more efficient. On the grounds that you may effortlessly replace either of the two parts — it lasts long too. 

3. Wall-mounted toilet

Wall installed toiletPhoto by means of Freepik

While wall-hanging toilets are extra usual in washrooms of advertisement buildings, you can select one if you so desire. For instance, when you’ve got a small bathroom where space is at a premium, you can think about a wall-mounted toilet. It saves as much as one whole foot of ground space!

It contains a wall-hung toilet bowl and a flush plate. Here, usually, you can’t see the lavatory tank as it’s hidden away in the back of a wall. As a result of its streamlined design, cleansing it is very easy.

Types of rest room in line with the flushing system

While taking into account the flushing type, you have the choice of a single-flush, double-flush, and touchless flush. Let’s explore these in detail. 

1. Single-flush toilet

Here, there’s only 1 flush setting. All you should do is press down on the flush valve to get it going. Each time you flush, you utilize the same quantity of strain and the scale of the flush remains a similar too.

The reason such bathrooms are extremely popular is that they look very neat. And, they’re available in a wide variety of designs and colors. 

2. Double-flush toilet

It comes with two flush settings. For liquid wastes, just press down gently at the flush button for a half flush. Press the lever extra firmly for a whole flush to dispose of the solid waste. Needless to say, a double-flush rest room is a more effective option. 

The cons are that it’s costlier and slightly more challenging to maintain.

3. Touchless flush toilet

This toilet flushes automatically when it detects that you’re achieved using it. It utilizes a battery-operated action sensor on right of the toilet tank. This sort of sort of toilet offers maximum cleanliness. And minimizes the unfold of germs as you don’t have to touch the toilet in the course of use. 

4. Flushometer

Tank-less toiletImage by cocoparisienne from Pixabay CC0

This flushing mechanism is for tankless toilets. A perfect selection for commercial settings, it generates a higher flush pressure. A more robust flush additionally skill a bigger water supply. Hence, now not many householders set up a flushometer toilet. But when you have no scarcity of water, you can choose this kind of strong flush type. 

Types of bathroom according to the bowl shape

Choosing the correct bowl shape for your rest room pertains to the comfort of a toilet. You may choose the finest one that suits your personal needs and preferences. The such a lot common toilet bowl shapes are elongated, compact elongated, and round-front. 

1. Elongated bathroom bowl

Elongated toiletPhoto by means of Freepik

These are more or less oval in form with added length. They are round 18 inches — almost 2 inches longer than a round bowl. The additional length, of course, makes the toilet seat extra comfortable and appear more spacious.

2. Round-front bathroom bowl

These round-in-shape toilets is probably not as comfortable because the above kinds, yet they do take up much less space. A good choice for loos with restricted rectangular footage.

3. Compact elongated toilet bowl

Compact elongated toiletImage by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay CC0

A mixture of an elongated bowl and a round-front bowl — this way of rest room has the footprint of a round-front bowl with the additional seat area of an elongated bowl. An ideal selection for those who prefer the best of both worlds.

Types of rest room based on the trapway design

A trapway connects the lavatory bowl for your home’s plumbing. It is this element that ensures the graceful functioning of your toilet. And that all of the waste makes it to the sewer line with no quandary or clogging. 

Although all toilets feature an S-shaped trapway, they’re accessible in different styles. You can choose from exposed, concealed, or skirted trapway.

1. Uncovered trapway toilet

As the call implies, the S-shape is seen at the side of the toilet. And there are caps protecting the bolts that attach the bathroom to the floor.

2. Hid trapway toilet

The S-shape is concealed — making the facet of the toilet appear smooth. Low-profile caps hide the bolts that attach the bathroom to the floor.

3. Skirted trapway toilet

Quite similar to a concealed trapway, this way of toilet has uniform facets from the bottom as much as the bathroom bowl — with out visible S-Shape. You can’t even see any bolts.

Types of rest room in line with the type of flush handle

Toilet handlePhoto by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash CC0

You can even select your standard region and type for the flush handle. Listed below are some of your options:

  • Side handle: A lever or button is on either side of the tank.
  • Top handle: A button is on precise of the tank.
  • Wall handle: A button is at the wall. These are usually used basically for wall-hung toilets.
  • Touchless: A motion sensor is established on excellent of the tank. You simply must wave your hand in front of it to flush.
  • Remote: Just press a button on a touch-screen or remote control.

Types of bathroom according to dimensions or height

Toilet dimensions talk over with the height of the lavatory bowl and its seat. Keep in mind that bathroom peak affects your comfort point besides affecting the appear of your toilet.

If you’ve a senior or somebody with constrained mobility dwelling with you, you should think about opting for a higher rest room that calls for much less bending. Shorter toilets, at the different hand, are easier to apply for small kids.

A toilet top might be damaged down among those two options:

  • Standard top toiletthat is a low-profile layout with a greatest bathroom seat peak of 17 inches.
  • Chair peak toiletthat’s a larger-profile design with a toilet seat at 19 inches (the approximate peak of a chair).

Having suggested that, you can necessarily get the custom height for your wall-mounted toilet. You may mount the sort of rest room at any place from 15 inches to 30 inches to accommodate persons of all sizes.

Types of bathroom in line with the sort of toilet seat

As such a lot two-piece lavatories come with no seat, you will need to purchase one separately. Fairly obviously you wish to locate one that matches the form of your rest room bowl.

Also, when it comes to buying a rest room seat, ensure you select one that fits your toilet’s colour and complements yourbathroom décor

Regarding bathroom seat materials, you have the option of utilizing plastic, polypropylene, cushioned vinyl, molded composition wood, and real wood.

You may also move in for luxury rest room seat options, adding heated surfaces and deodorizers. Bidets with a warm water flow and warm air dryer are effortlessly accessible too.

Few extra models of toilets with additional features

Do you desire a toilet that’s exclusive from what the others are using? Think about a wise or an eco-friendly toilet.

1. Shrewd toilet

Smart toiletSmart toilet art in Shibuya love-hotel, Tokyo, Japan, by Cory Doctorow on flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

This kind of innovative toilet effortlessly redefines the which means of a toilet — and what it could do. Most clever toilets characteristic a touch-screen manage panel or remote. You could difference the temperature of the lavatory seat, customize cleansing settings, get the toilet to flush, and much more. It even performs a track while you’re doing all of your ‘business’.

And such toilets, in spite of having such a lot of features, appear streamlined in design. Everything is concealed — giving it a sophisticated look.

2. Green toilet

Eco-friendly toilets are water-efficient — proscribing the quantity they use per flush. In the United States, there are legal guidelines that state that all of the newly set up toilets have to use below 1.6 gallons of water according to flush.

The water-saving reward won’t in simple terms cut down your water consumption but in addition reduce your water bills. 


If you’re considering a rest room protection or including a new one on your house, buying a bathroom may be a daunting project considering the fact that there’s an unlimited array of options out there. However, you would like now not be overwhelmed via all of the choices. 

We wish this text allows you recognise each kind of toilet. Make the most simple possibilities in phrases of toilet type, rest room style, flushing technology, and toilet design. Blissful remodeling!

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