Tar and Chip Driveway: Everything You Need To Know

You shall come across a range of strategies when it comes to installation a new driveway. Some of the ordinary choices for driveway materials are asphalt, gravel, concrete, and pavers — to call a few. However, there’s a different alternative — the tar and chip driveway — something, you will not be really accustomed to yet. It’s important to understand that the common price can differ from $2 to $5 with the intention to make a full decision.

Well, this is also relatively a favored selection among property owners and you’ve usually pushed miles over it, even with out understanding that it is a tar and chip surface. So, today, let’s see what does the sort of driveway imply and what are the significant attributes surrounding its concept.

What is a tar and chip driveway?

Tar and chip driveways — also known as chip-and-seal, seal chip, macadam, or liquid-asphalt-and-stone driveways — are a inexpensive alternative to asphalt. This blend of warm liquid asphalt and stone chips comes with a extra strong floor than undeniable gravel. The process contains developing a thin asphalt foundation by pouring molten, warm tar over a gravel base. Then, layers of crushed, free stones are compacted above it. Finally, what you get is a astonishing driveway, followed by a coarse texture. Moreover, you may customize the beaten stones to match your surroundings. For example, a tan or brown shade is ideal for a desert landscape, whereas grey stones work wonders in a woody environment. The compacted stone floor also renders it stable, making sure a smooth, bump-free ride.

How a lot does it price to tar and chip a driveway?

Tar and chip driveways cost under asphalt paving but greater than a driveway paved with gravel. Usually, the price tiers from $2 to $5 according to square foot. Of course, the complete cost shall incorporate the hard work and fabric charges on your neighborhood. Moreover, in case you think about long-term expenses, be aware that renovation and replacement of chip seal driveways are a lot more affordable in comparison to asphalt or concrete.

chip seal driveway
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How lengthy does a chip seal road last?

Tar and chip driveways shall approximately last from 7 to ten years. After this period, you need to vicinity an additional layer of tar and stones. That’s because, the layer of beaten stones can put on down after repeated use, over the years. Therefore, if you want to own a driveway that lasts longer than 10 years, it’s is best to head with asphalt or concrete. However, do word that resurfacing a chip seal driveway is much more affordable than asphalt or concrete.

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How to preserve a tar and chip driveway?

If you own a tar and chip driveway, you wish to motel to minimal steady maintenance. For example, there isn’t any popular sealing required. However, issues might occur in the course of the snowy, wintry months. Once you use a snowplow to clear the driveway, it could cause damage to the stone excellent layer. With the intention to avoid this, ensure that the plow rides basically simply above the surface. You can then eliminate the rest film with a shovel. The best way is to attend till the snow melts away with the aid of itself. Moreover, in case you do the complete method using a shovel or a snowblower, you won’t face this hassle at all.

What are the pros and cons of tar and chip driveways?

Like all different driveways, tar chip variations even have their very own reward and disadvantages. So, let’s assess them out below:

The pros

Low cost:As we already mentioned, tar and chip driveways are costlier than gravel and slightly more cost-effective than asphalt. Moreover, they come with decrease preservation costs, making them comparatively cheap within the lengthy run.

Good traction: Tar-and-chip driveways be sure greatest traction because they arrive with an top layer that is made of separate stones. Hence, the ensuing rough surface makes it perfect for a non-slippery road.

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Natural beauty:Since this category of roads is produced from natural and organic stones, it offers a nature-inspired, classic, and elegant look.

Low maintenance:Tar and chip driveways demand minimum preservation as you don’t have got to seal them regularly. Small cracks can generally get repaired on their own. During warm days, the tar melts and fills the cracks. After that, stones evidently seal up those gaps.

Longevity: Although a tar and chip driveway does not final so long as asphalt, it comes with toughness of up to 10 years, which is good enough.

Simple, simple construction: It’s relatively easy to put in a tar and chip driveway on your parking lot. You could also install it over existing driveway materials, offered they’re in good shape.

The cons

Snow Removal: Without right precautions, using snowplows can damage the driveway surface.

Limited contractors: Installing any driveway is not a DIY project. And one of the important hazards while building tar and chip driveways is that there are restricted contractors who hold the mandatory talent to handle the job. Therefore, it’s a necessity which you search for the best contractors on your place — who focus on this sort of task — before offloading your task.


After reading this article, you currently recognize the basic aspects concerning a tar and chip driveway, if you weren’t formerly familiar with this term. After checking all the attributes distinctive above, determine if this selection is healthier for you than an asphalt cement, asphalt driveway, or a gravel driveway. If yes, then select a well contractor and opt for it.

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