Suspended toilets and bidets: Pros and cons

If you take a look at clothier houses and bathroom catalogs, you will understand that suspended toilets and bidets are on-trend correct now. Of course, they’re visually lighter, go left out and even carry a dash of magic via having the tank concealed.

However, what generally occurs within the houses of regular mortals is which you discover conventional toilets and bidets, supported firmly at the ground, with their tanks on their backs and their enforcing presence – particularly the toilet, which could turn out to be the inadvertent center of attention of the bathroom.

Many of us could have been tempted through the fashionable photos of suspended toilets, yet perhaps due to lack of knowledge of its advantages and disadvantages, we necessarily appear left with the conventional. But, when it comes to choosing the right toilet, maybe we will move out of our consolation zone, right?

Advantages of suspended toilets and bidets

Let’s communicate first concerning the advantages, to find a little why they appeal to us so much

  1. Visual lightness

Suspended bathing room portions are visually gentle as they seem to levitate above the ground. In addition, because of the concealed tank or cistern, they are smaller and their relative presence in the toilet decreases considerably, as they’re much less noticeable.

  1. Nicer proportions

Being capable to do without the support at the ground, suspended toilets and bidets can get better more stunning and elongated proportions, plus a purifier geometry.

  1. A mystical charm

Just like overhanging terraces, huge bridges and different cantilevered structures, suspended toilets mystify because they seem to difficulty the legal guidelines of gravity, especially considering that they need to endure our weight.

By having the tank concealed, it sort of feels as if the water emerges from a hidden place in the partitions of the house. It may seem slightly exaggerated, yet portion of our mind is a touch dazzled via those things.

  1. Ease of cleaning

You get a better ease of cleaning, as you may sweep the ground lower than the bathroom and bidet, avoiding the grimy and inaccessible corners of classic toilets. This can be a compelling reason from the sensible factor of view, when you consider that one of these bathroom piece enables us in our workouts for maintaining the bathroom clean.

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Disadvantages of suspended toilets and bidets

Now that we have got visible the benefits, let’s see the issues with suspended toilets and bidets. Maybe that’s why no longer everybody chooses them while decorating a bathroom.

  1. Loss of space

If the tank has to be hidden, it need to be somewhere, and that is in the wall at the back of the toilet.

That being said, it additionally seems that we received more space; we placed the tank at the wall, and everything is resolved. But the tanks within even the thinnest wall take at least three inches, and we nonetheless have to upload ironmongery so the bathroom can hold our weight, which we can’t install simply any partition.

In order to install a suspended toilet, you would like to have a wide wall in the back of it, which will result in a lack of space that you can not always enable for in the layout and distribution of your bathroom.

  1. Increased complexity of installation

wall hung toiletPhoto by means of Tiia Monto, from wikipedia commons [CC BY-SA 3.0]

Traditional toilets and bidets are really easy to install and uninstall; it’s little more than connecting every thing and fixing them to the floor. By means of contrast, striking a toilet is not so simple, and installing the tank additionally takes more time, which brings us to the subsequent point.

  1. Higher costs

Given the complexity of installing in addition to the will for specific parts including hangers and cisterns, suspended toilets and bidets pose a substantially larger cost than classic bathroom pieces. When you have a modest budget, it could be hard to stay inside it because of the price of materials, as well as the installing itself. And the increased expenditures aren’t simply in the course of installation, but in addition for any preservation within the future.

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Suspended toilets and bidets are an excellent selection should you have fairly large bathrooms, or whilst thickening a wall does now not symbolize any hassle to the accessible space. The drawbacks of those pieces basically arise in the course of the layout section – plus maintenance. The remainder of the considerations are practically all advantages.

So, if the price range and available space allow, suspended toilets represent a considerable aesthetic development of the bathroom, presenting visual lightness, modernity and hygiene.

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