Surprising Truth Behind 6 Major Home Renovation Myths

Replacing windows, changing the floor and remodeling your bathroom are not necessarily luxurious projects, yet there’s plenty of incorrect information surrounding the time, money and effort focused on many home protection projects. Here we are able to go over numerous popular renovations to check which are worth it and to hopefully remove six home renovation myths alongside the way. Then you may technique your project with extra self assurance and knowledge, no matter if your price range is tight.

Replacing windows

Myth 1: “It’s plenty of paintings and it’s expensive.”

No. A window might be hooked up in 3 to 4 hours, so all the home windows in your home could be probably be converted in a few days. As for the “it’s expensive” aspect of this domestic maintenance myth, you ought to necessarily arm your self with up to date pricing information and check with your nearby and native administrations to benefit whether or not they provide help for window replacements. You may additionally deduct a percentage of taxes in your annual declaration for a lot of window projects, and you’ll in all likelihood store plenty on heating cooling your home as well.

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Myth 2: “Insulated home windows restrict all styles of condensation, humidity, etc.”

No. You must take all of the qualities of the room into account. Generally, windows ought to no longer be watertight if the room is simply too exposed to moisture and does not have well ventilation. Condensation might appear on the outside of your windows, particularly people that face north or take delivery of little sun.

Changing the floor

Myth 3: “Changing a ceramic floor is an exceptionally laborious work.”

Again, no. At present there are dovetailed flooring that may be hooked up above your present ground with out a lot paintings since the tiles healthy collectively and don’t require any material to grip. In addition, you will save money ripping up the prevailing floor slabs.

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Upgrading a kitchen countertop

kitchen counterKitchen, Residence 12, Aylesbury, Hove by El gran sueño [CC BY 2.0]

Myth 4: “Putting in a new countertop potential getting new kitchen furniture.”

No, this is one of the home renovation myths that has survived for decades. You could renew the appear of your kitchen with out touching the furnishings through eliminating your ancient countertop and setting up a new one that suits your tastes. You may select to coat your present countertop with micro-cement instead, an on-trend circulate that many designers suggest. As a bonus, you will keep on the disassembly and the making of holes for the sink that you face with replacement.

Renovating the bathroom

bath renovationmoods-kanuka by [CC BY 2.0]

Myth 5: “Getting a spa is expensive.”

No. There are hydro-massage columns with six jets starting at about $60 and installation them is very easy — just eliminate the tap and connect with the hydrants.

Myth 6: “Changing the bath for a bath is simply too labor-intensive to be worthwhile.”

The response to the last of our six home renovation myths is — you guessed it — no. This assignment contains eliminating the bathtub, cleaning up any rubble left behind and installation a shower tray, which ought to only take approximately 8 hours. Then you definitely have got to let it dry for one complete day. That’s it! To make the work tidier, it’s better to place a flat base of mineral resins and panels of the same fabric on the wall (24 inches high) to avert having to shop around for suitably comparable tiles.

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