Storm Door: A Complete Guide on Types, Costs, Pros and Cons

A storm door provides large magnitude to your home. And, why wouldn’t it? The door, as its call implies, lends insulation, security, and versatility to your home. No longer only that, a storm door facilitates homeowners show off their entryway and enhance the general appear in their house. 

Since it’s necessarily our exercise to weigh every little thing in its totality, we’ll begin this text with the aid of directory out the pros and cons of storm doors to your benefit. That way, you could decide even if you should invest in the sort of door or not.   

Storm Doors: Advantages

Screen door
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As we mentioned, one of the biggest reward of installing a storm door is that it improves the advent of the house. Its layout fantastically accentuates the outward look of the front porch or entryway. 

Most importantly, a storm door facilitates retain the main door’s outdoors in higher shape. It resists fading due to the sunlight and exposure to the cruel weather elements.

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A storm door offers a further layer of safety to circumvent a burglar or intruder who would need to maneuver via an additional locking method before gaining entry in the course of the front door. You may useretractable screens that roll up into the tip of the door when now not in use. Anyway that, you can have screen panels or glass panels as required. 

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Oh, and yes. A storm door helps maintain the pesky critters out as well. Assume bugs, rodents, and bats. These display screen storm doorways supply a further layer of protection whilst providing you with good cross-ventilation that’s required to enhance air-flow into your home.

Last but on no account least, a storm door may be veryenergy efficientwhilst it is utilized in addition to a daily access door. An energy-efficient mannequin with well insulation helps cut down lost air and keeps the world as hermetic as possible. 

Just make sure that the installation is proper and leaves no gaps for the air to escape across the trim. It’s best tohire a professionalinstaller for a continuing job.

Storm Doors: Disadvantages

A storm door comes with a few drawbacks. Although, no longer many. The largest is its excessive price. Moreover, considering that it’s a really expert door with a non-standard size, you will need additional construction to make the installation technique seamless. 

Installing this kind of custom door isn’t a simple DIY assignment and would require you to rent a contractor. Whatever which can enhance your redesigning budget.

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Another disadvantage of any such door is that since it reviews numerous foot site visitors and takes a beating to the elements — it’s extra prone to scratches, dents, and entire wear and tear. 

Needless to say, a standard storm door wishes replacement. In fact, once every five years if it’s in a high-traffic area.

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Now that we’ve explored every little thing good or bad about a storm door, it’s time to understand the countless types of storm doors in terms of the special materials.

Storm Door Materials

Most storm doors come in these variants:

Wood Storm Door

Originally, storm doorways were made up of wood. They are visually the most appealing. The only obstacle is that wooden doorways require painting or another style of coating to protect them from the weather. 

You could have wood display doorways without any glass established (less than one inch thick). In case your door is thicker than one inch, you could accommodate glass panels too. Remember that as the thickness increases, the door turns into more inflexible and durable.

Aluminum Storm Door

An aluminum storm door is immune to corrosion. Moreover, it does no longer require any painting. Fortunately, such doors are available in a range of thicknesses that could accommodate interchangeable glass and screen panels.

Keep in intellect that the thinnest storm doorways are the least expensive. The disadvantage to having an aluminum door is that it’s particularly brittle, particularly at the corners that hold the body together. In case the door receives blown open in the course of a storm, the corners would be more likely to crack.

PVC and Fiberglass Storm Door

Thankfully, PVC and fiberglass storm doors are the foremost corrosion-resistant doors. And are much less likely to yellow, peel, crack, contract, expand or warp. Moreover, they can be made to imitate the wooden grain — quite realistically giving the advent of a wood storm door. However, PVC or vinyl storm doors usually require internal steel frames in order to provide the necessary strength to the door. 

FYI: Extruded PVC doors do provide exceptional strength.

The downside is that PVC is believed to permit out persistent pollutants in the course of its production. And, fiberglass storm door frames are particularly expensive. The two styles of storm doors comprise a certain quantity of chemicals. It’s clearly to slow the consequences of ultraviolet radiation from the sun. 

Styles of Storm Doors

While there are thousands of decorative patterns and colorings to select from, storm doorways are clearly of five main types. See the desk lower than for a greater understanding:

Type of storm doorFeaturesPrice range
Full-view storm door
  • Usually, have a full-length glass or a window design
  • Offer secure protection
  • Offer both within and outside full-screen view
$150 to $500
Low-E full view
  • All-glass, divided or the complete panel
  • Made of superior glass
  • Stronger insulation
  • Not prone to fading
$200 to $550
Beveled glass
  • All-glass, divided, or one-piece panel
  • With ornamental edging along the circumference
$300 to $400
  • Divided panel
  • Covers a lot of the surface
  • Can accommodate a puppy door
$100 to $200
High view
  • Single-panel door with glass only on the top
  • Scope for puppy door installation
$100 to $200

Storm vs Security Display Doors

Another style of storm door is the standard safety screen door. This type gives extra security measures consisting of a security grille, bars, or rods. Those are bolstered into the door body itself for additional protection opposed to intruders or for extra protection in the course of harsh storms. 

Needless to say, it’s a lot more pricey than a standard storm door. The door price ranges from$600 to $3,500.The frame of this door is thicker — presenting an outstanding layer of reinforcement. As some distance because the hardware goes, you may purchase a 3-point locking system, built-in safety lock, or double cylinder deadbolt.

Storm Door Installation Costs

When it comes to selecting the correct of storm door in your home, its cost is an important consideration. The brand name (with registered trademarks), style, and sort you select should be labored into the ultimate budget. 

The minimum usual cost of a storm door is round $250 when the maximum price is approximately $800. 

For instance, a storm door with a screen and aluminum base might characteristically price round$150 to $300when a area of expertise personalized door that has further functions can move as excessive as$800

Keep in mind that the precise cost to put in a storm door varies in line with the region and your zip code. And, of course, the complexity of the project. 

The hard work fees quantity from$75 to $130. Such a lot doorways may well be mounted in 1-2 hours. 


Do not underestimate a storm door. A storm door lives as much as its call and offers a further layer of protection on your home. It protects your leading entry door from the elements — performing as a barrier against damage from wind, rain, and sleet. 

Moreover, it’s the completing piece to your home’s outdoors — giving it a personality and design charm. A lovely characteristic that reinforces yourcurb appeal. If you’re thinking of domestic improvement, getting a storm door mounted ought to be a concern on your list. 

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