Sliding Glass Doors Prices, Cost Factors, and Types

Sliding glass doors aka bypass or gliding doors open up your dwelling area with their practical (read beautiful) design. They allow in various organic mild and offer easy entry in your yard, patio, or deck. Thinking of installing sliding doors? This article will help you study in regards to the potential sliding glass door fees concerned and the criteria that impact the complete cost.

Interestingly, one of these door has derived from the ancient Japanese sliding panels called Shoji and Fusuma. The seem is nearly the same, the sole change being that while in Asia those panels are used as indoors pieces, in the West, sliding glass doorways are characteristically exterior gliding patio doors. 

Fortunately, due to developments within the box of technology, those sliding glass doorways are not a resource of power loss and a weak point for safety as they were in the olden times. Most modern sliding glass doors are more suitable and well-insulated.

However, glass is glass at the conclusion of the day. It could crack, break, degrade, or begin leaking. If your sliding glass door is becoming drafty, leaks, or doesn’t latch securely — it’s time to exchange it.

Sliding glass doorways prices

Most sliding glass door fees number from approximately$300 to $4,000 — averaging at $1,700. If you’re purchasing a user-friendly 6 toes broad sliding glass door on a simple frame, it will cost you round$300. An 8-foot sliding glass door cost will number from$700 to $1,000.

You also give you the option of putting in pre-hung doors ($1,000 to $4,000).  

Of course, there are countless factors, adding the scale of the door, your zip code, etc that impact the entire price to switch or install a sliding door. 

Also, if you’re picking out pricey ideas — consisting of fiberglass French patio doors, impact-resistant glass,low-E coveredscreens, inbuilt blinds, triple-pane glass, or excessive energy efficiency glass — it will increase the door cost significantly.

In case you’re pondering ofhiring a professionalfitter (which you should!) to complete the job, be prepared to pay around$2,500. This volume involves tools, equipment, supplies, and labor costs.  

Let’s explore some of the most important causes that affect sliding glass doors prices:

Factors that impact the cost to interchange sliding glass doors

Door frame materials

Door frame
Photo via Finessewindows from wikimedia commons [CC BY-SA 4.0]

Homeowners can choose between here fabric ideas for his or her sliding doors:

  • Wood: Nothing matches the organic beauty of genuine wood. However, you would like to regard the wood for it to be proof against rot and insects. You can always choose between stained or painted sliding doors to compare your home décor.
  • Clad wood: Here’s a long lasting door alternative with natural wood inside and metal outside. And, it’s available in many colors to suit your requirements and tastes.
  • Vinyl: A vinyl body door is durable, simple to maintain, and is available in many styles and colors.
  • Aluminum: An aluminum door is light-weight but strong. It’d lose warmness in locations with extreme temperature changes but is popular in gentle climates.

What approximately composite doors? Take a look at our comprehensive guide on Composite Door Prices

Add-on features

Sliding door
Image by way of Pxhere CC0

Any additional function you upload to your door is sure to increase the sliding glass door prices. Those might be related to:

  • Style: You could choose wherever from 2 to 4 panels. Or, determine if you want a door that opens left-handed or right-handed from the outside. Also, a French door fashion (or any other highly-priced choice) will add significantly to the cost. 
  • Glass: You can have impact-resistant (designed to withstand hurricane-force winds), high power efficiency, UV protection, textured, or tempered glass. The number of panes you select for insulation also will enhance your complete cost.
  • Grids: A good way to mimic the seem of a multi-paned glass door, you could use grids. Choose the style that complements the rest of your house.
  • Pet panel: Integrating a pet panel — giving your pets easy entry to the outside — onto your sliding door can enhance its cost considerably. 

Types of lock

Glassdoor lock
Picture by way of Pexels CC0

In the previous times, the locks of sliding doors have been the vulnerable points. All they mandatory changed into a strong jiggling of the door to snap open. Thankfully, modern locks are much more secure. If you wish added security if you are away, opt for auxiliary locks.

While a straight forward sliding glass door lock costs$10, its cost can wide variety from$40 to more. Those include foot locks, deadbolts (installing at ground level), and telescoping safety bars.

Type of screen doors

Most display screen doors, especially patio doors, are available two kinds of door systems: sliding and retractable doors. While sliding patio doorways cost about$130, retractable ones price round$340. The latter paintings like sideways Venetian blinds. 

Whether it’s a DIY assignment or a pro job

Door installation
Photo by Naim Benjelloun from Pexels CC0

Even though setting up or changing sliding doors can be a DIY by a handy owner of a house and can store up to $300, we recommend hiring a contractor to do it for you. 

Especially if you are changing the old door with a bigger one — requiring a structural alteration to a load-bearing wall.

Planning a protection on your house? Try our freehome redesign price estimator; it’s simple and handy to use!

Installing sliding glass doorways require a large gap in your wall and can affect the structural integrity of your house. Your local codes will very likely require a allow and a contractor. 

Moreover, the actual procedure includes loads of effort. Simply eliminating the old door may well be tedious. First, you ought to get rid of the interior trim, then carry the movable pane out, and get rid of anything else that’s protecting the desk bound panel in. 

Once you remove the panels, you would like to take out the outside trim, the door jamb, and finally the door frame. In the end, you wish to wash out the old screws, nails, or particles left at the back of earlier than installing a brand new door. Pre-Hung door setting up remains easier.

A professional with journey will regulate load-bearing partitions carefully — maintaining a notice of the situation of vents and electrical wiring.

Labor costs

Labor charges general round$65 to $85per hour. A standard sliding door installation or alternative will take about seven hours. Removal and disposal of an old patio door characteristically cost$100 to $150.

Permit fees

Since a sliding door setting up or substitute could suggest exchanging the constitution of your house, a enable will be required in all probability. This step is to make sure that the required amount of air flow is maintained and there are no security issues. Be organized to factor in the permit charges as well within the total sliding glass door setting up project costs. 

The brand and model

Patio door
Photo via Miracle leaves in Japan from wikimedia commons [CC BY-SA 4.0]

Sliding glass door charges will depend on the length of the warranty presented by a manufacturer, particular model, and/or parts of the door. 

For instance, if a ThermaStar by way of Pella expenditures around $345, a model with integrated blinds would be approximately$770. The Andersen four hundred Sequence Frenchwoodwill number from$1,500 to $4,000. You get the drift, right?

FYI: So much warranties fluctuate between 10 and 20 years.


We desire those explanations will assist you better understand your sliding glass door fees and enable you on your remodeling project. Keep in mind to put in or replacea sliding glass door in well weather. Because the old door is removed, there’ll be a time when the opening is exposed to the elements. So, till the recent door is in place, you don’t want to be inconvenienced.

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