Simple Yet Exquisite Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

If we reimagined our homes as human bodies, our kitchen might perhaps be the heart of the home. The only place that permits the magic of bonding over a meal or a warm cup of cocoa to happen. The portion of the home synonymous with heat and enticing aromas. This makes it simply justifiable that loads of property owners painstakingly design their kitchens in a manner that reflects comfort, style and family values. With kitchen ceilings being an fundamental part of that grand scheme, listed here are some easy but outstanding kitchen ceiling design ideas that will help you take your kitchen decor from the mundane to the extraordinary.

In the path of discussing ceiling layout elements, we will additionally explore some popular kitchen ceiling materials. 

1. False Ceilings

false ceiling

While a traditional white false ceiling could look commonplace, it doesn’t have to be boring. White ceilings look brilliant with recessed lighting to add a contemporary touch to the kitchen and pendant lighting or perhaps a chandelier, based on how high your ceiling is, to add a modern design element for your kitchen ceiling.

Modern kitchen designs are all about maintaining things minimalistic, and a ordinary fake ceiling is like the perfect canvas for such themes. A monochromatic appear offering black, ceiling lights, a black granite kitchen island with a plain white wall and ceiling for distinction is the ideal austere contemporary kitchen. Add a bit heat to the layout by means of incorporating streamlined wooden cabinetry. 

A drop ceiling is a wonderful way to apply a fake ceiling to feature a little contrast in your kitchen ceiling design. Drop the ceiling simply above your kitchen island or breakfast table, and use based pendant lights to illuminate that region alone.

Another layout twist on fake ceilings is tray ceilings. Tray ceilings are a fabulous method of framing a kitchen area. Use wooden trim on the outer region of the tray to add a sense of warmth, when using canned lights to provide the layout a contemporary edge. Alternatively, an elegant chandelier wouldn’t be misplaced with a tray ceiling either.

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2. Wooden Ceilings

beadboard ceiling

Wood as a medium by no means fails to add a touch of sophistication to any component of interior design, and it's no unique when it comes to kitchen design. 

Beadboard, or ceiling planks, are a very good selection for kitchen ceilings, considering they can be easily set up in your current kitchen ceiling.

White beadboard ceilings are a popular choice, and that color works brilliantly in kitchens. A white beadboard ceiling will look hot and inviting when paired with white cabinets, a quartz countertop, and a dark hardwood floor. 

Alternately, a white beadboard ceiling will also look luscious whilst paired with dark wood kitchen cabinets and a ground of natural stone tiles.   If a rustic, earthy suppose is the purpose of your kitchen redesign project, think about a healthy wood finish beadboard ceiling, especially if you have already got a hard wooden floor. Somber colours are what you desire on your walls to finish the look.

In retaining with the country kitchen theme, vaulted ceilings with wooden uncovered beams are one other timeless design, reminiscent of the feel and look of log cabins. Lanterns hung from the beams, a stone kitchen island and log chairs will upload to the old fashioned attraction of this design.

wood kitchen ceiling
Photo by using Bill Wilson on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

3. Ceiling Tiles

Another reasonable way to add character in your kitchen ceiling with out breaking the financial institution is to apply decorative ceiling tiles. Ceiling tiles are available in more than a few designs and sizes. You may get ceiling tiles that mimic 19th century Victorian tin ceilings, stainless steel, or maybe copper patina. Smaller tiles with problematic designs and quite a lot of hues are also a rage. Everything from wood conclude to matte black is conceivable using ceiling tiles, making them essentially the mostsome of the most flexible options for your kitchen ceiling.

While ceiling tiles themselves take somewhat of labor to put in and could want the expertise of a handyman, you currently get ceiling wallpapers with adhesives that mimic ceiling tiles, making setting up a breeze.

4. Glass Ceilings

A glass skylight ceiling in your kitchen is not just a style statement, it is also a great way to permit natural and organic gentle into your cooking space.

Modern designs usually feature a tumbler kitchen ceiling over part of the kitchen area, preserving a minimalistic, straight-line topic over the remainder of the kitchen. 

However, glass ceilings won't necessarily be the best solution in terms of energy efficiency, so do a bit of analysis earlier than you make up your mind.

5. Coffered Ceilings

Coffered Ceilings

For these of you that favor dynamic layout to be part of your kitchen ceiling ideas, consider coffered ceilings. However, coffered ceilings want a ceiling peak of a minimum of eight ft or extra for the layout elements to paintings harmoniously. 

The benefit of coffered ceilings is that when they look attractive visually, in addition they provide you with quite a number options in terms of what lighting fixtures options you want to use for the room and where you desire these lighting fixtures in your ceiling.

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