Simple and Effective Maintenance Tips for Marble Countertops

Installing attractive marble counter tops for your home is the easiest part. After all, there’s anything really pricey about a marble surface. It’s the ideal countertop material with its classic well appears and fits any bathroom or kitchen design. However, maintaining it in pristine condition is difficult.

According to the National Organization of Domestic Builders, a marble countertop, if effectively cared for, can final for over a hundred years. Yet in spite of this awesome longevity, the long lasting healthy material calls for extra care for its cleansing and maintenance. 

Marble gray veiningMuirfield Village | 16368 Morningside Dr Edmond, by Bill Wilson on Flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Unfortunately, on account that marble consists of calcium carbonate, it’s more prone to etching with the aid of acids. Moreover, this porous floor is prone to scratches, pitting, cracks, stains, and even dulling of the shine. 

There are always methods round it, for instance, honed marble hides those imperfections larger than polished marble. That’s why a majority of these matte marbles are larger askitchen countertops.

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The actuality of the problem is marble is an expensive fabric and deserves to be saved in tip-top shape. 

On average, the cost for a marble slab countertop runs approximately$60 per square foot. The setting up cost can quantity from$40 to $100per square foot. The full material cost, as well as installation costs, depend on the type of marble, its grade, size, transportation fees, and other parameters.

Caring for your marble countertops ought to be a priority. Let’s check out some upkeep pointers and hints which are easily doable at home. 

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Marble care and maintenance

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Protecting your marble countertops against etching, cracking, and staining takes effort, yet no longer that much. You have to recognize a way to deal with them right to ensure that they appear their best for many years.

  • Seal your marble countertops

You could ask, when is the right time to seal your marble countertop. Well, when you notice that water now not beads, that’s the time to reseal. 

Sealing a marble floor effectively will assist it resist staining to an extent. It’s going to not make it totally stain-proof though. You couldhire a professionalcontractor to investigate which sealant would be correct for your marble counter. 

  • Protect your marble

Carrara marblePhoto by Sidekix Media on Unsplash CC0

According to experts, a marble surface is as smooth as a very good wood conclude and requires extraordinary care. Acids such as vinegar, citrus, and tomato can effortlessly etch it. The trick is to not let them sit at the healthy stone countertop for long. Clear up any floor spills immediately. It’s best to apply slicing boards for any chopping. Or, have a separate butcher’s block. 

Also, besides the fact that children marble is heat-resistant and stands up good to warm pans and pots, it’s finest to use coasters to maintain staining or etching in check. It’s an extremely good thought for white marble kitchen countertops.

  • Clean your stone counter in basic terms with marble cleaners

Bathroom counterPhoto by PickComfort on Flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Never ever use acidic or abrasive cleaners for your marble surface. Regular family cleaners could have harsh acids or alkalis that may stupid your marble surface or worse, etch them permanently. Use in simple terms pH-neutral cleaners specially designed for marble. To comb up regular loose dirt, you must use a moist mop or sponge. 

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  • Treat your obdurate stains

A poultice paste is a perfect answer for eliminating obdurate stains off your marble counter. Unfold the paste onto the stain, disguise the area with plastic wrap (sealing it with painters’ tape). Supply it 12 to 24 hours to dry totally and then scrape off the paste. Within the end, wipe the skin with a humid cloth. You’ve got to copy the process again for deep-set stains.

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  • Maintain your counter regularly

Your marble countertop desires TLC regularly. The benefit of it is that you can necessarily sand it down or polish it again. Anything that you can not anticipate from differentcountertop materials. Besides the fact that children portion of a marble’s allure lies in the patina it takes on over years of use, maintaining it seeking as wonderful because the day you mounted it is going to make you one glad homeowner.

We desire these steps will help you maintain your marble countertops spotless and dreamy for years to come!

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