Salt Water Pool vs Chlorine Pool: A Complete Review

Getting a pool hooked up at your residence yet burdened about the variety which will fit you best? If you’re caught within the debate of saltwater pool vs chlorine pool, don’t be. Our article offers you the entire lowdown on both kinds. We’ve analyzed both when it comes to cost, maintenance, future health factor, and storage.

But first, a undemanding question for a brand new owner of a house or somebody who’s taking into account a pool resurfacing.

What is the difference among a saltwater pool and a chlorine pool?

Basically, the two chlorine and saltwater swimming pools are inherently similar. Both have chlorine in them, it’s the way where this chemical is used — that makes them different. When a chlorine pool makes use of centred chlorine in the style of tablets, powders, and liquids, a saltwater pool converts the salt current in the water into chlorine by means of a chlorine generator or saltwater chlorinator.

The subsequent transparent question is: which one is better? Interestingly, there is no right and wrong; each one has its own negatives and positives when it comes to its usage. Let’s see what they are.

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Pool Costs: Which One Is Cheaper?

At the installing stage, a saltwater pool would need extra funding to begin with. The reason being that a saltwater process is extra difficult than a normal chlorine pool. A saltwater generator has to be set up too.

This pool equipment is dear and tactics the salt current in the water to change it into chlorine. Yet as soon as the setup is complete, one of these pool comes out to be more affordable than a chlorine pool in the long run.

How? Allow us to explain. The installing cost of a salt water pool might variety from $600 to $3,000, or more. A top-notch salt water generator might set you again with the aid of another $800. Keep in mind that the sort of machine, how a lot ever high-tech, will probably serve you for a greatest of six years. Add to it the price of salt. Initially, you will be requiring a large volume — as much as 1,000 pounds of salt! No ask yourself the setting up doesn’t come cheap.

The good information is that the yearly provide of salt essential is far lesser. So the entire price that you would like to spend on a salt water pool is nominal, probably $100 a year. No longer much, right?

In the case of chlorine pools, there is a reversal of cost. The installing is far cheaper but the yearly price of sanitizing this sort of pool is more. Focused chlorine purchased from a local shop is much more high-priced as when compared with salt. If we see the once a year expenditure, chlorine pool expenditures round $300 to $800.

However, a chlorine pool outweighs a salt water one when it comes to sturdiness and maintenance costs. Remember that salt is corrosive in nature. Over a period of time, it may warrant a transformation of metallic fixtures, in some instances even the decking.

Install a salt water pool smartly,you ought to make sure that your pool furniture are salt-water-safe. This kind of foresight will save you money in the lengthy run. 

Salt Water Pool Professionals and Cons According to Costs

Cheaper annual costHigher preliminary investment
Uses salt instead of high-priced bottled chlorineUses extra electricity
 Corrosive in nature
 Requires a pool professional for repairs

Pros and Cons of Chlorine Pool Based on Costs

Less steeply-priced to installHigher annual costs
Uses almost zero electricity 

Pool Maintenance: Which One Is Lower?

pool maintenance
Photo with the aid of Pexels

When it comes to pool maintenance, the two sorts of pools need comparable care in phrases of:

  • Skimming the insects and leaves
  • Brushing and cleansing the pool
  • Cleaning the filter
  • Services the pool heater when you have a temperature-control
  • Covering the pool whilst no longer in use
  • Emptying the pump basket and skimmer
  • Cleaning the deck area

Most importantly, in both, you will have to balance the chemical content. Ensure that there’s perfect point of pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and of course chlorine.  

That best side a couple of salt water pool is that its chlorinator video display units and adjusts chlorine degrees on a daily basis. So less paintings for you! Yet there is a downside. Chlorine that’s generated via electrolysis has a tendency to vary more, even burn, particularly less than the sun. It may then not be capable of look after you opposed to UV rays. A vital point that issues each pool owner.

But while there’s a problem, there’s a solution too. You could upload a stabilizer and enhance chlorine effectiveness.  

As defined earlier, a salt water pool can cause corrosion. It desires steady maintenance. Even constructions round it have got to be inspected from time to time. Also remember that too much salt or too little, might be dangerous to your pool — and you.   

Our verdict:

Salt water pool 


  • Lesser protection costs
  • Less generic repairs
  • No chemical usage


  • May damage steel fixtures or decking
  • Repairs require a pool professional
  • Salt water would damage pool fixtures, close by plant life or soil

Chlorine pool

Pros : 

  • DIY repairs; can be effortlessly undertaken at home
  • No harm to pool surface
  • Longlasting
  • Fixture-friendly


  • Manual addition of chlorine required
  • More steeply-priced upkeep
  • Dedicated effort required for maintenance

Health Factors: Which One Is Safer?

salt water pool vs chlorine pool
Photo by using Pixabay

If there’s one difference among salt water or a chlorine one — it’s how the water feels opposed to your skin. In the case of the former one, the water is gentler and lighter. Chlorine, at the different hand, makes the water harsher.

Those who assist a chlorinated pool insist that since the chemicalis used to maintain hazardous micro organism away, a little discomfort can effortlessly be tolerated. The bigger picture of shielding the body from toxins is extra important.

There is not any denying that the chemical is known to cause dryness and itchy skin. Salt water chlorine is much less concentrated and doesn’t dry or irritate the surface as much. It’s safer for garments too. So less fading and deterioration. 

As a ways as the typical red-eye result that a pool has on you, the two sorts of pools have been normal to cause it. It may be due to the chlorine imbalance, extra chloramines, or just soiled water. The trick is to maintain your water freed from all contaminants.

Our verdict:

Salt water pool 


  • Less chlorine concentration
  • Gentler on skin, hair, and clothes


  • Causes pink eye similar to in a chlorine pool

Chlorine pool


  • Keeps bacteria away
  • Protects physique from toxins


  • Higher attention of chlorine
  • May trigger skin to itch or dry out

Salt vs Chlorine Storage: Which One Is Easier?

Liquid pool chlorine
Photo with the aid of By way of Maksym Kozlenko – Own work from Wikimedia Commons certified less than CC-By SA 4.0

This is one query we can solution right away. Salt required for a salt water pool is simple to store. Those usually are available big bags and might be stowed away. Just keep them dry. Considering they are non-toxic, you need not worry in regards to the security factor.  

Storing focused chlorine is another story. Read the manufacturer directions carefully and comply with them. The robust chemical lets off poisonous odor, particularly in humid weather conditions. Store it competently in a safe, dry, vented place. Retain out of reach of youngsters and pets.

Our verdict:Salt is easier to store.

Final Take

Having long gone during the article, you have got to have realized that there isn’t any absolute answer. You have to weigh your recommendations and select the pool that fits you and your lifestyle. However, do remember the use of your pool and the variety of years you’re hoping it is going to serve you. Till then, do what Dory in Discovering Nemo insists upon, “Just keep swimming, simply retain swimming.”

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