Replacing Toilet Water Line in 6 Steps

Is your lavatory water line leaking and must be replaced? You can necessarily name an authority to repipe your water supply line. However, so as to do it by means of yourself, here’s what you ought to maintain in mind. Replacing toilet water line involves six crucial steps and some undemanding items.  

Items that you’re going to want for a DIY lavatory water line replacement

Before you try replacing the faulty water line, preserve the following at hand.

  • Rags or towels
  • Adjustable wrench
  • A new bendy supply line

Steps that you would like to follow

While a complete plumbing remodelmay be a troublesome ask, replacing a water line is particularly simple. The entire means of replacing the toilet water line is in response to six steps. So long as you comply with the instructions correctly, you should be good. 

1. Turn off the water supply

Toilet valveToilet water shutoff valve, by © BrokenSphere / Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 3.0]

Use the shutoff valve to prevent water from flowing into the affected supply line. You have to turn the knob at the water supply valve clockwise to prevent the flow. Make sure to flip it off totally before attempting the subsequent steps. 

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2.  Flush the toilet

You need to empty the tank earlier than you get rid of the defective supply line. To do this, first, you ought to flush the lavatory a few times. Then use a rag or a towel to soak the remaining water from the tank. 

3. Get rid of the defective water line

 Check the provision line for a nut that connects to the valve. You need to apply a wrench to loosen this nut. Then look for a similar nut that connects to the fill valve of the toilet. Use the wrench to loosen this too. Now try to get rid of the faulty water line. Use an additional towel or rag to soak water which can drip out of the ancient pipe. 

4. Install a new stainless metal supply line

toilet water provide lineFlexible Metal-Wrapped Plumbing Water Line, by means of Tony Webster on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Hand tighten the white-colored plastic nut to the nipple of the fill valve. You will find the bathroom fill valve nipple under the tank. Be careful while tightening the nut to avert damaging the recent set. Once this connection is fixed, safe the metal nut to the main provide valve. 

5. Flip at the water supply

Turn the provision valve’s knob counter-clockwise to show on the water supply. As soon as water starts offevolved flowing again into the toilet tank, begin checking for leaks. 

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6. Assess for leaks

This is the final and so much important step. Ensure that the water move is gentle via the recent supply line without any leakage. Please keep in mind to envision the joints of the plastic nut and the steel nut carefully. If you find water leaking from any of these joints, test tightening the nuts. You may use the wrench at the metallic nut if needed, but keep on with the hand tight philosophy for the plastic one. 

Now that you know the key steps involved in replacing lavatory water line, you may want to give it a try. However, be additional cautious while handling the wrench and removing the defective pipe. A small careless move on your facet can result in a serious accident. 

Safety first

Also, keep in mind to scrub the washroom floor as soon as you are performed replacing the supply line. In case you have children and pets at home, ensure that they steer clear of the motion zone. Appear out for any unfastened nuts or screws that you’ve got left at the floor while working. The final must-do in this regard is to dispose off the defective supply line in a safe place. 

So, what are you waiting for? Replace your leaking supply line all on your own today!

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