Remove Popcorn Ceiling in 9 Easy Steps

Popcorn ceiling, or extra accurately an acoustic ceiling, is a term for a ceiling therapy used in residential construction, mainly in the late 1930s in the course of the 1990s. It turned into a standard for ceilings because of its bright, white appearance, the power to hide imperfections (it can hide up bad drywall installation and mudding job), and noise discount characteristics.

However, more and more homeowners are inclined to remove popcorn ceilings from their homes. Why? because it become discovered that asbestos was undesirable in your health. The use of asbestos in textured ceiling paint was banned in 1977. Asbestos fibers can trigger lung disorder and lung cancer if inhaled in large quantities. However, no longer all popcorn ceilings contain asbestos and, if left undisturbed or contained, they are not an pressing hazard.  Aside from this attainable danger, they have an outdated finish. Simply by removing popcorn ceiling, you can get a obvious refreshment of the space. 

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How to take away popcorn ceiling

The texture of your ceilings is an necessary element to think about when remodeling your home, since it performs a decisive function in phrases of space, concord and brightness of the room. If you’ve already determined that you want to remove the popcorn texture from you ceilings, here’s a easy step by step aid to get it done. 

popcorn ceiling removal
Photo by Candy Beauchamp on Flickr [CC BY 2.0]

1. Safety

It is always recommended to put on a respirator mask. Do not disclose physique parts; make sure you put on an extended shirt and pants and also you disguise your feet, hands and head. You will be positioned lower than the falling material, so stuff will fall on you. So cover up! 

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2. Empty the room

In order to preclude damaging furniture or having to do a cleaning overhaul later, it’s always best to empty the room. If, for some reason, you’re no longer capable to remove all the furniture from the room, you could always hide it up with plastic to lower the possibility of damage.

3. Hide the floors

Although protective sailcloth is the most popular between professionals, superimposing several portions of plastic covers also will do the trick. Keep in mind that any plastic hide that’s now not stuck to each other is more likely to leak; on the way to be absolutely sure that the cleaning aftermath will basically require throwing away the plastic, be sure to tape the plastic sheets together. 

4. Ventilation

In order to enhance the air flow of the room, we propose you set a fan to increase air circulation. Be sure not to area it facing the ceiling.

5. Use a Hudson sprayer

A hand sprayer for gardening (also called a Hudson sprayer), is ideal to moisten up the parts you’re working on. Spray a neighborhood of 3’x 3′. Let it soak for a minute, and then spray it again. The fabric is incredibly porous and dry, so it is going to take up all the water you spray on it.

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6. Scrape it

After some minutes, stand on a ladder andscrape the ceiling with a scraper. In case you do not have a ceiling scraper, a big spatula used for plaster (4 “or 6”) also works. Don’t stand straight below falling plaster.

7. Sand it

Once you’ve scraped the popcorn texture,sand the whole ceiling with a polisher. Put together all residue remaining at the defensive canvas and put it in heavy obligation garbage bags. Vacuum clear the dirt and particles which may remain.

8. Top off the holes

After the ceiling dries, fill gouges or holes with joint compound and sand again. It would require various coats of joint compound to accomplish a tender finish.

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9. Finishing Touches

Apply the primer and paint the ceiling. Once you’ve sealed, sanded and given texture to the ceiling, practice a primer and paint. It really is the fun part, which will give you a good looking new ceiling.

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The envisioned time to finish this technique is 5 to six days: you may scrape all in one or two days, re-texturize in a day, seal in a day, and might be paint in one other day. 

If you’re unsure about removing popcorn ceiling, there are a few tips to hide or camouflage them. If your idea is to make a big makeover rather than just leaving the skin smooth, you can plank the whole ceiling. To do this, there's no must scrape the feel as the wooden planks could disguise everything. 

Another thought is to use fabric to play with the visual sensations and provides a special seem by means of covering some parts of the ceiling. This is practical, for example, if you're living in a rented condo and also you are not allowed to make main changes. 

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