Put Kukun’s Technology to Work for Your Business

Sticks are more advantageous in bundles, and an identical often goes for thoughts – who doesn’t love a good brainstorm session? At Kukun, we want our ideas to work with the ideas behind other top notch organizations to create something extraordinary. That’s why we’re comfortable to announce the launch of ourbusiness services, which supply the opportunity for real property agents, brokers, loan institutions, real estate directory websites, and any other firm to placed our technology to use.

These new features got here out of a type of brainstorming consultation – conversations with business vendors and enterprise leaders that gave us ideas on how our technologies could be useful to others. We’ve developed 3 ways in which our protection price estimator, ROI calculator, and Projected Home Value tool may well be useful to others:

1. Kukun Widget: Are you a genuine property agent, broker, loan officer, or member of any website associated to the buying, selling, or renovating of homes? If so, you could assist your site visitors and ability new clients see what they’ll need to budget/apply for. The Kukun Widget iseasy to install, and enables visitors to quickly calculate the price of their protection project, in addition to see how that task will alter the cost of their home or a house they’re looking to purchase.

Kukun renovation price

2. API: These included API services permit directory web pages etc to offer protection price and ROI estimates inside their listings. This will assist you to create an unbroken event for your users.

3. White label/OEM services: These off-the-shelf strategies enable enterprises to market themselves when utilizing technology hosted by using Kukun.

If the assumption of having renovation cost and ROI estimation on your web site has your wheels turning, let’s talk. Ship us a message at[email protected]today. We’re comfortable to discuss all of our modern-day strategies and create an answer that works for you and your client base. We look forward to operating with others to create a extra seamless domestic renovation experience for every person involved.

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