Pros and Cons of Skylights: Is It Worth Installing Them?

Who does not love skylights? They permit abundant natural light into your home and can convert any dark, drab space right into a bright, illuminated room. It’s, in fact, magical to count number the celebs during cloudless nights or observe the snow fall on wintry days. These are the explanation why homeowners set up those roof windows although they’re expensive. However, they do have some downsides. For example, they can bring about high energy costs and can end up being pricey whilst you must undergo repairs because of moisture problems and damages. Therefore, today, we convey you this complete aid that highlights the major pros and cons of skylights. Go through them and choose whether that’s the right funding option for you. But earlier than that, let’s understand the definition of skylights.

What are skylights?

Skylights are light-transmitting constructions which are generally set up in your roof. They come in numerous patterns — traditional skylights, which are fixed on pitched roofs and bespoke glazed units, that can be fitted on flat roofs as well as terraces.  Their leading objective is to maximize the quantity of organic light entering your house and to promote move ventilation.

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The pros

Extra daylight and solar heating

Of course, the first cause to install a skylight is to bathe your interiors in plenty of daylight. It really is especially favourable during the wintry weather months when the times are a lot shorter. When we spend the full day cooped up within a dark, dim, and artificially lit room, our body does now not get the mandatory quantity of natural light and clean air. It really is while a few well-placed skylights make all the difference.

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Next, skylights lend solar heating. When you purchase a high-quality set with a good solar heat reap coefficient (SHGC), you may be confident of enabling the mandatory amount of heat inside your house. Now not simply this, skylight home windows assist in pass ventilation, thereby, letting in the clean air and cooling the interiors, without the desire of an air conditioner.

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Enhanced aesthetics and an illusion of extra space

Cramped rooms instantly seem bigger whilst illuminated with natural and organic daylight. You may increase this illusion added by means of setting up adequately placed mirrors. Mirrors play with reflections and add to the perception of larger areas.

Additionally, including skylights is likewise counted as a beauty change. This now not simply makes your interiors aesthetically exciting and attractive but also increases the equity importance of your property.

Energy savings

As we already mentioned, skylights warmness up your house and also cool it by means of pass ventilation. Therefore, you do not need to show in your heater during summer or air conditioner in winter. This may end up in significantly reducing your power bills.

Nourishing surroundings for indoor plants

If you’re a fan of indoor herbs and plants, then you’ll be joyful to understand that skylights offer a natural surroundings for any versions of vegetables to grow and thrive. When you’ve got plentiful natural lighting, you may area them anyplace on your home, rather than cramming them on a window sill. Moreover, you may even have a vast number of plants.

The cons

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Energy and moisture leakage

If you don’t have well quality or correctly installed skylights, they could cause warmness loss and energy leaks. As a result of elevated power loss by means of cracks and wrong lamination, you can grow to be paying excessive energy bills. So as to fight this, discuss with a professional installer and check the additions in power costs. Moreover, assume of energy-efficient solutions, such as the right kind of windows.

Apart from wasting heat, skylights are at risk of potential moisture leaks. For example, during heavy rains, water would creep in through those openings, inflicting immense damage to your interiors. Preventive measures include wide-spread preservation and well air flow practices. Also, once you set up skylights, make sure that they’re air-permeable.

High setting up costs

Skylights do come with high installation costs. Even their preservation could be costly. A single skylight expenses a minimal of $200 (approximately) or more. Including up hard work charges, which rely upon your location, the complete cost can variety between $400 to $1300 in keeping with window. These numbers are dependant in your sort of skylight (manual, electric, or covered) and also the brand you choose.

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Too a lot glare and overheating

Sometimes, particularly on bright, sunny days, skylights can permit too much sunlight. This can result in eroding the color of your indoor carpets, furniture, as well as furnishings. You can, however, avoid overheating via installing filtered window panes. Also, be cautious when determining which side of your home can benefit the foremost from an extra ceiling window.


Skylights obviously act as a boon by means of cheering up your domestic by way of organic light, principally during winter. However, they can bring about overheating, multiplied bills, and water damage if you don’t set up them properly. Hence, if you stay in a region that does not face many warm summers, skylights are a good option. But, it might be better still in case you follow the under recommendations:

Talk to a professional and install them, preferably, on the north-facing roof. Verify for destinations in which there are correct shading and get skylights with the best specifications. Go for double or triple pane home windows and recommended solar warmth achieve coefficients. Remove skylight shafts or correctly air-seal and insulate them. Use the best water-proof substances to prevent moisture seepage and associated damage. If you adhere to the above tips, we don’t see any reason including skylights ought to not be a good idea.

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