Pros and Cons Between Shower Panels and Tiles

It’s significant to get the right wall covering on your bathroom. A good selection can add in your space’s visual appeal in addition to its functionality. Two of the most popular choices in front of you at present are bathe panels or tiles. 

While shower wall tiles have been used appreciably in the past, shower wall panels have emerged as a good choice as a result of newer bathe designs and technology. They surely seem to be filled with promise.

So, why don’t we assist you choose from both bathing room wall finishings via supplying you with a close research in their pros and cons? You may decide on either shower panels or tiles depending on your bathroom needs. 

What is a bath panel?

A shower wall panel is a hardwearing, water resistant wall masking that’s tough sufficient to be equipped within shower compartments or other moist locations within the bathroom. The best facet is that they arrive in a wide selection of colors, finishes, and materials, including acrylic, cultured stone, and ornamental PVC composite. 

Now that you know what shower panels are, it’s time to compare them with bathroom tiles. Here’s a look into their execs and cons. We are hoping this allows you opt on both shower panels or tiles for the perfect bathroom design. 

Shower panels pros

shower wall panels

Image by means of Solomon Rodgers from Pixabay CC0

1. Easy to wash because of the absence of grout joints

It’s no mystery that grout joints require lots of maintenance. You’ve obtained to wash them usually with the intention to maintain a fresh clean bathroom. Shower panels are grout-less and accordingly simple to clean — giving your room a slick and contemporary look. Moreover, due to the fact shower wall panels are non-porous in nature, they don’t take up moisture and dirt. You could actually wipe them with a cloth. 

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2. Faster and purifier installation

No subject which style of wall panel procedure you select in your bathroom, the panels are simple to install. All you need are the panels and some standard woodworking tools along with a circular noticed or a carpenter’s knife. Listed here are a few of the steps of a typical shower panel installation: 

  • Get a moisture-resistant drywall
  • Apply fantastic adhesives to the wall panels
  • Just hold the sheets up and seal the joints

Laminated wall panels are even simpler to place up. The wall panels are connected to an OSB board, sealed, and then trimmed. And, that’s that! There’s very little mess or dirt involved.  

In contrast, tile setting up may be fairly a pain regarding heavy cement board underlayment, cutting and putting the tiles, as well as grouting the wall. The method is time-consuming, tedious, dirty, and expensive!

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3. Shower wall panels vs ceramic: What concerning the price?

Often offered in wall kit form, shower wall panels are really cost-effective. They’re often cheaper than tiles and a very good choice if you’re on a good budget for your bathroom redesign or have a property that you’re looking to flip in a low-rent neighborhood. Of course, if you go for luxury bathe panels, you’ll must shell out a good quantity of money. 

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4. Accessible in quite a number colours and finishes

When it involves wall panels, there are a number of choices. For instance, if you’re seeking a sleek all-glass interior, you may decide on excessive gloss wall panels. You can even make a choice from a matte, marble-like, or sparkly finish.  

From the low-cost fiberglass and acrylic bathe panels to the realistic-looking ornamental PVC or laminate wall panels — there’s anything for everyone.

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5. Leak-resistant

Since shower wall panels are non-porous, you don’t have to stress approximately leaks, mold, and mildew, or spending money on luxurious bathing room renovations along with changing the shower, subfloor, or ceiling.  

Shower panels cons

bathroom wall panelsLake Tenkiller – Parkview Area, by Bill Wilson on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

1. Gorgeous just for bathe cubicles; now not for the total bathroom

An overwhelming volume of forums in your bathroom will make your space seem a bit too clinical. It’s finest to use the panels in basic terms within your shower enclosures. 

2. A broken board calls for total replacement

A huge downside to installation shower panels is that following any harm to a specific area, you’ll have to exchange the whole thing. Not like a tiled bathing room in which you could just replace the faulty tile, here, the lavatory remodeling is extra extensive — and accordingly more expensive.

3. Ceiling height is an issue

Since such a lot bathing room bathe panels come with a greatest length of 7.9 feet, it can result in difficulties in terms of bogs with high ceilings. You’ll have to hitch two boards — a solution that might wreck the graceful conclude of the panels. 

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4. PVC is plastic and easy to damage

As simple is PVC to maintain, it’s simpler to damage too. Due to the fact plastic is hard, flexible, and brittle, there’s extra chance of it breaking, cracking, bumping, or scratching. 

5. It’s not the true thing

Even if you have panels mimicking marble or wood, it’s nonetheless a fake effect. If you suppose your plasticky acrylic wall panel will seem like genuine subway tiles or your cultured stone bathe panel or solid floor panels will be as rich as a stone wall, you’ve a different suppose coming! 

6. Restricted selection compared to tiles

While there’s no dearth of concepts in terms of panel shades and finishes, you may no longer get a huge choice in terms of sizes, textures, and designs of panels. With tiles, on the other hand, the sky’s the limit!

Bathroom tiles pros 

bathroom tilescontemporary bathing room design, contemporary bathing room adorning idea, by PickComfort on flickr – [CC BY 2.0]

1. It’s as genuine because it gets

A tiled bathing room gives off a well feel. There’s nothing plasticky approximately either the fabric or the finish. Regardless of (or maybe as a result of them!) the indented grout lines, there’s something rich about bathroom tiles. 

2. Thoroughly customizable

With a ceramic tile shower, you can always get what you want. So, if you’re seeking a different layout or a customized finish, bathing room tile is your answer. You may combination infinite tile patterns, add borders, etc.

3. Eco-friendlier than shower wall panels

If you want to do your finest for the planet, determining natural and organic building substances along with tiles is a smart decision. Most of the tiles are commonplace for their toughness and organic roots.

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4. Tiles aren’t bulky or heavy

In contrast to heavy wall panels, tiles are much simpler to go round on the time of installation. If you’ve got a tight area with plenty of angles and cuts, it’s a lot less complicated to elevate boxes of tiles and cut them to slot the wall or ceiling.

5. Effortlessly available, and in a spread of styles

It’s plenty less complicated to source bathing room tiles. You may uncover the best of tiles in your local hardware store or online. Desire the Mediterranean mosaic tile design, a fish scale design, or a vertically laid glass tile? You may get the precise sample you have on your mind… and heart! 

6. Easier to move round curves

Tiles be capable of work round curved walls. Not like wall panels, you may easily maneuver them according to your bathroom’s curvature. 

Bathroom tiles cons

shower tilesPhoto by means of Christa Grover on Unsplash CC0

1. Grout joints absorb moisture and bring about mildew

Grout or the concrete-like material, used to install tiles, is porous. Therefore, there’s a greater probability of it becoming domestic to mildew and mildew. Steady cleansing allows to slow down the deterioration of course, but due to the fact mildew is hard to remove, it might require professional cleansing in the future.

2. High maintenance

There’s no denying that cleaning your bathroom tiles all the time is a MUST. Or, you’ll in the end see obvious soap scum, dark, and moldy joints. 

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3. Tedious and high-priced installation

Tiles are more difficult to install than panels on walls and ceilings. Every piece needs to be set one by using one. The process includes lots of dust and mess!

Furthermore, tiling a shower is expensive too. The installation price can variety from$1,500 to $5,000depending on the design and size of the shower. 


Now that you’ve sifted during the execs and cons of bathe panels and tiles, it’ll be less complicated for you to find one clear-cut winner on your bathroom. Even if you choose shower panels or tiles, we hope this guide allows you in designing the bathe of your dreams!

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