Plant Decoration in Living Room

Even in case you don’t comply with the area of interior layout too closely, you’ll absolutely have observed that indoor gardening is each of the rage correct now. We’re no longer surprised: who doesn’t want to come domestic to a lush eco-friendly space? Houseplants work well in all kinds of homes. Including rentals, since they offer a decorative effect with out having to make any permanent alterations to the home.

One of the ideal places to grow houseplants is the living room. After all, greenery is confirmed to have a relaxing effect(*). Which is strictly what we’re after in this area of our home. So how do you’re making good use of indoor plants in your living room? Below, we’ll discuss many of the best indoor garden ideas in accordance with living room type and go into the significance of the correct containers and holders!

No eco-friendly thumb required

When it comes to plant decoration in the living room, hold the main focus on easy yet decorative. That’s the gap in your home you retreat to in order to relax. Due to this the final thing you want is a group of fussy plant life with dried up leaves glaring at you from the nook since the humidity is 5% too low.

Unless you’re an skilled houseplant grower, depart the flashy prayer flora and ferns for what they are for now. There are plenty of easier plant life that look just as good in your living room! We’ll list 5 of our personal favorites below.

Monstera (Monstera deliciosa) | Living room eyecatcher

monstera plantPexels

If your living room is still lacking that excellent green centerpiece, the Swiss cheese plant (Monstera deliciosa) maybe the ideal selection for you. This Philodendron species can develop very large if left alone and is certain to seize the attention with its funky cut up leaves.

A Monstera will fully grasp a gap close to a window that gets vivid indirect light. Yet its soil should be saved lightly wet always for it to thrive. The species certainly grows up slopes and trees, which means it’ll like having some support. A plant totem works well. But you may also choose to secure the vines to your wall or even droop them from the ceiling in case you genuinely desire to draw all the main target to this splendid piece of greenery!

Worried a Monstera deliciosa will outgrow your living room yet still just like the look of its break up leaves? No worries. The smaller Rhaphidophora tetrasperma is one other Philodendron species that looks really comparable but won’t attain a length nearly as intimidating.

Jade plant (Crassula ovata) | For the sunny living room

jade plantPhoto by Nathan Dumlao on unsplash

If your living room has windows that accept direct sun or if you have a tendency to apply the sunroom as your relaxing place, you’re in luck. A lot of sun is exactly what so much succulent species need. This suggests you could decorate your windowsills with one or diverse of the several easy varieties out there.

Our personal favourite succulent out there for plant ornament in the living room is the Jade plant, or Crassula ovata. It’s essentially the mostsome of the most famous species out there for a well reason. It’s easy to grow, comes in diverse leaf shapes and truely flourishes finest on slight neglect. This makes it excellent for those that are looking to spruce up their living room with some eco-friendly yet fear they could have a black thumb!. Opt for the original Crassula ovata for a classic look, test a variegated variety. With striped leaves and pink tips for color, or decide on Crassula ovata ‘Gollum’ with its finger-like leaves if you’re looking for something a little funkier.

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Corn plant (Dracaena sp.) | For the shaded living room

If your living room is positioned on a side of your home that doesn’t get plenty of light, you maybe worried there aren’t many strategies in terms of greenery. Plants are décor, yet they’re additionally alive and they have certain desires that should be fulfilled if you want them to thrive – easy being one in every of them.

Luckily though, there’s no have to worry even if your living room windows don’t allow in quite a few light. Certain houseplant species are used to shaded stipulations because they certainly arise in places in which greater tree canopies might block out most light. Probably the most commonly favored examples of one in every of such flora is Dracaena. This genus contains many alternative popular houseplants, like the corn plant (Dracaena fragrans) and the dragon tree (Dracaena  marginata). All are very undemanding and still particularly decorative: excellent as plant decoration in the living room. They could develop really tall and make a superb low-maintenance front room centerpiece. Just keep the soil gently wet and consider applying a diluted liquid fertilizer during the summer season months to observe your Dracaena thrive!

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Air plants (Tillandsia sp.) | For the compact living room

air plantsPexels

Tiny living is all the rage in the present day and we loveit. Unfortunately, having a small living room does include the drawback of now not having a lot area for plants. Luckily, as you could have gathered from this ornament aid so far, there’s a plant for all sorts of space and that includes tiny ones.

There are correctly 3 reasons we adore air plants from the Tillandsia genus for the small living room. First off, many of those funky little flora don’t attain a lot of an impressive length at all. In fact, many will usually stay small enough on the way to fit in the palm of your hand! A superb example of a teeny tiny air plant species is Tillandsia ionantha.

Because air plants are clearly epiphytes that grow on timber and rocks, they don’t want soil to live on (hence their name). This means you could be as imaginative as you want with their placement and they won’t absorb much space at all! Attach them on your windows by using hanging them from suction cups, for example. Or use an air plant body to put them on your wall like a bit of living art.

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Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) | For tall cabinets & hangers

spider plantPhoto by Brina Blum on unsplash

There’s a well reason many classics are classics, especially when it comes to houseplants. The spider plant is a good instance of this: your grandma probably owns one, but it’s nonetheless simply as relevant in the décor world now because it became all these years ago. Easy to care for, fast-growing and really lush, this species is excellent for the two beginning indoor gardeners and houseplant veterans.

Spider plants paintings good if you’re looking to feature some greenery to these tall spots that are easy to neglect about. Organic specimens produce doggies (known as ‘spiderettes’). This grasp down from the mum plant like little spiders, making them ideal for cabinets or hangers.

Your spider plant won’t need a lot to stay blissful and healthy. Truly preserve the soil lightly wet and offer shiny indirect light. Direct solar will be a bit too intense for this species. So in case your living room receives numerous gentle you might desire to think about a sheer curtain to cut up the most harsh rays.

The pot makes the plant

Houseplants themselves are a no-brainer: they will fit well-nigh any type of interior. Their containers, though, are one more story. You’ll have to choose accurately in order on the way to combine function and style! Pots and planters are an essential portion of plant ornament in the living room, but which one will work finest on your space?

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Style & operate | The self watering planter

Forgetful? It happens. I blog about houseplants professionally or even I neglect to water my plants for some days too many at times!

Worried your plants will pass thirsty in your care? There are various self-watering planters out there that will resolve this difficulty for you. They work by way of a water reservoir, which can be filled up each few days or weeks and distributes water to the plant’s roots slowly instead than all at once. Perfect for people that paintings too many hours to be thinking about watering the plants, or interior enthusiasts that tend to be away from home for some days at a time.

Which self-watering planter works well in your living room will of course count on the fashion you’re looking to head for. We for my part love something minimal that leaves the emphasis on the plant.

The contemporary one | Cotton plant basket

plant basketPexels

If you adore using smooth substances and fabrics in your home, consider a plant basket. These are made from woven cotton rather than plastic or ceramic. This makes for a gentler seem that completely hides the inner plastic nursery pot that most like to grow their houseplants in.

The minimalist | White ceramic

If you don’t desire to placed too much emphasis on your plant’s pot and keep the spotlight at the greenery itself, minimal is the way to go. Traditional terracotta pots appear great, yet their orange-brown hue doesn’t paintings with all interior styles. For those that aren’t into terracotta, it maybe greater to move with a straight forward white ceramic instead.

The area saver | Macrame plant hangers

macrame plant hangerPhoto by Paul Hanaoka on unsplash

Remember the spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) that we discussed earlier? As mentioned, due to its dangling leaves and spiderettes this species works flawlessly for hanging planters. A straight forward hanging basket will work simply fine. But if you certainly want to deliver your spider plant (or other species!) a stylish suspended domestic then consider a macramé hanger. Those intricately knotted holders are the ideal addition to the boho-style living room and paintings well to carry any style of plant pot.

The funky one | Air plant frame

Back to the tiny living room: what do you do if ground or shelf area just isn’t a luxurious you can find the money for to provide your houseplants with? Your home doesn’t have to head devoid of greenery. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, air flora are a perfect alternative for smaller living rooms. Are also one of the finest way to demonstrate them with out having them soak up any area is an air plant frame. Genuinely cling the plants in the frame (glue won’t be needed) and grasp your series at the wall for an exquisite piece of living art.

Shelves & stands

So, we’ve bought our plants looked after and we’ve obtained our planters sorted. What more does a green living room need? If you’d like to easily location your greenery at the floor or part table, you’re able to go. However, the goal this is to certainly positioned the plants in the spotlight, and what greater way to do that than giving them their very own private throne?

Solo stand

If you don’t like the belief of placing a plant on the floor or want to elevate it so its vines can hang downward freely, a stand with legs is a superb option. The stand can be as simple or intricate as you like. We do love the combination of eco-friendly leaves and wooden as plant ornament in our living room.

For the addicts

Are things getting out of hand? Though some indoor gardeners demonstrate tremendous self control, a number of us truly just can’t stop adding more flora to the collection. In case your living room is becoming tough to navigate, it perhaps a good suggestion to go some flora to a shelf to disencumber space. Considered one of our favourite shelves that we’ve come across so far is the window shelf. It combines functionality (saving space and providing our plant life with light) with simple elegance in the style of a minimal appear and obvious shelving that doesn’t distract from the plants.


It doesn’t matter the way you styled your living room or even if you have a eco-friendly thumb or not. Plants in the living room have turn out to be an necessary part of creating a relaxing and delightful space, and luckily there’s a species for all types of lounge! Combine your greenery with an ornamental pot or stand for additional outcome and voilà, your ideal indoor backyard is complete.

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