Passive House: A Smarter Way of Living [Infographic]

When it involves environmentally-friendly living, nothing can event a passive house. This idea has emerged during the last few years, with homeowners gladly taking the chance to live in houses where a gradual temperature is maintained in every room, for this reason decreasing energy intake and utility invoice costs. It isn’t just any constructing that can be declared a passive house, though; the house must comply with the excessive standards set out by the Passivhaus Institut in Germany to take delivery of official certification of this sort of status.

What is it approximately passive residences that makes it so energy-efficient and a stunning living option? Its heavy insulation reduces warmth transfer among indoors and outdoors, while there are none of the slim ‘thermal bridges’ which enable heat to flee from a home sneakily. Its efficient air flow technique replaces moist, polluted indoor air with fresh, filtered outdoor air, a significant component within the protection of a constant temperature throughout each room. Meanwhile, the primary source of warmness is the sun’s warmth, so the size and positioning of home windows in a passive home is incredibly deliberate.

The persons at EZ Living Interiors have put together this infographic which explains the countless advantages of residing in a passive house, both for you and for the environment. Try it out below.



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