Painted Vs Stained Cabinets: Choose the Best For Your Kitchen

Cabinets are the such a lot fashionable capabilities of your kitchen. The conclude you choose for them successfully changes the whole atmosphere of the room. There are countless ideas for the type and colour of your cabinets; the premier one being a tussle of painted vs stained cabinets.

Most shelves have a wood base; usually maple or birch. Both of these wooden species might be painted or stained. And, as a result the confusion. Both are equally attractive, every finish has capabilities that attraction to the senses and meet sure requirements. We recommend you weigh both the techniques and choose the best one on your kitchen.

If you are designing a brand new kitchen or deliberating a remodeling, this text is for you. You could also calculate the cost of a kitchen makeover through estimators. Or read up on a reliable kitchen cost guide.

Stained Wooden Shelves In Easy Terms

Stained shelves offer a traditional, woody look. So much property owners opt for this familiar, timeless, and traditional touch. Stained shelves exhibit the natural and organic functions and grains of the wood. Opt for a transparent stain so as to spotlight the healthy colour of the wood or a dark mahogany in case you desire to feature a dramatic, based aptitude in your kitchen.

Painted Wood Cabinets In Simple Terms

painted kitchen cabinetPhoto by means of Bill Wilson on Flickr licensed by way of CC BY 2.0

Painted cabinets, as the name suggests, consist of cabinetry that’s painted with specific hues, especially white or cream-colored. Those colors make the kitchen look larger and extra roomy. You may even opt for dark hues such as gray, black, or navy blue. Or, upload a sense of drama with shiny hues of yellow, red, orange, or green.

Painted Vs Stained Cabinets’ Costs

If you have been to compare a maple stained cupboard versus a maple painted cabinet, the former will be more affordable.

The reason is that paints cost more. The actual portray strategy too adds to the cost. It includes cleaning, sanding, disassembling, painting, and then reassembling. A nicely painted cabinet may have at least two coats of primer, two coats of paint, and then finally a good coat. Typically, the activity calls for a minimum of two painters.

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Staining a cabinet, on the other hand, calls for simply two coats of stain — comprehensive with an oil-based polyurethane.

Staining cabinets usually expenditures about $1,500 to $4,000 when portray shelves expenditures approximately $2,000 to $5,000. Of course, the cost varies in keeping with the length of your kitchen, the complexity of the work, and your location. Also, tools for portray is more expensive.

Stained Wooden CabinetsPixabay

Painting Vs Staining Cupboard Procedure

You don’t desire a shoddy work, right? How the cabinet is painted impacts the complete pricing and the high quality of the paint. If the cupboard is hung and painted manually with a sprayer, there perhaps imperfections on your cabinets. The correct thanks to paint is by way of flat laying the shelves and keeping them from streaks.

In the case of staining, the first step is to sand the wood. Then comes the conditioning, ultimately staining. After that’s dry, wear two coats of polyurethane and you are done!

Maintenance Of Painted Vs Stained Cabinets

Once you’re taking into consideration investing in wood cabinets, it’s natural and organic to desire to know whether they’ll be easy to maintain and last lengthy or not. Notice that painted shelves will show each little smudge and dirt extra effortlessly than a stained wood tone cabinet.

Also, paint chips easily if the cupboard is hit via something sharp. You could buy touch-up kits yet make sure they mixture well in terms of color and finish. So far as stained cabinets are concerned, it’s much easier to locate touch-up markers for them. Even devoid of a precise event you may usually have faith in the grains and knots of the cupboard to help disguise a not-so-good touch-up.

Pros of Painted Cabinets

  • Trendy, crisp, clear aesthetics
  • Easy mix ‘n match with any sort of countertops
  • Applies greater to medium density fiberboard (MDF)
  • Many color and sort options
  • Smooth, uniform texture
  • Disguises imperfect wood grains and knots
  • Easy to hide dirt

Cons of Painted Cabinets

  • Expensive
  • Requires more time and labor
  • Less toughness when it comes to cracks

Pros of Stained Cabinets

  • Timeless allure and classic look
  • Stands up to humidity better
  • Less prone to chipping and cracking
  • Easier to the touch up
  • Perfectly showoffs the wooden characteristics
  • Fetches bigger resale value
  • Costs much lower than a portray job

Stained Wooden CabinetsPixabay

Cons of Stained Cabinets

  • Requires good-quality wooden
  • You can’t cover the traits of wood
  • Doesn’t go good on MDF


Finally, the massive question: Is it bigger to paint or stain cabinets?

Understand that there is not any correct or incorrect choice. The two paint in addition to stained shelves are notable options. Both will serve you well — on your satisfaction. It really boils down to your private preference, the wooden used, and what you are expecting from the cabinetry.

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Now that you’ve long past via the article — and the pros and cons of both types of wood shelves for the kitchen — it’s time to take a last name and choose on the one that meets your requirements.

If you’re on a budget, go for wood staining — yet ensure you have good-quality wood to play around with. In case you love colors on your cooking area, go all out and opt for whimsical hues and decor. The choice lies with you! Our activity is to make the selection simple for you. 

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