Low-VOC and Eco-friendly Paint: What You Should Know

You’ve picked the hot color on your portray project, but you still have a decision to make: Should you select traditional eco-friendly paint or a low-VOC paint? It’s important to know that the elements of your paint matter. Buying paint according to in simple terms colour or price is shortsighted.

Did you know that some materials in a standard paint can affect the air high quality at your residence — and now not simply till the paint dries? Those parts (VOCs) can emit dangerous gases into your house for years.

Learn what you would like to find out about VOCs — and how finest to avoid them as you repaint your home.

What Are VOCs?

Have you ever been in a room as the paint dries? If so, then you’ve experienced the effects of being exposed to VOCs — headaches, nausea, and/or dizziness. Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are found in lots of traditional paints, lacquers, paint strippers, cleansing supplies, and more. They can be hazardous to both people and the environment. VOCs are a class of chemical compounds that evaporate as the paint dries. They damage the air good quality indoors, and they could even make their manner outdoors.

And you can’t imagine that when the paint dries, all main issue is gone. VOCs in fact hold to launch low-level toxic emissions for years. Whilst complications or dizziness are typical reactions to VOC publicity as paint dries, they could cause more long run damage — like organ harm and cancer.

The EPA in fact found levels of VOCs to be 2 to 5 times greater within the house than outside, that’s alarming. Our houses are meant to be sanctuaries of safety and peace. Publicity to VOCs in the rooms wherein you eat, play, and loosen up is disconcerting.

So why are VOCs even in paints?

Until recently, there really wasn’t a further option. VOCs have been essential for paint to perform because it should. But one of the advantages of modern dwelling is having access to advances in design and technology. And now that they’re quite simply available, you should obtain the reward of low-VOC paints.

Low-VOC and No-VOC

Scan the cans in a paint store, and you’ll see paints touting their fame as low-VOC or no-VOC.

Which paint ought to you choose?

A “low-VOC” label characteristically ability there are fewer than 50 grams in line with liter of unstable compounds for flat paints. As you add pigment or gloss, VOC degrees often pass up. However, there currently isn’t one regulatory standard, so exceptional our bodies may have special necessities for certifying a paint as low-VOC. That’s why it’s a good idea for you to necessarily determine the label and compare.

shopping paintPhoto by Scott Lewis on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Low-VOC paints might nonetheless emit an smell till they dry. If you choose a paint that has fewer than 25 grams per liter of VOCs, you’ve a greater chance at now not noticing an odor.

No-VOC is best than low-VOC, however it isn’t always completely free of VOCs. The current VOC-measuring test can’t measure down to 0 VOCs, going simply to five VOCs. This means a paint classified as no VOC has less than 5 VOC grams in keeping with liter.

Some healthy paints, like milk paint or chalk paint, hold no VOCs. Organic paints usually include parts like water, plant oils and resins, essential oils, and plant dyes. They normally don’t deliver off a smell, are eco-friendly, and people usually are not touchy to those paints.

Low-VOC and no-VOC paints are not only greater to your health, they are extra environmentally pleasant too.

Do Low VOC Paints Paintings as Well as Classic Paints?

In the 1990s, while paint developers started out creating low VOC paints, high quality did suffer. They were changing the chemicals with different substances that made the paint extra environmentally safe, but limited capabilities within the application, flow, and more. If you wanted to be environmentally friendly or reduce damaging chemical compounds in your home, you needed to sacrifice quality.

That’s no longer a decision so much property owners desire to make.

Since then, developers have multiplied the process and materials of growing paint, and low VOC paints can paintings as well as traditional paints.

toxic paintPhoto by John Morgan on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

The judgements are a long way easier now.

Just like traditional paint, low- and no-VOC paints cover flaws if you’re painting over previous coats. Because they’re water-based, they’re easily scrubbed and cleaned. They don’t depart in the back of odors and they carry little to no damaging fumes. Removing low- and no-VOC paints are easy due to the fact they aren’t deemed damaging waste.

Often just as durable as traditional paints, low and no-VOC paints now are available more than a few shades and are usually affordable.  A expert portray contractor will be able to answer any questions you’ve and assist you choose the finest paint on your needs. The call is now easy: You may be green and secure while using high-quality, durable, and appealing paint.

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