Kukun’s New Tools Take the Hassle Out of Home Renovation

Is there a home preservation on the playing cards for you? And, do you need assist to get started? Well, we’ll demystify domestic upkeep for you by way of five convenient, trustworthy and quick domestic remodeling software. 

These extremely useful home remodeling equipment and aids will make your home maintenance a chunk of cake! Good not literally, yet you capture the drift, right?

Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your home forward of a sale or closing a deal on a fixer-upper, or just upgrading your existing garage, doorways and windows, a reworking task will aid in making your home a home.  

Kukun domestic redesigning software

A domestic maintenance may be a intricate process; with a lot of things to consider, including your house preservation budget, the way to finance your house remodeling, and a way to discover a well contractor. So much importantly, how to translate your thoughts of a dream domestic into a reality. 

Well, Kukun is here to help. Every step of the way, through its five domestic remodeling software.  

Kukun Academy

We keep in mind that making plans and design for a home development task is not easy, especially if it’s your first time. 

This is in which Kukun Academy comes in. It’s a one-stop solution for an entire home redesigning education! This home remodeling software will assist you realise all the facets of remodeling, adding construction, floor plans, constructing materials, constructing tools, design tools, trending home redesigning ideas, domestic designs, home decor, and even home maintenance. 

It’s the ideal comprehensive home remodeling aid — offering a crash path to learn the rules of the remodeling game.

The tool is easy to use. You can either seek for any specific home-related information or flick through the numerous resource guides below different types which include renovation, real estate, shopping, loans, and home insurance. 

Cost estimators

Home Renovation Price Estimator



Sorry, we presently don’t have that task at our disposal.

You can take a look at our most suitable ones:


Window Replacement


Remove Popcorn Ceiling

AC Installation

Water Heater Installation

Exterior Painting

Garage Door Replacement

AC Replacement

Exterior Door Replacement

Home Office

Interior Painting

Garage Door Installation

Flooring Installation


Install Recessed Lighting

Flooring Replacement

Master Bathroom



Electrical Panel Upgrade




Living Room

Installing Deck Boards

Furnace Replacement

Entry Door Installation

Half Bathroom

Family Room

Great Room

Master Bedroom


Dining Room

Game Room

Home Theater

In Regulation Suite


Exterior Door Installation

Window Installation

Interior Door Installation

Interior Door Replacement

Hallway / Common Area

Kukun’s domestic maintenance price estimator is a useful tool that will help you immediately calculate your house remodeling costs as well as ROI for every home development project. With greater than forty tasks to choose from and particular thoughts for each, you could find out exactly what your project will cost.

Some of the estimators are for initiatives such as:

  • Kitchen renovation
  • Bathroom remodel
  • Popcorn ceiling removal
  • Water Heater Installation
  • Window replacement
  • Air conditioning installation
  • Recessed lighting
  • Garage installation
  • Garage door replacement
  • Game Room
  • In regulation suite
  • Foyer-Entryway
  • Dining room renovation
  • Hallway/Common area
  • Family room
  • Home theater remodeling

The home preservation costs are anticipated in accordance with applicable parameters, adding your location zip code. Really input your requisites and get a realistic estimate of your total home redecorate price in minutes!

Find a pro

Hiring a professional is perhaps the most important step in your house redesigning project. You need a contractor who’s trustworthy, certified, and insured. A well contractor knows a way to lease and deal with subcontractors and pull all the required permits. What’s more, they can be estimated to buy good quality materials and manage any liability or warranty-related issues with ease.

Kukun facilitates you uncover the most trustworthy professionals on your neighborhood. You could even check out the contractors’ paintings experience, reputation, allows for and scores online.  

Whether you’re hiring a preferred contractor or a specialist interior dressmaker for your remodeling, you could anticipate a uncomplicated event when you use this beneficial tool. 

Find a loan

Are you creating a budget for your project?

Explore financing thoughts in your next domestic redesign without affecting your credit score

Looking for the finest mortgage innovations to finance your home improvements? The process of getting a mortgage through banks or credit unions may be tedious. That’s why Kukun offers a short and simple domestic financing device that lets you evaluation all your mortgage innovations — with out affecting your credit score! 

The domestic lending tool facilitates to speed up your maintenance procedure by listing out the best domestic development financing thoughts accessible to you – at the click of a button!

Prepare my house for sale

This domestic redesigning software has been specifically designed to get a home ready for sale — by way of offering some practical home maintenance goals. 

Selling a house is a complex process. You desire to attract capacity buyers, but want to preserve your out-of-pocket costs low. The ultimate goal is to promote your house at the maximum cost and in the quickest time.

Keep in mind that well-planned cosmetic changes pass a long way in increasing a house’s worth — in phrases of charm and marketplace value. This tool will help you make a very good effect on any ability buyer — helping clinch a deal successfully. 

Last thoughts

We know that it’s important to have access to the information you need. WHEN you would like it. That’s why Kukun offers these FREE domestic redesigning software to make your home improvements easier and hassle-free. 

And yes, we take your safety very seriously and have implemented the strictest information security features once you use these useful equipment and software.  

Whether you’re shopping for a brand new domestic or wondering how much it’ll cost to design an ideal home, there’s no must fret. We’re here to help, no matter wherein you are.

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