Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas to Give Your Space a Stunning Look

There’s more to a kitchen renovation than installing new wall cabinets, plugging within the kitchen appliances, and owning a spectacular kitchen countertop. Always keep in mind that your kitchen walls speak too. Blank walls can gnaw at you — detracting from an or else stylish space. You need some amazing kitchen wall decor ideas to total your kitchen makeover.

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These ideas will complete your kitchen design and update the seem of your kitchen in a flash. Remember that the correct kitchen wall decor ideas make it easy for you to take advantage of these empty surfaces and create a captivating display. Be warned, your visitors are going to be enamored — more than your cooking! 

This article looks at 15 dependent kitchen wall decor ideas to help you personalize your space. From accent walls to indoor gardens — there’s a tip for every taste. Let’s get inspired to create a kitchen of your dreams!

1. DIY with wall-mounted crates

Wooden racksPhoto by Lisa Fotios from Pexels CC0

These wood pellet crates make for the most amazingstorage suggestionson your kitchen wall. Showcase your indoor plants, cups and saucers, or these salt-and-pepper shakers — your choice. We adore how the industrial hanging bulbs add charm to this little corner. 

2. Create a specific wall along with your ceramics

Ceramic wallImage by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay CC0

Do you have lacking portions on your favorite crockery set, and cannot deliver your self to serve food in mismatched dishes? Well, here’s a particular idea. Create a wall of ceramic portions that are now not part of a matching set. The wall will redeem them to their past glory in the foremost distinct way.  

3. Design an accent wall with a specific tile pattern

Tile wallPhoto by Michael Browning on Unsplash CC0

Using in a different way colored tiles to create the foremost fascinating designs calls for a little planning and oodles of creativity. The accent wall will totally transform an otherwise bland kitchen. Opt for a daring color scheme to add impact to the space.

4. Opt for open shelving with indirect lighting

Open shelvingPhoto by Jason Leung on Unsplash CC0

Dedicate a wall to store and show off your stunning trinkets and kitchenware. Add attention to the items on display with refined or indirect lighting. The open cabinets will cast a beautiful glow to your contemporary kitchen.   

5. Display those forgotten cutting boards

Kitchen wallPhoto by Arun Sharma on Unsplash CC0

Do you have a few historic chopping boards lying someplace in the attic? Well, carry them out and proudly display them in your kitchen walls. The pieces will make a statement with their ‘aged’ look — as if to say, we’ve served this family for many happy years, and will hold to do so!

6. Layout a rocking cafe look 

Kitchen decorPhoto by Ingridi Alves Photograph on Unsplash CC0

This decor idea is ideal for those espresso aficionados who drink coffee, sleep coffee, and then drink some more. The wall is dedicated to the distinction of this celebrated beverage with each wall decor item telling a compelling story. Did you know, espresso is the world’s moment so much ate up beverage after water? 

7. Add a rustic touch by means of your kitchen wall decor ideas

Rustic kitchenImage by Denise Husted from Pixabay CC0

Looking for a farm-house fashion kitchen? Create the seem with the help of your kitchen walls. The rustic, raw brick and concrete walls are complemented through the braided garlic bulbs and the potted plants at the window sill. By means of the way, did you know that stringing and hanging up garlic bulbs is a traditional way to dry the garlic after harvest?

8. Create your own vertical garden

Kitchen gardenPhoto by Jason Leung on Unsplash CC0

Transform your kitchen into the foremost special place with the aid of planters arranged vertically at the wall. The indoor plants orkitchen herbswill liven up the area as good as make it appear happy. And, imagine, you will alwayshave clean herbs correct at hand!By means of the way, you can repurpose historic tumblers, jars, or boxes for a DIY project. 

9. Make use of chalkboard paint

Chalkboard paintPhoto by Brigitte Tohm from Pexels CC0

Who says, in basic terms cafes and bars can use chalkboard paint? You can too.Keep your cooking schedule, menus, and grocery record organized with the aid of chalkboard paint. And, hang it in a corner where it’s easily readable. No more, “Mom! What’s for dinner?”

10. Showcase your based cookware on floating shelves

Kitchen shelvesPhoto by Dane Deaner on Unsplash CC0

If you possess relatively things, show them off! No matter if it means accessorizing your kitchen counters and walls with pots and pans. There’s no use to permit your favorite cookware languish within the cupboard. Use floating cabinets to display the dishes and platters. As a bonus, your kitchen will look brighter and more spacious too. 

11. Decorate the kitchen wall with an artwork

kitchen wall art
art in the kitchen 3, by Nicolas Huk on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

There’s no reason why your art display ought to be restricted to the dwelling room. You can delight in your favorite oil painting even while preparing meals or going about your business within the kitchen. Make certain the piece is both included with glass or is away from the spatter zone.

12. Get some fairy lights

Kitchen decorationPhoto through Freepik

Everything about this kitchen decor — right from the slicing boards to the hanging kitchen linen and the string lighting at the back of the kitchen sink — add a homey touch to this space. It’s the ideal setting for asmall kitchen.   

13. Add a kitchen mirror

Kitchen mirrorPhoto by Zsofi Perganczky on Unsplash CC0

Installing a large mirror within the kitchen is another trick to give the semblance of more space, especially wherein the kitchen layout is designed longitudinally. For instance, the mirror is perfect for thisgalley kitchen— adding visual width to an or else narrow area.  

14. Install a wall-mounted wine rack

Wine rackWall Installed 50 Bottle Wine Rack, by means of Chalon Handmade on Flickr [CC BY 2.0]

You can layout your personal wine cellar and mount it on the wall — saving you precious floor space. This wine rack comes with a sleek design, yet stores around 50 wine bottles. The drawers at the bottom serve to hold your bar accessories organized. 

15. Select a smart color scheme

Kitchen wall colorPhoto by Fred Kleber on Unsplash CC0

When talking about kitchen wall decor ideas, we simply cannot ignore the importance of choosing the right color scheme. The white-and-powder-blue paint work enables in two matters — one, give the cooking space more visual top and two, add a clean seem to cross well with the decor items as good as kitchen appliances.  

Last words

These kitchen wall decor ideas will spruce up your cooking space, and how! From beautiful wall art portions to DIY cabinets — they’ll make your kitchen appear bolder, better, and extra beautiful. 

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