Kitchen Island Vs Peninsula: A Complete Comparison

We can’t give some thought to a house with no kitchen. It’s more than an area to prepare dinner and eat food. It’s in which we bond, in which we make beautiful memories. And, that’s the reason a kitchen has to be all which you dreamt of. Its layout and design must be ideal for you. We deliver you two such famous layouts — kitchen island vs peninsula. So, which one are you going to select for your home?

In this article, we will provide you with an honest evaluation among the two. Help you select the one who fits the bill better and makes use of your kitchen to its finest capacity. We want your household to be such a lot comfortable right here — craving to spend as a lot time collectively as possible over a warm meal.

kitchen island
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What’s the variation between an island and a peninsula?

While the two designs create more room and garage in the kitchen, the difference lies in the style they are structured. The concepts are very much corresponding to what you’ve studied on your geography class.

An island is a free-standing counter, open on all 4 sides. It’s a separate unit that stands by itself in the midst of the kitchen. A peninsula, on the other hand, has one end attached to a wall or a cabinet. It has 3 open sides. For this reason, it’s viewed as an extension of the remainder of the kitchen. 

Let’ return a touch in time, during the 1970s to be specific. Peninsulas have been hugely popular then. Those perpendicular counters, which jutted out from a wall, were the best choice to demarcate the kitchen from the dining area.

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They have been ideal for small kitchens, effortlessly converting an L-shaped kitchen into a U-shaped one. They added aesthetics as well as garage to the living space within the process.

Then came the kitchen islands and property owners rushed to include this modern, flexible design. It presented them a larger, extra open thought kitchen design — no matter if it intended sacrificing a bit little bit of garage and jogging space. You may add a sink and cooking surface to it. And, quite a few extra counter space. The result changed into ultra-modern, chic.

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Even today, persons around the globe have special perspectives when it comes to kitchen island vs peninsula. And, why not? They need to have a choice. Fortunately today, peninsulas have made a comeback, and how! Instead of the common U-shaped ones, they are now available in dissimilar designs.

We have in contrast the two when it comes to seven parameters and then summed up their differences. We hope this article offers all that you’re seeking for…and then some. So, here goes.

kitchen with peninsula
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Kitchen island vs peninsula parameters

1. Kitchen layout

Those who spend a large number of time in their kitchens will definitely agree with the National Kitchen and Tub Association (NKBA). According to them, the main axis facets in a kitchen are the sink, stove, and refrigerator. Together, they make the kitchen work triangle.

How they are placed in terms of each other makes a large number of difference to the way you work. The layout must provide clear area and path for the cook to operate. It ought to enhance efficiency, now not abate it.

For an ideal setup, the sum of the gap between every of these should now not be more than 26 feet. Furthermore, each of them shouldn’t be lower than 4 ft or greater than nine feet.

So, whether installation an island or peninsula, do make sure that you DO NOT block this triangle. If the structure disrupts this workflow, then it’s now not a good fit. Period.

Because an island gives you clear entry to the computer on all four sides, it frees your motion within the kitchen. It creates a perfect factor in which your family and friends may well be portion of the kitchen activity with out being intrusive. This kind of layout is ideal for L- and U-shaped kitchens.

The peninsula suits smaller kitchens and is less difficult to constitution into the kitchen design. As outlined above, it improves your L-shaped kitchen — proposing a healthy border among your kitchen and eating area.

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2. Layout choices

When it comes to an island, you can either tournament it with the rest of the kitchen decor when it comes to counter tops and woodwork or use it as a contrasting piece in the kitchen. Think of it as a special unit that easily transitions into the next room through an open ground plan. The thoughts are many.

A peninsula, at the different hand, should ideally match the prevailing kitchen space and cabinet style for a unified appearance. If your countertops are organic stone, a peninsula ought to be too. During this sense, a peninsula is proscribed when it comes to layout choices.

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3. Kitchen space available

kitchen island
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An island is meant for giant kitchens. As in step with NKBA, it requires at least 36 inches of clearance on all 4 sides to head around and at least 42 inches for the workstation. And if an equipment — along with a dishwasher, refrigerator, or oven — opens in the direction of it, you will want more area.

A peninsula does no longer absorb a lot of open area in a kitchen. However, when you’ve got a U-shaped peninsula, it would create dead space in the corner where it meets a wall or cabinet. It’s quite tough to utilize the world beneath the peninsula.

Another disadvantage is the manner a peninsula limits entry to the kitchen. You may have one or a maximum of 2 entrances — developing a difficulty if you have a large family of guests over for dinner.

Our advice: opt for a perpendicular peninsula rather of a typical U-shaped one. It has the seem of an island and requires less space to install. 

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The finest part is that both islands and peninsulas may well be built in several sizes. It all is dependent upon the distance available. Both can double as a casual dining area or a minibar.

4. Costs

Keep your kitchen redecorate price range in mind whilst going for both an island or a peninsula. Do keep in mind to rent experts for the job. Especially in terms of an island. The setting up includes specific wiring and plumbing. Usually, peninsulas do not disrupt the work triangle so there’s no ought to pass sinks or appliances. However, make sure the task is done well.

Let’s do some maths.

On average, a kitchen remodeling charges about $101 in step with rectangular foot of counter space with transformed shelves and countertops. The amount WILL incorporate changing existing appliances with better, energy-efficient ones and a sink with faucets. It DOES NOT include new flooring.

The usual price for a kitchen island:

  • Material = $101 consistent with square foot
  • Carpenter = $70 an hour
  • Electrician = $75 an hour
  • Plumber = $55 an hour
  • Painter = $28 an hour
  • Countertop installer = $15 according to rectangular foot

A 24 rectangular ft kitchen island with a sink, dishwasher, cabinet, and an overhanging granite countertop for seating will set you again by way of $2,425 for the material alone. Add Hard work price of $2,075 — and you’re poorer by way of $4,500.

The general price for a peninsula:

Cost of a peninsula with custom cabinetry and counter tops = $90 according to rectangular foot

Labor required (need now not be a specialist installer)

  • Carpenter
  • Electrician for outlets
  • Painter
  • Countertop installer

For a kitchen peninsula of 24 rectangular ft with simply shelves and an overhanging granite countertop for seating will be around $2,160. Add $970 exertions price and you find yourself spending approximately $3,130.

kitchen with peninsula
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5. The actual installation

The setting up of both kitchen island and peninsula are roughly comparable in terms of new construction. As plumbing and electric wiring are already taken care of, placing the cupboard (and other structures) is no longer so different.

But, whilst it’s a kitchen remodeling project, there’s a straight forward winner. The peninsula stands out as the less difficult of the two. Cabinets and different buildings are easily constructed upon existing ones. It doesn’t even want much electric wiring and plumbing.

In the case of an island, it will must be placed correctly within the current ground space after which built from the ground up. You also have got to assess with nearby constructing codes and ordinances except the NKBA codes in terms of measurements and clearance restrictions. An island wishes certain electrical and plumbing work — a tougher and expensive assignment than a peninsula.

6. Establishing appliances

An island is the perfect area for your cooktop, oven, and sink. It makes your kitchen super-efficient. However, it requires a lot of planning. Installing a vent hood, placing a sink, appliances which include a dishwasher or rubbish disposal — might be expensive and time-consuming.

Whether it’s redesigning or new construction, a peninsula keeps the triangle circulate of motion efficient — and still provides additional storage space. You can supply energy for your instruments immediately from a wall. No ought to flow the wiring during the floor.

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7. Resale value

When installation a kitchen island or peninsula — do keep in mind that neither of them will make an important difference in terms of a return-on-investment to your house. They may upload to the aesthetics of your house — an island giving it an open appear and a peninsula making it extra practical — but they do not add to the resale significance of your property. An island, however, may be a tad extra well liked by new-age dealers so might assist you sell your house faster.


To make the selection easier for you, let’s sum up the diversities in a clear manner.

Kitchen island pros & cons


  • Modern design
  • Makes the kitchen seem spacious and open
  • Popular and versatile
  • Easy entry from all 4 sides
  • Lots of area for appliances
  • Can accommodate extra amenities
  • More design suggestions available


  • Not sensible for a small kitchen
  • Requires a lot of open space
  • Remodeling no longer as easy
  • More pricey installation
  • Requires specific electrical wiring and plumbing

Peninsula pros and cons


  • Perfect for small kitchens
  • Functional and more traditional
  • Preserves a semi-open room concept
  • Demarcates kitchen from the dining area
  • Easier to add in the course of remodeling
  • Cheaper to install
  • No experts required


  • Limits entry to the kitchen
  • Disrupts site visitors flow
  • Not superb for busy kitchens
  • Creates dead area in the corners
  • Must tournament the cabinetry for a unified look
  • Limited alternatives of color and make available

What we see here’s that overall, the kitchen island and peninsula are special — yet similar. Both supply your kitchen additional workspace, storage, and a committed area for your family and friends to gather. So, whichever you choose, just make sure that the work triangle stays open and clear.

Keep each of the above parameters in intellect and choose the better healthy in your home. And, you want to know a secret? Considering that there’s no rule against having a peninsula in addition to an island on your huge kitchen, you may have both! One for seating and the other for home equipment and storage.

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