Jacuzzi Vs Hot Tub: Choose The Right One For Your Home

Jacuzzi vs hot tub: what’s the difference? Often, we get pressured between those two phrases and error a warm bathtub for a jacuzzi or vice versa. And if anybody does recognize that they are different, he or she might surely say that jacuzzis are just the fancier opposite numbers of warm tubs. But is that all? Let’s see.

What is a hot tub?

Hot tubs are large tubs or artificial small pools, filled with warm water, where you can soak in and socialize. It often comes outfitted with a whirlpool bath. This term became first coined in the course of the 1970s. The most up-to-date types of warm tubs are embedded with multiple capabilities consisting of sleek acrylic shells, massaging jets, molded seats, LED lighting, waterfall cascades, electronic controls, smooth headrests, Bluetooth technology, flat-screen TVs, and audio systems.

Hot tub
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What is a jacuzzi?

The trade call jacuzzi is a brand of hot tubs, bathing products, and pool equipment. It came into existence during the mid-20th century whilst the Jacuzzi brothers conceptualized an underwater pump to assist arthritis patients. The first version featured a built-in jet whirlpool and gradually grew to become so popular, that it became a family function in almost every home.

The major change among hot tubs and jacuzzi is that jacuzzi is a brand or a subset of warm tubs. And below, we shall test to describe this with slightly of adetailed explanation.

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Jacuzzi vs warm tub: The history

If you’ve study histories of old civilizations, you will understand that warm tubs have been around for centuries. They have progressively advanced and multiplied to emerge as the relaxation set-ups we see today. The first inventor acquired his notion for a warm bath from natural and organic warm springs. He found out that a similar precept might be replicated by means of utilizing warm stones to warmness water. This is how the 1st variations of warm tubs were created.

However, the thought of jacuzzis got here to prominence at a later time. When the Jacuzzi brothers, in 1956, traveled from Italy to California, they invented a hydrotherapy jet pump. This invention then gave rise to the jacuzzis we all know today — total with massage jets and sleek, sophisticated designs.

Although you will discover other manufacturers that imitate comparable features, jacuzzis nonetheless continue to appropriate the list.

Therefore, a jacuzzi and warm bath are not synonymous. While the genesis of warm tubs could be traced lower back to early times, jacuzzis are a contemporary counterpart in their ancestors.

Photo through Pxhere [CCO]

So, are hot tubs and jacuzzis the same?

In short, the answer is no. Quite a few hot bath brands are available within the market. Although either one of them activity various comparable features, you can’t use the phrases interchangeably.

Other hot water immersion vessels

Now that you know the adaptation among jacuzzi vs warm tub, let’s guide you through other warm water immersion vessels. After reading this, you will be able to differentiate between most of these terminologies and make an informed decision when it comes to getting the right set for your home.


The term spa refers to a warm bath that comes embedded with powerful jets with a view to combination the water with air, jetted into the device. It’s used for massages and might be installed above the floor level, above an indoor floor or outside deck. You may even build it part of an inground swimming pool.

Jetted tub

A jetted bathtub is essentially a bathtub, that’s usually mounted within your grasp bath. It includes distinct jets, placed around the tub. This network is then linked to small pipes that are lower back related to a circulation pump and an air blower. Some types even come equipped with a heater to facilitate hot water launch from the tap.

You can surely refill a jetted bathtub with water and enter within to relax and rejuvenate. The water, after use, ought to be drained out. Hence, they have no spa filters or spa covers.

Whirlpool bath

Whirlpool Tub is a sub-brand of a jacuzzi. It includes their selection of jetted tubs and follows an identical mode of operation as described above.

Therapy tub

A remedy tub is a top quality stainless-steel bath that’s generally established in guidance and locker rooms for athletes. It helps in loosening up muscle tissue and relieving pain. Therapy tubs are filled with hot water and generally feature a circulation pump and electrical heater.

So, we hope the above factors give a clear idea concerning the transformations between the key phrases related to hot water hydrotherapy. In case you have any suggestions, you could depart your comments in the comment section below!

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