Is It Possible to Relocate a Toilet?

Looking to remodel your bathroom? You may be thinking about changing the location of your toilet to provide the bathroom a new layout. A quite common question in this regard is whether or not you can relocate a toilet at all. This article will tell you everything you need to comprehend about relocating a toilet. 

Can you actually circulate a toilet?

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Yes, you can actually pass a toilet. Even relocating a toilet via a few inches with out having to make a new hole within the ground is possible. You can use an offset toilet flange to pass the toilet via a couple of inches on any side. This will allow you to use the same wastewater line and in flip help to save you a lot of money.

How far can you relocate a toilet?

You can circulate a toilet as far as you prefer to. However, you may want to drill a new hole within the ground and install a new wastewater pipe. This will bring about a lot of investment at your end. However, you can also flow the toilet to a certain volume without having to change the waste line and stack. If your waste line has a diameter of 3 inches, you can place the toilet inside six ft of your stack. The toilet can also be as far as 10 feet from your stack, if the diameter of the waste line is 4 inches.

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What is the price of moving a toilet?

Moving a toilet is neither easy nor cheap. The plumbing expenses rely upon a variety of factors. If you are looking to change your toilet location, you can anticipate to spend anywhere among $2500 and $3500 in normal circumstances. In case your renovation project calls for you to change the vent line and the water supply, you will need to spend someplace between $1500 and $2500 extra. If you also want to change the wastewater lines, the complete price of the assignment can pass up via 40%. You can attempt our bathroom cost estimatorto assess the overall price of the task that you have in mind.

Factors to consider

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Because relocating a toilet is not be an easy affair, there are some key factors that you ought to think about earlier than figuring out to circulate your toilet.

1. Lavatory drainage

The waste pipe of your toilet desires to be related to the vertical sewer pipe. You’ll want to maintain sufficient slope to make sure that the waste flows into the sewer pipe. Getting the slope adjustment right requires expertise and getting professional assist is the right element to do during this regard.

2. Vent pipe

The vent pipe plays a crucial position in maintaining enough air pressure in the waste pipe. You’ll need to align the waste pipe correctly with the vent pipe to ensure soft functioning of the toilet.

3. Water supply

You will also want to reset the water supply, that is slightly easier than resetting the waste and vent pipes. You would like to be sure that the provision pipe is properly sealed at each joint to avoid leakage.

4. Floor of the toilet

The ground of a toilet plays an important function in identifying the price of your bathroom redesigning project. You may need to break into the floor to do the plumbing. In case your toilet isn’t at the ground floor, the relocation exercise would require you to rebuild the ceiling of the underlying ground along with the toilet flooring.

Changing the layout of your bathroom can be a large advantage to your daily life by using making your bathroom more functional and beautiful. Now that you know the important aspects of this bathroom redesign project, you can make an advised resolution about relocating your toilet. 

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