Important Points to Know Before Designing a Walk-in Pantry

The heart and soul of your house is undoubtedly your kitchen. It really is wherein your family individuals gather to eat, entertain, and hook up with each other. Needless to say, your cooking space desires to be functional, beautiful, and clean. And, a beautiful walk-in pantry makes the kitchen space more so. 

Having an accessible and convenient walk-in pantry will give your kitchen an additional, separate space for food and appliance storage — making your kitchen design a dream come true. So, let’s begin by way of directory a few important guidelines and professional advice before you start designing your ideal walk-in pantry. 

A walk-in pantry is a real luxurious yet also a necessity. It beautifully improves your kitchen’s overall flow. You can now not in basic terms add valuable storage space, yet also a high-end element to your kitchen. Don’t neglect that if you use your kitchen space to entertain your pals and family, even a large kitchen can get congested. 

Butler’s pantry
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A walk-in pantry or a butler’s pantry can be the ideal designated pantry room (typically among the kitchen and eating room) for storing all your groceries, dry goods, kitchen appliances as well as any different kitchen provide or provisions. 

A butler’s pantry is essentially a larger edition of a walk-in pantry. It typically features cabinets and countertops — allowing you to expand your kitchen storage space tremendously. You can effectively store your kitchen appliances, adding toaster, kettle, microwave, etc. That way, you can hold your kitchen neat and organized. No wonder, a butler’s pantry is excessive on such a lot homeowner’s kitchen renovation list. On average, adding a walk-in pantry charges you between $3,000 and $5,000. However, it delivers significant value in your money.

Here are some matters to consider when planning a walk-in pantry.

Hire a kitchen expert

Most triumphant renovation projects need an expert hand — from start to finish. Make certain you work with an professional design-build team that facilitates you create your ideal pantry. On-time and on a budget!

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An professional kitchen contractor will consider your specific desires and pick out your available space. The ideal walk-in pantry should be a natural extension of your kitchen. It ought to be of the right size and layout. A well-designed pantry will allow you to instantly see every thing you have — making your nutrients prep quick and effortless.

Visualize and plan your pantry design

Before starting the kitchen remodel, ask yourself some important questions. Will you be storing simply food and family staples or appliances, cleaning items as good as puppy supplies? Will you wish countertop space for your meal prep? How much square feet area can you allot to your walk-in pantry, devoid of harming your kitchen space? Solutions to those questions will help you and your contractor define the pantry design and its layout for optimal functionality.

If you’re remodeling your current home and adding a pantry, chances are, your walk-in pantry would be accommodated by using breaking a wall or two. Keep in mind that any structural change will require you to get the necessary building makes it possible for before you start the home development project.

Get organized

Professionals will help you divide up your walk-in pantry space into specialized areas. In other words, they’ll assign separate zones based in your storage needs. After all, storing things like canned food, snacks or cleaning provides can be rather exceptional from storing appliances. The latter needs to be strategically placed for use and convenience. 

If your pantry space and remodeling budget allow, you can even think about embedding appliances, such as your refrigerator, microwave, or dishwasher. 

Know your walk-in pantry size

Pantry size

The finest pantry layout will typically be about 5 through 5 toes at the minimum. So much walk-in pantries can be covered with U-shaped, adjustable, open cabinets or pantry cabinets. You can select to conclude them with or without a countertop, depending on the type of kitchen storage you require. Moreover, the shelves and cabinets ought to seamlessly match your kitchen design. Ground to ceiling built-in cabinets are the finest storage option.

The ideal distance among your pantry shelving should be at least 12”.  It’s always best to preserve all of your shelving adjustable to your particular needs. If you’re adding countertops for meal prep, then deliver at least 18” space for headroom. Of course, large appliances such as refrigerators or microwaves will require extra space and a separate electrical circuit too. 

Keep in mind that your pantry cabinets should be powerful sufficient to carry even the heaviest kitchen items. Shelves should be ¾” thick — walking not than 36 inches vast without additional support. Also, remember that narrower shelves are a lot more accessible than really deep ones. Specialists advise 16” deep cabinets at your toes level, 14” at eye level, and 10” if it’s higher.

Get your cabinets and cabinet layout right

Pantry shelves
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It’s finest to hold your storage cabinets of various sizes to hold matters organized.

You can choose from open, pull-out, or closed cabinets. It’s a good idea to explore all your recommendations and select the single that delivers functional and creative flexibility. Keep in mind that open cabinets provide greater visibility and access, pull-outs are good to store your cookware collections and small appliances whilst closed cabinets are ideal in your cleaning presents as well as pet supplies.

Choose the foremost suitable material

Although your walk-in pantry is an extension of your main kitchen, you don’t have to use the same kitchen cabinet material. Instead, you can use reasonably cheap laminates on your favorite colors. While it comes to pantry countertops, experts propose butcher block as a great selection as it’s the two economical and convenient. 

Pantry decor and lighting

Pantry decor
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Once you get the layout and layout in place, it’s time to choose the finest pantry lights and decor. A good paint, wallpaper, or ceramic tile can turn your or else boring walk-in pantry into a beautiful extension to your kitchen. 

When it comes to lighting, any indoors layout professional will tell you that lighting can make or break a good layout or a domestic decor. Therefore, you have got to choose lighting fixtures that suit your kitchen’s style and provide you the best illumination. The finest and the foremost economical choice is to add LED lighting fixtures — especially movement sensor LEDs that automatically activate once you open your walk-in pantry door. For a large walk-in pantry, you can even think about adding dimmable task lighting. Ideally, a skylight that permits natural mild will be perfect. 

Last words

According to the National Association of Home Builders, eighty five percent of home buyers, today, consider a kitchen pantry an essential part in their cooking space. Even in current homes, extra and more property owners are considering of adding or recovering their pantries.

A walk-in (whether big or small) pantry can really be a life-changer. It makes your nutrients prep, cleanup, and food storage so much easier. Plus, a beautiful pantry can add a lovely touch to your kitchen. We hope these tips and pantry ideas help you in creating your ideal walk-in pantry!

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