How to Think Like an Architect

Architectsare an strange breed; we’re no longer fairly engineers and we’re not rather indoors designers. It is, therefore, usually understandably complicated while those external the profession attempt to ask us questions.

Not only is it rarely defined what architects in fact awareness on professionally, yet it is even rarer to know what architects think about when their minds are at rest and left to wander. What sort of things fascinate architects that maybe completely missed via anyone in any other profession?

Whether you’re drafting plans for arenovation with an architectand trying to put your self in the correct mindset, or you’ve necessarily been a bit archi-curious, listed here are a few insights into the minds of architects.


Architects constantly consider details. Whilst one steps out of the office, the constructed surroundings becomes a perpetual resource of entertainment. A simple drive to the grocery store might evoke a number of flash thoughts about convalescing the performance of vehicle traffic or alternative materials for puppy leashes.Architects are commonly known as issue solvers, but oftentimes our minds wander to issues that have already lengthy been settled, yet might nonetheless use a bit counterintuitive thinking.


Architects like to think about conventions. Many persons receive the standards of the realm as givens, but architects are unceasingly inquisitive about the arbitrariness of sure human habits. Why are sidewalks a foot bigger than the street? Why did shoelaces come to be the standard for tightening shoes? Whilst did people in certain parts of United states begin saying “y’all?” For an architect, every factor of life can be thought-about with a clean perspective, and it’s a hard inspiration process to shake off.

Thinking like an artchitectImage by Borko Manigoda from Pixabay CC0


Architects consider people and how they signify themselves and their businesses. Logos, for example, display a lot approximately how a company views itself, shiny colorings symbolize a playful demeanor and large letters symbolize a cry for attention. Due to the fact architectslargely produce sketches and drawings for a living, we are painfully attentive to the flexibility that matters within the built environment have to communicate to every person else in that same territory. Each choice in a design says anything exclusive concerning the thing it represents, and this an exceptionally important hassle that architects observe to materials way past their craft.


Architects think about facts.There’s a famous saying, “Engineers recognize plenty approximately one thing, architects recognize a little approximately everything.” We famously excel at astonishing up a talk approximately food, art, South American birds, colors, bicycle chains – anything! Architects don’t shy far from any topic, even if we all know very little concerning the subject at hand. To an architect, the realm is full of strange and unique things. Places that others could think about banalcontain landmines of cultural data for architects; in fact, those are exactly the kinds of places from which we get our best ideas.

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