How to Test for Popcorn Ceiling Asbestos?

For many years, popcorn ceilings, aka stucco ceilings, were very popular. Most American houses flaunted the stylishly textured ceilings in the bedrooms and hallways. However, they all of the sudden misplaced their charm while it changed into discovered that the majority popcorn ceilings contained carcinogenicasbestos fibers. So, how do you find out when you have popcorn ceiling asbestos at your residence or not?

But first, an important query for first-time homeowners.

What is a popcorn ceiling?

To put it simply, this acoustic or textured ceiling fabric resembles cottage cheese. It was extremely famous in the course of the past due Nineteen Thirties in the course of the 1990s due to its particular texture. One of these ceiling became stylish, and a great way to disguise imperfections well. 

However, all that modified when reviews called out popcorn ceilings for containing asbestos that had carcinogenic homes with out a doubt. 

If your ceiling has asbestos, this sort of friable fabric releases toxic dust on the slightest disturbance. And, breathing in it could lead to serious ailments which include lung cancer, mesothelioma, or asbestosis.

Do all popcorn ceilings include asbestos?

Luckily, not all popcorn ceilings have asbestos. However, you cannot inspect a ceiling and tell the difference. So, how can you tell if a popcorn ceiling has asbestos? Well, if your house changed into built before 1977, it’s possible that your popcorn ceiling has asbestos.

If you imagine there’s an opportunity that yours might, do have it confirmed by an asbestos inspector on the earliest. 

After all, thewellbeing and fitness threat of asbestos exposureis serious. No wonder, it became banned in ceiling treatment options via the Clean Air Act of 1978 within the United States. Even so, it’s always a good suggestion to experiment your popcorn ceiling for asbestos whether your home was built in the overdue 1980s. You by no means know, the spray-on texture could have contained some asbestos.

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How to test for popcorn ceiling asbestos?

Testing asbestos popcorn ceiling
Asbestos Sampling, by NAVFAC on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Most property owners really hate the thought-about having any unsafe substance wherever in their home. In case you too are considering removing your popcorn ceiling, it’s important to first experiment it for asbestos. You may get an asbestos experiment done on your ceilings for round $100. The bottom line is: you MUST NOT skip the asbestos test.

As mentioned, one of the methods is thru a home-based asbestos testing kit. You may purchase one out of your regional hardware store. This package will have everything you’ll need to accurately get rid of the pattern and contain it for shipping.

It enables you to scrape off a small portion of the feel product and mail it to a lab for testing. Usually, outcome take two weeks after the lab receives the sample. 

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Though these home experiment kits are effortlessly available, it’s more secure to have a professional experiment done. Or, you can hire an asbestos remediation expert to do it for you. We do not advise home testing. What’s more, it may not also be authorized in all of the states of the United States. 

The first step is to touch your nearby environmental regulatory agency, such as theEnvironmental Protection Agency(EPA) to see if they allow self-gathering of samples. You’ll also need to uncover out state-specific legal guidelines moreover to EPA laws.

Once that is done, you would like to make sure that the lab you ship your sample to, is authorised less than theNational Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program(NVLAP). You may ask them concerning the sampling requisites — the tactic of gathering the sample, its size, etc.

Taking a sample 

Keep in mind that asbestos is very unsafe in case you disturb it. Testing your ceiling will require that either you or a licensed contractor get rid of a small pattern from your ceiling and ship it off to a lab. 

Needless to say, you desire the method of collecting the pattern to be as secure as possible, lest theasbestos fibers emerge as a hazard. We enormously suggest hiring a professional to do the task to keep you from coming in touch with asbestos.

Here are some asbestos trying out precautions. Remember to relocate your pets to one other room. Do conceal the flooring with brown rolls of paper, plastic sheeting, plastic bags, or drop cloths to acquire the mess during the sampling process. In case you discover out which you do have the harmful asbestos popcorn ceiling, its disposal or cleanup will also have to be as consistent with guidelines. 

Asbestos checking out steps

  1. Your contractor will put on a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) mask for protection and plastic gloves to preclude contact with the surface.
  2. He will fill a spray bottle with a teaspoon of cleaning soap and sixteen oz of water, and spray a small area to hose down the surface. 
  3. He will use a sharp razor blade or knife to reduce out a sample. 
  4. After this, he will seal the pattern in an hermetic container.
  5. Mail the pattern to the lab and wait for the results.

Remember that it’s significant to fill the gouges or holes with a joint compound after the ceiling dries and then sand it. If the samples are positive, you wish to touch an asbestos abatement contractor concerning its cleanup.

Should you eliminate your popcorn ceiling?

Popcorn ceilings are a liability if you’re putting your home at the market. If this textured ceiling has asbestos material in it, it can pose a serious wellbeing and fitness hazard, especially if it’s moved. 

According to the EPA, there is no need to panic when you discover out that your ceiling comprises asbestos. Generally, if popcorn ceiling asbestos is in good situation and no longer disturbed, it’s going to now not release asbestos fibers. But, in case you notice damage, or abrasions, or in case you are considering a house renovation that could compromise the ceiling, you’ll want to get your ceiling eliminated on the earliest.

Last words

Asbestos isn’t anything to be taken lightly. Testing for it and eventual popcorn ceiling removal will keep you and your family safe.

Asbestos elimination is a tough affair. Ensure that you work with a educated asbestos expert at the domestic improvement project. Remember that popcorn ceiling removal is NOT a DIY project!

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