How to Select the Right Artwork for a Minimalist Home

No one understands the  mantra “less is more” larger than fans of minimalist design. And even though this interior layout fashion is, by using definition, about using less, artwork is still welcome whilst creating a space that displays minimalist taste. On account that there aren’t a lot of other elements to distract the eye, artwork is perhaps much more on display in this fashion of home. Here, Kukun’s art and interior layout advisors weigh in with tips about how to choose the right artwork for your minimalist-style home.

What defines a minimalist home?

Minimalist homes are all about preserving it easy and clutter-free. White box interiors or subdued colour schemes are common, as are Japanese or Scandinavian influences. Suppose very simple architectural lines, various light, and stark furnishings.

Styles of art to look for

A minimalist (especially white box) indoors appears to do two contradictory things. While the eye is unsure wherein to look, it’s also instantly attracted to any item in such a stark interior. This design fashion pinpoints focus. This makes minimalist interiors ideal for abstract artwork, particularly sculpture and other three-dimensional pieces. 

oil and water artPixabay

Dale Chihuly glass sculptures have the vibrance, color, and form to carry their possess under that pinpoint focus. While you may no longer be able to afford a piece on the same scale as the Bellagio in Las Vegas, you can uncover smaller, extra affordable pieces.

Gerald Siciliano’s Loop 1 offers the eye seemingly endless loops to follow. It invites contemplation, making it perfect for a minimalist interior.

Katharena Rentumis offers a two-dimensional piece that begs for a white wall, 4 Skies, 2014. Rentumis’ play with colour offers a playful debate on how colorations change in comparisonto their backgrounds and in their juxtapositions with each other, which might inspire the viewer to question what they see at all. Instead of pinpointing your focus, it can pinpoint your questions.

A beautifully easy minimalist interior is the excellent place to showcase the artwork you love. Take advantage of your space’s ability to pinpoint visitors’ focus, and choose unique, attention-getting pieces.

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