How to Remove Toilet Seat with Hidden Fixings?

If you have skilled problems while cleaning your toilet like me, you wish to examine on. Cleansing the body is not a difficulty till you get to the seat and take a look at to eliminate it. It could be a toilet seat with hidden fixings and you might not know the way to move about it. The excellent news is that you’ll no longer want to name in a pro fixer. With assistance from this guide, you could know the way to remove a toilet seat with hidden fixings and complete the task yourself.

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Things you’ll need:

Certain contraptions and tools are handy for a DIY sort of person.  If you want to eliminate your toilet seat hidden fixings, do stock right here essential tools:

  • Protective hand gloves
  • Penetrating oil
  • Drill with bits
  • Hacksaw
  • Masking or duct tape
  • Putty knife
  • Socket wrench
  • Pliers
  • Flathead Screwdriver

Steps on how to eliminate toilet seat with hidden fixings

When you have your tools ready, the next move will be to go into the elimination process. Seeing that your toilet seat bolts are hidden, you need to look into the fittings in order to eliminate them. Assess to see in case your toilet seat fittings are joined together with a few bolts.

Also, verify if they are included by means of plastic caps behind the toilet seat. After checking, comply with the stairs below to effortlessly remove the toilet seat.

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Step 1. Put on your hand gloves for defense and clear the toilet seat before working on it.

Step 2. You may now secure the toilet seat with the duct or masking tape. This step is necessary on the grounds that eliminating the hidden fixings can jostle or push opposed to the toilet seat. You could also tape the seat and the lid together in an open or closed position. If the location of your toilet seat fixings calls for that you drill or bring to a halt the bolts before the seat removal, there is a want to tape the cover with material like cardboard. This will help to guard the plastic facet of the seat.

Step 3. Then proceed with the elimination of these caps with your flat head screwdriver. The layout of the hidden fixings might require that you apply a socket wrench or its extension before you can reach the nut retaining bolt. All you have to do is to flip the socket wrench counterclockwise. Upload gentle yet steady force on the wrench larger for a quick interval a number of times till the nuts loosen. While the nuts and bolts are loose already, you can always put in a screwdriver inside the head of the bolt. It’s going to assist you to carry down the bolt to loosen — that’s in case you are not utilizing the plier.

Step 4. If the toilet seat is an old one, spray the penetrating oil on the two bolts. The oil will serve as a lubricator which will loosen the already corroded metal. Penetrating oil together with WD40 is used for rusted bolts and nuts. After the appliance of this oil, await approximately 5 to ten minutes for the oil to seep effectively into tight spaces of the hardware. Then the bolts will come to be simple to remove. You can also make use of an answer mixed with 10% acetone and 90% vegetable oil in case you don’t have penetrating oil.

Penetrating oil WD40
Photo by ZooFari [CC BY 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

Step 5. Carefully work during the caps with your flat head screwdriver to get rid of them. After removing the caps, you can now see the top facet of the bolt that’s retaining the seat in place. Less than the toilet, you’ll uncover bolts that stick out. These bolts are tightened by wingnuts. Use the pliers to retain the nuts steady and then use your screwdriver to unscrew the bolt.

Step 6. In a condition in which the hardware of your toilet seat proves resistant to the screwdriver, you could convey in the hacksaw. Use a wide knife such because the putty knife and place it so that it could hide the porcelain that is around the bolt head. It really is for the prevention of unintended scratches as you saw. Then continue to reduce at the hardware with the hacksaw. You will want to reduce during the bolt and hinges that connect the seat and the toilet. A mini hacksaw should be terrifi for an enclosed space, but when it’s a wider space, you could utilize the regular one.

small hacksaw

Step 7. If the pliers can’t get the job done, feel free to apply your drilling computing device on the unmoving bolts as your ultimate resort. Location your security glasses. Placed in a skinny drill of approximately 1/16 thick. Practice steady and company pressure on the connection among the bolt and the nut as you drill. Upload larger bits to the drill to expand the hole. While the hardware loosens, you could get rid of the nut. Necessarily be careful when you are drilling the holes on the grounds that it may trigger damages.


The above steps, whilst followed carefully, will assist you get rid of a toilet seat with hidden fixings effortlessly without having to rely upon anyone. Simply detach the obdurate seat with a socket set, a hacksaw, or a drill. When you get the cling of it, you can prevent any sort of corrosion and make the next removal easier. The trick is to preserve the seat via steady cleaning and by exchanging worn out parts as and while required.

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