How to pressure wash a house before painting

A house needs painting once in five or six years (or earlier). Painting a house is a tough technique but a pressure washer can make your tough drawback easier than you can imagine.

Why You Need to Clean the House

Imagine how awesome it might be that you won’t need to paint again for a number of years to come? However, in case you did not clean the house previous to painting, the outcome would be totally different.

Cleaning your house before painting has only 1 goal – to expand the lifespan of the painting. Yes, no matter if you don’t clean the surface before painting, the paint will nonetheless apply fine. But, it won’t last long. Considering how painful and high-priced it’s to paint the exterior, it’s a great idea getting it right at the first go. Isn’t it better painting your house in each seven years rather than in each 2 or three years?

Painting the exterior over the dust will leave the exterior of your house inclined to weather changes. The unfastened painting will start to come off after few months. So, it is always a well idea investing some extra time to save a lot of bucks.

This is wherein pressure washer comes into play. Strain washing the siding before painting will boost the lifespan of your paint.

Why a Pressure Washer?

Cleaning the house with hands has certain advantages. You can hide the toughest areas and cleaning is average with out a physical contact.

Cleaning devoid of hands can in no way give you a great result. Yet you have to be realistic. Who wants to do the painstakingly long cleaning paintings by using hand? A pressure washer is an ideal tool for removing dust and particles from sidings and can make your tough cleaning paintings much easier.

Is Strain Washing Safe?

Taking a few safety measures and preserving yourself from getting over-excited can make pressure washing very safe. Preserve your distance from the wall. Depending at the psi of your pressure washer the distance can be from 2 ft to 5 ft.

You are supposed to wash before painting now not strip historic paint with a pressure washer. Yes, it is genuine that many of the strong pressure washer can strip paint off but pressure washers are not exactly for this purpose. Stripping off paint ought to be completed by way of a separate step after the pressure washing. Stripping ought to be done via a scrapper avoiding heavy use of water.

Pointing the pressure of water straight to the surface can be dangerous if the distance is too close. Strain washers can cut into brick or concrete in some cases. Avert spraying direct spray within the angles of siding. This can introduce water to insulation, which you do not want to happen at any cost.

4 Simple Ways of Strain Washing a House

1. Remove particles with high-pressure plain water:

In this step, your precedence is to wash away the large debris, spider web, insect nests and wet the floor.

No detergent is needed for this step. Use a gas pressure washer (recommended) or an electric pressure washer of 2000 psi, which are most of the time used as car pressure washer. Stop being passionate about the pressure washer tip and use a tip that is well for breaking off debris without damaging the siding. Superb for it really is using a green nozzle (25-degree). Certainly not ever think of using the red tip (0-degree). They can significantly damage the siding.

So, you’re all set-up with a green pressure washer tip. Start applying pressure jet preserving a distance. Reduce the distance as you get comfortable with the pressure and cleaning. The nearer you’ll get the more pressure will increase.

Cover all the areas that you’ll be painting, and test no longer to miss any spot.

2. Follow detergent with low pressure:

Use a low pressure 40-degree white tip for applying detergent. You can use either the onboard detergent or detergent solution prepared in a bucket. The two works like a charm!

Evenly spray the detergent with the 40-degree tip in an upward motion. This motion will assist to flippantly distribute the detergent on the surface.

Remember to select a detergent that is good in your siding and environment.

Let the detergent dry for a whilst until it is wet.

low pressure cleaningPhoto with the aid of East Coast Powerwashing, via Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 3.0]

3. High-pressure rinse:

Before the detergent gets completely dry, rinse it thoroughly. You do not want to re-apply paint letting it dry.

Switch back to the high-pressure mode and rinse with sparkling water. The detergent will wash away the leftover dirt with it. Always clean from top to bottom. This way you can preclude soiled water from blending with the clean area.

Rinse till the detergent and remaining dust is long past completely.

4. Allow dry before painting:

House with pressure washerPixnio

Now you can see some shine on the house, yet allow it dry. Permit all side of the house dry totally before painting.

This may take some time. Wood siding will take much longer time than vinyl siding. It may take up to 24 hours to dry.

You do not want to trap moisture underneath the paint.

Once drying is total the painting is meant to bring the shine of your house and might last for 6 to 7 years.

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