How to Pack Valuables When You Are Moving Into a New Home

Whether you are relocating across the street or miles away to a exceptional continent all together; relocation is an undoubtedly a daunting task.

Packing alone is a humongous challenge, especially when it comes to ensuring the safety of that valuable chin you received in your wedding, or that antique watches which was passed on to you by means of your grandma. There are so many your treasured items, which are fragile and require sensitive handling.

You can take it easy with your different belongings like clothes, shoes, belts, etc. Perhaps roll a massive ball of garments and stuff it into the suitcase in case you may, yet you cannot treat the valuables like this.

Packing valuables is a delicate and critical job which needs supervision. You want to dig the information like what type of and how many boxes to buy, the finest bubble wrap etc.

In this post, we have enlisted some important recommendations that will assist you pack your valuables carefully for safe relocation. Read on to know more.

First things first: DIY or pro?

When it comes to moving, repeatedly things break once we don’t take sufficient care of them.

But it’s not the case every time, usually things break because of a person’s lack of packing skills. So, why no longer call in the pros? Long gone are the days whilst DIY was the norm. Nowadays, all you would like to do is seek for removalists. Professional professionals will come at your doorsteps to do all the legwork for you.

However, in case you nonetheless prefer DIY, we’ve got you protected for that as well. Right here are some important hints from the professionals, that will help you pack your valuables safely.

Identify your valuables

To make certain you’ll hold your valuables safe in the course of the process of moving, you have to discover what you value the most? Some people may value their teddy or some painting more than their diamonds.



So best is to perceive what is valuable to you and deliver the field or packing containers accordingly. In case you are now not moving by yourself and are taking the clever step of hiring the professionals, then tell them about the valuable boxes.         

Insure the insurance

InsurancePhoto by Pictures of Money on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

As soon as you have decided to move, very first thing that you need to do is to make certain that all your valuables have an insurance cover.

Let’s say you are taking each precaution there’s to take yet what if your pal drops a box? It is always well to play safe, you certainly not comprehend what may happen and valuables are delicate and require special attention.

With insurance, there’s an assurance that if by means of any chance there is an accident during the packing or the moving you’ll get the money.

Mind the glass

Glass as a universal fact is very fragile. One other fact is the foremost beautiful art portions and different valuables are made of glass. To name a few glass glories televisions, mirrors, frames, watches, wine sets are glass or have some part of it.

While moving glass can be a headache, it’s also very difficult to pack too. Some may suggest you to wrap your glasses into newspaper earlier than boxing it but it isn’t the brightest idea. You shouldn’t use newspaper to wrap your glass; the ink can scratch the glass and often can even left impressions.

Bubble wrap is a much safer option. Prevent utilizing the bubbled facet on the glass, and wrap the items with bubbles facing out, for no scratches.

Initial cushioning

When it comes to your valuable things extra care is obligatory. So, recommendations are that you may want to lay an extra layer or two of bubble wraps earlier than boxing the delicates.

Taping bubble wrap inside the field is also an option. You can purchase a larger field than the actual object and turn the box into a bubble cushion by means of taping it into the box.

Double taping the perimeters

Once your box is ready to get loaded, you should spend some extra time strengthening its corners too. The reason at the back of it’s that the sides mostly crack due to the load of the article leads to the entities falling out.

Double tapping the perimeters of the boxes is safer recommendations and a quality precaution too. Duct tape is much more desirable than then the ordinary tape so it ought to be used.

Pack it tight

While packing the frail stuff, one ought to pack it within the field as tight as possible. People value their things me than the truck drivers.

A surprising brake can break a lot of stuff if there’s space for things to clash inside the box. But if the matters are packed tightly enough contained in the packing containers you can avoid this sort of breakage.

Label the containers clearly 

Labeling boxes

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If you have hired someone professionals for moving, then chances are that they’ll take care of it themselves. Yet in case you have determined to take assist out of your friends, the finest is to label all the boxes clearly.

One can also use alphabetical stickers or pictorial stickers to make others aware of the stuff they are carrying. You can also use glitter pens or markers to highlights the wordings on the boxes. By using this way, people will be aware of that they want to take extra care with certain box/boxes.


So, these have been the mantras which can help you move your stuff in a safe and rightful manner. Software. But it is still safer if you lease removalists for packing and moving. You can supervise them in case you have doubts.

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