How to Give New Life to Your Old Wood Furniture

Every fixtures after a while gets old. Having historic furnishings is a really bad feeling, particularly in case you have guests coming over. So much of them are still glad yet they simply look bad. So, changing all of your furnishings simply to look good isn’t a cheap solution. It will cost you handsome profit and effort. But fortunately there is a cheaper answer which of course will take more effort, but a minimum of you can use the money you desired to use for furniture someplace else.

One of the biggest reason why furniture looks ancient is that their colour just starts offevolved to vanish, there’s a lot of dust on them, and maybe you’ve obvious an identical fixtures with the same color daily and now it simply appears undesirable and boring.

But what can you do…

You can remove the paint on those wood furniture and re-paint them … but that appears hard, right? Only experts can do that, right? What if I told you that you could do it with some tools and the price will be minimal.

All you would like to have is a good high quality warmness gun, LVLP spray gun, and a putty knife. That’s it. Most of the people have those tools laying round their residence due to the fact they can be used for different matters as well. But how can they be used to re-paint your wood furniture?

new look to old furnitureProject 6: 1970’s Record Storage Furniture, by Melissa on flickr [CC BY-ND 2.0]

Let me tell you how …

How to use the warmth gun to eliminate paint?

First of all, this step is not that necessary. You can totally skip this process and still get a good colour quality on your furniture. I purely do it just to ensure that I’ll get a really terrific color on my furniture.

As I have mentioned it previous you need a quality heat gun in order to make this work. Why? Well, due to the fact it is going to take some hours to remove paint from a unmarried furniture, and low-quality ones can’t manage the work.

Power up your warmth gun and get a putty knife. Use your powerful hand to hold the heat gun and with the other hand carry the putty knife. Now seeing that warmth guns can blow up to one thousand measure hot air it is suggested to use safety gears. After you are hooked up and you’ve left the heat gun to warmth a little, begin directing the hot air to the old wooden furniture. Retain the heat gun four or 5 inches away from the furniture and try to flow it around each 2 or three seconds.

heat gunPhoto by Joe Loong on flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

While moving the heat gun around with one hand, with the other hand attempt to scrape the colour together with your putty knife. Now, this is a lengthy strategy and it’s going to take many years depending on how large your fixtures is, yet in the end, you won’t remorse it.

Remember: There are touchy objects, there are items with home windows which may well be cracked by heat, so necessarily attempt to study your heat gun manual on how to safeguard most of these objects, and if you don’t have a guide then make sure to examine it on google.

After you’re done removing the paint from furniture, you’re additionally performed with the warmth gun and putty knife. Now comes the easy aspect but the foremost touchy side as well, spraying your wooden furniture.

How to spray your fixtures utilizing LVLP spray gun?

 You can use specific sorts of spray weapons for this process. I like to use LVLP spray weapons due to the fact they are more cost-effective and their conclude colour quality is genuinely good.

If it’s your first time utilizing spray guns I recommend to make some checks on “dummy” objects. In different words, make some checks on some objects that you don’t need, simply to try the color high quality and the pressure.

Before starting to do your task with spray weapons ensure you get a genuinely good color. Get a colour you necessarily wanted to your furniture or even get the same colour that it had. Ensure you like the color before spraying it out because if you don’t you will have to do the method all over again.

After getting the color, placed it on the air cup and combine it with water. You’ve to assess the guide of your spray gun to know the way a lot water and strain the spray gun wants in order to have a top quality color. After you’re all performed putting the spray gun, start spraying your wood furniture.

Sometimes so as to get a really good quality color for your furniture, you’ve to make 2 or maybe three layers of color. So if you opt to make a couple of layer make sure to look forward to the colour to dry after each layer earlier than including the subsequent one.

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