How to Choose the Right Shower Wall Tiles for Your Bathroom

Shower wall tiles are surely first rate techniques if you want an exquisite bathing room that’s additionally practical. Remember, any bathe wall tiles have to be able to handle numerous water splashing and repel disagreeable bathing room accumulations. While aesthetic is also a factor, shower wall tiles want to be realistic so you may clear them easily with steady bathroom cleaners or acid, and they have to be able to no longer take in the water that splashes around whilst you are taking a shower. 

How to select the correct bathe wall tiles?

When choosing bathe wall tiles, you have to ask yourself the following:

  1. How much wear and tear do you expect in the bathroom?
  2. Do you have radiant heating in the walls/floors?
  3. What is the overall theme of your décor?
  4. What is your budget?

Accordingly, you can select bathe wall tilesfrom a range of options. Here’s a roundup of the different forms of concepts accessible for bathe wall tiles and the advantages of every so you can select correctly:

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1. Ceramic tiles 

Ceramic tiles provide quite a lot of textures, colors, sizes and styles to select from. They are made up of clay that are then processed in high-temperature kilns to achieve the long-lasting strength that ceramic bathe wall tiles are typical for. These don’t smash easily, are simple to clean and intensely cost-effective. 

ceramic tile showerPhoto by Christa Grover on Pexels CC0

What are the professionals of selecting ceramic tiles?

When glazed, ceramic tiles don’t absorb water. So this means that your ceramic shower wall tiles would not have any puffiness or absorption-related concerns at any later stage. In addition, these are inexpensive, so lining all the bathroom with ceramic tiles is a good option. While they are made, usually electronic designs are imprinted on the tiles, so even when it comes to aesthetics, you have an incredibly extensive form of colors, textures and designs to select from, based on how you want your bathroom to look.

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What are the cons of selecting ceramic bathe wall tiles?

Ceramic shower wall tiles are very impervious to water while glazed, yet they aren’t as impervious as porcelain tiles. Yet the counter to that’s that ceramic shower wall tiles are also not as high-priced as porcelain tiles. 

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2. Vinyl tiles

Vinyl is the such a lot in general used fabric for bathe wall tiles. They are the cheapest styles of tiles you may get, and that explains their recognition between homeowners. 

vinyl tilesPhoto by using banksy07 on Pixabay CC0

What are the execs of choosing vinyl tiles?

As we mentioned, vinyl tiles are more cost-effective than even ceramic tiles and this makes them the so much general choice between property owners for shower wall tiles. They are additionally particularly resilient to harm and easier to set up so overhead costs are lesser than the other types. Plus, they are eco-friendly and may be reused. 

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What are the cons of selecting vinyl bathe wall tiles?

The basically drawback of having vinyl shower wall tiles is that they are not as aesthetically interesting as the other styles of tiles. 

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3. Stone tiles

Natural stone tiles are rising in popularity these days as outstanding ideas for bathe wall tiles. You’ve a wide array to choose from – marble, granite, limestone and slate, between others, and in terms of textures also, you may make a choice from sandblasted, etched, cleft and tumbled. 

stone tile showerPhoto by means of Gregory Butler Pixabay CC0

What are the professionals of choosing stone tiles?

Whether you are going for marble, slate, granite or limestone bathe wall tiles, be guaranteed that they add a good looking sophistication to your bathroom instantly. In addition, stone shower wall tiles are robust and extremely durable. 

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What are the cons of choosing stone bathe wall tiles?

While stone tiles do add a touch of luxury to your bathroom, be warned that there are some main cons of selecting this material. For example, marble bathe wall tiles could be expensive, and they are very inclined to scratches and stains. 

While granite does no longer have this problem, they do share one hassle with marble shower wall tiles – they are the two very slippery, and aren’t told for lining loos of small children or aged people. Limestone bathe wall tiles may be porous, so you wish to moreover factor in the cost of sealants and even then, be careful approximately the style of cleaner you employ on them. 

You can’t use citrus or vinegar-based cleaners on limestone shower wall tiles. Slate tiles could be very cold and are fairly unique, so discovering a similar tile in case of harm and alternative could be very difficult. 

4. Glass and mosaic tiles

Glass and mosaic tiles may well be shaped to any size and color. This makes them an increasingly famous choice for bathe wall tiles. 

mosaic shower tilesPhoto by ديفيد عادل وهبة خليل 2 [CC0] from wikimedia commons

What are the pros of selecting glass or mosaic tiles?

As we mentioned, glass and mosaic tiles can are available in a good selection of shapes and colors. So this means you could mix’n’match to create artwork on your shower wall. Plus, these are very easy to clean and simple wipe off is all you need. Clear and maintained glass shower wall tiles are long lasting and seem attractive in how they mirror light. 

What are the cons of selecting glass bathe wall tiles?

Glass bathe wall tiles are very easy to scratch and as a result of their appearance, scratches can look very ugly on these tiles. In addition, when these are powerful and durable, a bump with a heavy item can cause nasty breaks and accidents. 

These are some of the so much traditional types of bathe wall tiles. You can also select to use cement-bodies tiles or even steel tiles for your bathroom. So, what are you ready for? Supply your bathroom a renovated feel today!

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