How to Choose the Perfect Quartz Countertop for Your Kitchen?

As the trend for modular kitchens took a raise, granite worktops commencing gaining popular too. Persons desired to invest cash in their kitchens and purchasing a long lasting worktop despite how steeply-priced was their goal. Being a natural stone, granite does provide the countertops a much awesome look. Quartz on the other hand always challenged granite. It might be an engineered stone however it still gives an awesome look to the kitchen.

The resolution is however now not easy. The two are powerful materials and their long lasting nature makes it a perfect choice. So how do you make a choice from the two? Granite is a organic stone which makes it extra appealing for people and is a tough opposition to quartz. However, regardless of being a synthetic material, quartz has proved its superiority over the organic stones.

Quartz is a manmade fabric that comprises over 93% of natural components. It’s made to ensure the correct color and consistency. They’re for this reason durable, water-resistant and stain free. If they are stored adequately they can be as long lasting as granite. The fabric is robust sufficient to now not get a mark from the knife and because it’s non-porous, it’s a hygienic substance.

Other advantages of having a quartz worktop

  • They have a consistent colour pattern
  • Can be incorporated well with one-of-a-kind styles
  • They are the most affordable
  • Can match any color style
  • They are chip resilient
  • The color of quartz worktops doesn’t fade
  • They give an expensive look and enhance the value of the place

The quartz kitchen countertops don’t need re-sealing and might prevent a great number of renovation cost. Here are the forms of quartz worktops that you can choose from:

Compac quartz

compac quartzrecent set up bermondsey kitchen photo, by felth on flickr [CC BY 2.0] LWK Kitchens Recent Installations

Compac quartz is classy and also resilient. They are tougher than the natural and organic stone and are available a large kind of colours so that they can cross with all kinds of domestic decor. It is an greater edition of quartz that has all its aesthetics and has been improvised for excessive abrasion. They give the impression of being attractive on the counter and also are scratch resilient which makes them last for an extended period.

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Quarella worktops

These are certainly one of the most long lasting worktops aren’t purely used in the kitchen but also standard for a restroom and some commercial sites. They’re a popular choice and likewise a practical one. It has minimum absorption which makes it high moisture and stain resilient. They’re additionally low maintenance. It comprises 95% quartz granules and 5% glass and pebble debris which gives them in varied sizes and various colors. The diversity of the quarella worktops makes them an ideal cheap worktop option.

Thanks to the innovation in the production process, quartz in spite of being a man-made fabric can endure loads of strain and is extremely resilient to wear and tear. They can put up with heat, or even sharp objects. Given the 5% mix of glass and pebble granules, they look beautiful and the vivid top cannot be broken by means of daily use. They are non- porous meaning they will not take in the stains and is very easy to maintain. They’re incredibly hygienic and are the most suitable option for a home with children.

They also require low maintenance cost. They are able to be wiped with water and mild detergents and don’t require resealing each year. They arrive in a thickness of 20 mm to 30 mm and permit better consistency in design, especially for bigger spaces.


Silestone is the global choice for quartz countertops. They’re ideal for kitchen and bathroom and give a different appear from the classic natural and organic stones. Their important characteristic is that they are particularly durable, pretty much well for the places in which there would be loads of work like eating places and public places. They are stainless and come with dissimilar colour options.


Caesarstone worktops deliver a luxurious seem to the kitchen. If you are looking for cheap worktops that are adaptable, lengthy lasting and aesthetically appealing then Caesarstone quartz is an ideal selection for you. The unique style, variant colors, and mixtures that they come are like an icing on the cake and will help get the exact seem you have been planning for your kitchen.

The mix of floor quartz and polymers offers the hardest fabric an attractive seem to final a lifetime.

For people who desire consistency in styles and also prefer it to have a stylish and modern look, the engineered stone is a perfect selection for kitchen top. In contrast to marble and granite that ought to be sealed regularly, quartz is of course hygienic. Its non-porous nature makes it tough for bacteria to develop and gives you the additional coverage to the location in which all our foodstuff is.


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