How to Choose a Range Hood for Your Kitchen?

How to select a range hood for your kitchen? Well, before answering this question, let us first understand what a range hood is. Each kitchen remodeling project requires the addition or replacement of 1 important factor — the range hood aka stove hood or vent hood. In case your kitchen has a stove, then the range hood acts as a filtration system to eliminate any variety of smoke, odor, or particles released in the course of cooking. Apart from this major function, this appliance also has several other benefits. It ensures that your cooking area is adequately lighted and competently ventilated. It also reduces the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning and maintains your kitchen cool with the aid of absorbing extra heat.

Now, whilst you opt to buy a range hood for your home, you would possibly discover an overwhelming variety of options in the market. Therefore, in order to make an informed decision, suffer this guide and learn about the factors that you should seem into before purchasing one.

What Is the Sort of Range Hood You Require?

There are several forms of range hoods that you can choose from. Your final selection relies on your budget, kitchen layout, and function.

Under Cabinet Range Hood

under cabinet range hoodPhoto through [CC BY 2.0]

This affordable sort of range hood is versatile enough to pass with unique kitchen styles. It can be easily installed below your kitchen cabinet(s) and over your stove — spanning the total length of the stove. You can discover them in various designs — ranging from plain to based models.

If your range hood comes with a duct, it will transfer the smoke and particles to the outside of your house. Ductless range hoods will purify and recirculate the air back into your home. The former choice is obviously better, yet fees extra and is comparatively tough to install.

Wall Established Range Hood

If your stove does now not have a cabinet above it, you can cross for a wall installed range hood. The sort of chimney hoods include an expanded bottom which stretches across the size of your stove. It narrows down towards the vent and is a bit dearer than below cabinet range hoods.

Insert Range Hood

Insert range hoods — as the name suggests — can be inserted into any space of your selection and design. They are adaptable, flexible, and affordable. However, the total expenses may increase with the charges interested in layout and installation.

Island Range Hood

island range hood

Quite similar to wall installed range hoods, island hoods are installed in a space where the stove does now not have any adjacent walls. The vent is hooked up to a duct that is constant to the ceiling — thereby transferring the smoke away.

If you have an island layout for a kitchen, these are the finest options. They appear good and supply your space an aesthetic appeal. However, they come on the costlier side.

Downdraft Range Hood

The last type is the downdraft range hood — which can provide the option to cover a vent hood from plain view. It connects to ducts located under the floor, which transport smoke away in a downward direction.

What is Your Budget?

The price of any range hood is dependent upon the size, type, and installation process. If you want a stove hood with additional features and added style, then your price will definitely increase further. The costliest range hoods are island and wall set up hoods while below cabinet hoods come at a cheaper price. Agaiduct-free hoods cost lesser than the ducted ones due to the elaborate installation process of the latter.

What Is the Size that Will Healthy in Your Kitchen?

stove hoodPhoto by Don Cornelius on Flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Another factor that you should think about once you answer the question — how to choose a range hood — is the size of your model. It should be properly sized to complement the size of your gas cooktop. In simple terms then, all the smoke and debris released from the stove will be effectively captured through the range hood.

Although larger size means a few more dollars, it’s advisable to think about the investment. In case you are getting an below cabinet range hood, calculate the size of your kitchen cabinets. If you are going for wall installed or island vent hoods, calculate the amount of space available.

What Are the Required Power Specifications?

The effectiveness of your range hood is dependent upon its power specifications. In case you regularly cook or fry on your kitchen, pass for a vent hood with excessive energy ratings in CFMs (cubic ft in step with minute). Again, ductless range hoods will generate less energy as compared to hoods with ducts. Moreover, larger models will supply extra energy than smaller ones.

What Is the Sort of Exhaust System You Prefer?

As already said, another important aspect among range hood features is whether or not the hood is ducted or ductless.

Ducted Exhaust System: The only with ducts will transport the smoke outside, thereby cleaning the air in your kitchen. It’s usually installed on an exterior wall, making sure shorter, effective ducts.

Ductless Exhaust System: Ductless hoods will recirculate the absorbed air when filtering out all contaminants via filters.

Obviously, the former is always a wellknown selection but it’s costly and more challenging to install. However, if you pass for a ductless model, be prepared to frequently clean the range hood and change its filters.


Installing a range hood may cost you a few dollars. But in case you are planning to expand your kitchen or remodel the prevailing cooking area, it is strongly recommended to get one installed. We have already mentioned the basic factors that you ought to think about once you answer the query — how to select a range hood for your kitchen? So, take all of these aspects into account and choose a model that shall help you in preserving the kitchen clean, odor-free, and safe.

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