How To Choose A Lawn Sprinkler System: Complete Buyer’s Guide

How to select a garden sprinkler system? It is a query we often hear from greatest homeowners. Now, why is it essential to get the right lawn sprinkler in your garden? Well, once you wish to possess a lush, green, and beautiful lawn, one of the main steps is to water it regularly. And the way in which to get the job executed is by means of a garden sprinkler system.

These items provide you the convenience of immediately watering your lawn. Moreover, additionally they make sure that your grass gets the necessary quantity of irrigation on an everyday basis. You possibly spending a few dollars once you buy one, however it proves favourable for you in the long run.

If you select a sprinkler that fits all of your needs, it could save you money as well. It is because it will use the exact amount of water as required, thereby, resulting in water conservation and reducing your water bills. Hence, you have to prefer a technique that fits your landscape. And our designated guide shall help you in making an educated decision.

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What is a lawn sprinkler system?

A garden sprinkler is a device that’s used to water lawns and landscapes. They are able to also handle airborne dirt and particles. These items follow water in your land in a managed manner, corresponding to rainfall.

A network of pumps, valves, pipes, and sprinklers distributes the water. For properties and residences, you get quite a number sprinklers in line with size, cost, and complexity. The various common models are impact sprinklers, oscillating sprinklers, drip sprinklers, underground sprinklers, and transportable sprinklers.

lawn sprinklerhome is wherein the sprinkler is, by Robert Couse-Baker on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

You can also get completely hooked up techniques that may be operated by way of timers or automated units. These are generally linked to the plumbing network of the house. Again, small transportable sprinklers might be an alternative choice if you don’t have the components for an everlasting system. You may absolutely connect it to an out of doors water faucet and use it for a quick interval of time.

Why ought to you put money into a lawn sprinkler system?

When you use a hose to water your outdoor plants, it ends up in exceptional wastage of time, money, and effort. Moreover, it does not lend the exact volume of water to your grass; due to the fact in such a lot cases, you are not sure when you are concentrating on the roots correctly. However, with a garden sprinkler system, this issue does no longer arise at all.

Since your grass receives regular and right amounts of water regularly, your garden won’t dry up. Hence, you shall incur less expenditures in changing useless grass. And in view that sprinklers are automated, you don’t must commit a lot recognition in the course of the process. Additionally, they enhance the value of your property as well.

What are the varieties of garden sprinkler systems?

How to select a sprinkler manner to your home? Well, to answer this question, the foremost factor you would like to consider is the water strain in step with square inch (PSI) and size of your area. Once you know the exact specifications, you could choose the right sprinkler on your lawn. Below, let’s describe the four effortless sorts of sprinkler systems.

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Spray systems

Spray techniques are perfect for small or medium-sized loans.  They operate with strain degrees between 20 – 30 PSI. Hence, the maximum distance they are able to water is up to 15 feet. Therefore, all the heads to the manner have got to placed at a maximum distance of 15 toes from each other. Else, some spots will remain dry. For full coverage, you may consider overlapping the sprinkler heads.

Spray heads launch large quantities of water at a quick rate. In view that they have no moving parts, there are no possibilities of mechanical malfunction. You could get them in quite a few styles, consisting of 90, 120, 180, 210, and 360 degrees.

Another significant point to notice here’s that spray procedures generate a misty water spray. Therefore, you will now not desire to buy them in case you stay in a vicinity susceptible to a windy climate. It’s because the water can be easily blown away, thereby, decreasing the efficiency of the full unit.

Water sprinkler systemSprinklers, by Aqua Mechanical on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Rotary systems

Rotary techniques or sprinkler rotors are perfect for medium and massive lawns. This irrigation unit has strain requisites of 30 PSI and more. They are able to cover distances of 15 to 50 feet. Notice that the space between every rotary head ought to be lower than the PSI specifications of every head. For example, consider that you are setting up heads at each 30 feet. Then get a head with PSI ranking of 31 or more.

As when compared with sprays, rotary systems deliver water at a slower speed. Therefore, you could use them when you have slow-draining soils and in slopes. Due to the fact they deliver water in the sort of a circulation instead than a spray, they aren’t affected by winds. Moreover, they lead to lesser water drainage and wastage.

Bubbler systems

Bubbler procedures provide a large range of water at a quick expense in small spaces which include tree basins or around shrubs and ground cover. We’d not suggest to apply them for lawns or in places wherein the soil does now not allow water to drain quickly. This is because the accumulated water will virtually flood the area. Additionally, you cannot use them in sloping landscapes as well. It’s because the water will virtually run faraway from the plants.

Bubblers are ideal for spaces that are a long way far from the attain of sprinkler sprays or for pieces that you don’t desire to spray — for example, spots close the walls and windows.

Drip systems

Again, when you’ve got a large lawn, install a drip irrigation manner instead of a lot of bubblers. They comprise tubes with holes that are embedded below the grass. The holes are placed at certain distances except every other. In this case, water is sprinkled or dripped close the plant roots, thereby, targeting the base directly.

What are the features to consider when identifying a garden sprinkler system

  1. Consider the potential requisites of the sprinkler system. When you’ve got a small lawn, you don’t require an advanced unit. However, for a big garden, you would desire a difficult system.
  2. Check the water provide available. Sure procedures want more water as when compared with others.
  3. Consider the hard work charges. Some items are more labor-intensive.
  4. Check the kind of soil on your lawn. Some techniques are designed only for specific soil types.
  5. Note your price range and investigate the cost within the market. You may buy in simple terms that manner which works your affordability.


In order to have a green and natural lawn, you wish to put money into a well irrigation method. Buying and installing a garden sprinkler technique is the best manner to achieve this. Hence, go through our aid properly, think about the above factors, and get a sprinkler that best suits your requirements.

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