How to Choose a Front Door for Your Home

When choosing a front door for your home, the suggestions can seem endless. How do you even determine on the best place to start your research? Well, today is your fortunate day! We’re here to clearly define your choices with a little help from two experts – co-founder of Brian David and Pella product specialist Shelby Vanderwilt.

The 3 main materials available at the market are wood, fiberglass and steel. Davis gives the lowdown on choosing the proper of door and getting the most for your door dollars: “Front doors actually boast much bigger ROI for homeowners than most domestic improvements. When they nonetheless cost extra money to buy and install than they produce in greater domestic value, a new steel access door returns an brilliant 90.7% of its cost upon resale. That makes it the second-highest ROI for all home innovations (the first is new fiberglass attic insulation).”

Steel Doors

Steel doorways are regarded “lower-level priced,” according to Shelby Vanderwilt, and are understandably popular because they are also durable. Metallic is an energy-efficient material for doorways and you can get great returns (90.7%) with this competitively priced choice – plus metal doorways boast minimal maintenance and care.

black doorBlack door by Richard Smith [CC BY 2.0]

She is going on to share the various great suggestions available with Pella’s steel doors, adding factory pre-finish paint, multipoint locks (which take more force to break through) and built-in security sensors. On top of all that, they are totally customized for your home’s needs.

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Fiberglass Doors

Door ideasPhoto by denisbin on flickr [CC BY-ND 2.0]

Vanderwilt explains that fiberglass doors are “mid-level priced,” providing up many of the same advantages as steel doors. Fiberglass doors are energy-efficient, and boast “low maintenance and care for homeowners.” They can also be stained and painted in any colour to fit any style. In fact, installing a fiberglass door is “one of the best ways to add shrink appeal to your home.”

Fiberglass doors from Pella “mimic the grain of authentic wooden doorways but with the low maintenance aspects of fiberglass” and are made to order for your home. There are several factory pre-finish paint and stain strategies available for that all-important “optimal decrease appeal,” and the same suggestions for multipoint locks and safety sensors.

Pella’s special frame system provides “exceptional coverage against rot, drafts, and leaks” and, for the extra style-conscious, their fiberglass doorways can be “two colours at once – one color on the external and a moment color at the inside.”

front door windowPixabay

Brian David tells us that fiberglass doors can be “among higher-end home improvements” and “return the majority in their cost in higher home values, at 77.8%.” He goes on to warn: “Be prepared to shell out an average of $3,276 to purchase and install one though!”

Wood Doors

ornamental doorPhoto via Thamizhpparithi Maari from wikimedia commons [CC BY-SA 3.0]

There’s no denying the natural attractiveness of wood front doors, which Vanderwilt considers “higher-level priced.” Spelling it out for us, she shares that the “advantages of wood are the beauty of natural wood grain, the high-end seem and feel, and the power performance of natural wood.”

red the front doorPexels

A wood the front door is also “extremely customizable to your fashion and home” and can be as large as you would like it to be. Vanderwilt adds that that Pella also gives many “unique glass fashion options,” so you can get exactly what you’re seeking for.

Now that you recognize what each variety of door offers, you’re one step closer to the the front door of your dream home!

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