How Much Does Landscaping Cost? Here’s a Complete Cost Guide

Your yard’s landscaping plays a large position in giving your home a personality, a character. It enhances its curb appeal and pumps up your property’s value. Researchers trust that well-done landscaping, as adverse to a plain Jane lawn and driveway, can increase a house’s value via 10% to 12.7%! No wonder, more and more homeowners are upgrading their landscape. But, the big question is: How much does landscaping cost?

Your the front yard or backyard landscaping cost is determined by the plan you have in mind. Are you relocating into a new home, and starting on a barren yard or do you want to revamp an present landscape? What landscaping style and designs are you looking for? Are you inclined to pay excessive maintenance cost for your landscaping or want a no-frills one that calls for little water and maintenance?

Want your landscaping to include decks, decorative pathways, backyard sprinkler systems, and water features such as fountains, ponds, and waterfalls?

Whatever your questions are, you should choose in case you want to complete the task on your own or you want help. If the latter, uncover a landscape contractor who can provide you with fees on the specific requirements.

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Common landscaping features and capabilities with approximate costs

Fence$10-$30 in line with linear foot
Pathway$5-$30 in line with square foot
Fire pit (5’x5’)$150 – $700
Water fountain (medium)$1,000 – $10,000
Pond (11’x16’)$7,000-$8,500
Gazebo (octagonal)$1,500-$3,000
Misting system$1,800-$4,500
Arbor or pergola (cedar)$3,000 and above
Turf (1,000 sq.ft. yard)$5,000-$20,000
Outdoor kitchen$2,700-$10,000
Inground swimming pool (32’x16’)$22,000 and above
Retaining wall$13,800 and above
Tree removal200-$1,500
Yard cleanup$100-$1,000
Lawn fertilization$20-$250
Concrete removal (200 sq.ft. patio)$400-$600
Landscape maintenance (8,000 sq. ft. lawn)$45-$100 in line with hour

An average landscaping cost for a 1,200 sq.ft yard would be $10,500 to $30,000 approximately.

Once, you have a clear answer to all your questions, we will proceed to explain each facet of landscaping. Remember that a well landscaping activity needn’t be an high priced affair. It ought to be well-planned and carefully executed.

Even if you choose to do it in your own, we recommend hiring landscape professionals at least at the planning stage. You don’t want to choose the wrong bed of flora and plants for the incorrect spot, do you? Did you know, selecting the perfect plants and trees can help with the temperature control of your home? Yes, your choice can assist cut down power costs. A certified individual can help you choose plants that play well together.

Ideally, landscape designers, landscape architects, and groundskeepers can work in tandem to plan the landscaping and do the heavy lifting for you. You may also require landscape surveyors if the paintings entails any boundary changes or land division, erection of fences to a property boundary, or in case of possession transfer.

You get the functions you pay for, so be sure that you do your research and get references from these around you. With the correct team, you can create the most fascinating and beautiful designs that are exactly what you had in intellect when it comes to fashion and budget.

Landscaping and labor cost

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The entire landscaping method is essentially divided into 3 stages: design, ground preparation, and installation.

Design phase — The property owner and landscape fashion designer work together to discuss the requirements, the purpose, style, and the price range for the project. The clothier will then chart out a detailed plan that contains specifications such as sizing and what materials to use.

A landscape clothier may charge you $2,000-$6,000for a detailed plan. If you just require a 1-2 hour onsite verbal consultation for simple projects, it may price you $50-$120 an hour.

Ground preparation and installation— These are generally undertaken through a landscaping contractor. The average cost of labor is $45 to $75 in line with hour.

If your landscaping task is huge in terms of your expectations, it may require varied contractors operating together.

Backyard vs. the front yard landscaping cost

Your landscaping cost will also rely on even if you want one in your front yard — as a way to improve your house’s slash appeal — or backyard. Whilst a front yard landscaping possibly more about enhancing the beauty of your backyard space, a typical backyard landscaping possibly more utilitarian. It may entail an outside kitchen, seating for outside dining, building a fireplace pit, planting hedges, or a kitchen garden. The extra work you need, the higher you need to count on to pay.

Types of landscaping


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If you want to make your land more attractive and functional, hardscaping is your answer. It deals with the installation of inanimate furnishings such as patios, gazebos, pergolas, pathways, retaining walls, etc. The contractor may use materials such as concrete, brick, stone, wood, or metal.

Hardscaping charges rely upon the kind of structures you want to add for your landscape. You may talk to our earlier table for the approximate costs.

Pros: Easier to maintain after the initial installation. Makes the yard really appealing.

Cons: Installing such constituents can be high priced and want appropriate planning — keeping drainage and architectural style in mind.


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Softscaping refers to the addition of dwelling ingredients such as bushes, trees, ornamental plants, and flower beds — preserving the difference between annuals and perennials in mind.

For the uninitiated, annuals are bright and showy plants that complete their development cycle in a single year. Perennials, at the different hand, have a longer development cycle and are slightly costlier. But, they grow to be a better choice in the long run because they do not want replacement each year.

The average cost of softscaping is approximately $10 to $15 per square foot.

Pros: Easy to create. Now not as luxurious as hardscaping.

Cons: Needs regular maintenance and water supply.


natural-looking artificial grass or turf Photo through Soft Surfaces Ltd on Flickris certified less than CC BY 2.0

If you live in an area in which water supply is in shortage, or if water conservation is of prime importance to you — xeriscaping is for you. You can use plants that are native to the area and require less water. Using natural-looking synthetic grass or turf is also a great option. A professionally completed xeriscaping on a 1,200 square foot yard maybe $12,000 or more.

Pros: Saves money over time. Conserves water and labor.

Cons: Initial installation might require vigilance and upkeep.

Basic landscaping with natural grass

Basic landscaping with natural grassPixabay

If you choose for simple landscaping with natural grass for your lawn, you have two options: sod and seed. As the name suggests, seed installation involves planting and growing your own grass while sod installation is easier within the kind of rug-like rolls that consist of mature grass and a layer of soil. Those can be laid out by means of a professional landscaping company.

Pros: Cheaper installation and maintenance.

Cons: Makes your yard appear a tad boring.

Grading or re-sloping

This landscaping is ideal in case you are concerned about water not draining actually away from their home’s foundation. The grading guarantees that there is not any water damage and moisture issues such as mould and mildew anywhere near your house. And, it can add for your landscaping design, its aesthetics, and functionality.

Pros: Eliminates drainage and moisture problems.

Cons: Entails structural changes, therefore the high initial cost.

Addition of water features

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Want to add features such as a pond, fountain, misting system? Do understand that apart from the installation cost, you’ll also spend a considerable amount of dollars on supplies had to build such furniture and then maintain them.  Also, maintain the continued charges of energy consumption in mind. The more you plan, the higher prepared you are for unexpected costs.

Pros: These features brighten up your yard.

Cons: Expensive installation. Calls for regular power intake and maintenance.


Landscaping single-handedly makes your yard extra attractive and your outdoor dwelling area functional. Whilst you may select to finish the task yourself, such a lot property owners want hiring a certified landscape architect or fashion designer to beautify their property. They assist you understand exactly how a lot does landscaping cost?

With the correct planning, design, and execution — you can transform your yard into a gorgeous oasis, increasing your home’s value. A great front yard or backyard landscaping enables you to relish your outside to their maximum potential.

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