How Much Does It Cost to Install Laminate Flooring?

Laminate floors is a boon for property owners looking for a classy look for their floors. And that too inside a budget. What’s more, it is easy to set up laminate floors and preserve it. It even holds up well in high site visitors areas. 

The finest side is, it may imitate hardwood, tile, and even stone flooring – for a fragment of the cost of these materials. Laminate floors gives a high-end appear without the high-end price. 

Before we begin looking into the setting up cost of laminate flooring, allow us to first solution a effortless query for the uninitiated.

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is a multi-layered synthetic ground that’s fused together via a lamination technique –and hence the name. It effortlessly simulates the seem of wood, stone, or tile with a photographic layer lower than a transparent protecting layer. 

Such floors is easy to install, charges less, and lasts up to 30 years. Furthermore, the durable flooring option has the power to face up to publicity to debris and water.

In case you desire to be aware of extra about laminate flooring and its safety concerns, you can necessarily do your research and be larger told earlier than its installation. 

Cost to set up laminate flooring 

The ordinary cost to set up laminate flooring is $2,8oo.This price does NOT comprise the cost of elimination of historic flooring, re-installation of molding or baseboards, furnishings removal, and transport in addition to installation fees.

Most homeowners spend at any place among $1,500-$5,000 for full laminate installation. 

The purpose for this massive difference in price is as a result of quite a few factors. The number of rectangular toes you propose to cover, the selection of laminate, the emblem of the laminate, the complexity of the job, the situation of your subfloor, removal of historic flooring, additional materials needed, and so on. 

When it comes to square foot cost, a house owner can often assume to pay $2.00 – $3.00 consistent with square foot for the installation, $1.50 in keeping with square foot for materials, and upward of $0.30 in step with square foot for the underlayment. Whetherhiring professional ground installersor doing it yourself, it’s finest to get a value estimate for your house improvement.

This article will help you recognise all about laminate floors charges and the way the above factors affect them.   

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Factors affecting the laminate floors cost

Living room with laminate flooring
Photo by Christa Grover from Pexels CC0

Total region to be covered

Generally, the smaller the rectangular footage, the decrease is the price. However, this is not real within the case of lamination. The setting up price tends to be on the bigger side for smaller areas. The reason is that there is a large number of trimming concerned — making the method extra time-consuming.

This is especially genuine when you’ve got a group of stairs or landing in the area. You require extra flooring substances to work around such areas.

Quality of laminate floor

  1. Scratch-resistant: $0.68 – $2.59 in keeping with rectangular foot
  2. Noise-resistant: $1.39 – $2.59
  3. Water-resistant: $1.69 – $2.79
  4. Radiant/underfloor warming approved: $0.68 – $2.79
  5. Installable over cork underlayment:  $0.68 – $2.84
  6. Flooring requiring no waxing or polishing: $0.99 – $3.33
  7. Attached underlayment: $1.88 – $2.79

Underlayment cost

Homeowners can count on to pay$2.95 to $4.60 in step with sq. ft.for a undemanding underlayment installation. Purchasing flooring with pre-applied underlayment will prevent money in labor, but it’s extra expensive. There are always other thoughts to install it separately. 

For instance, in case your laminate doesn’t have a built-in underlayment, you may purchase a separate foam padding that will supply cushioning, take up sounds, or even out the subfloor. Such padding will cost you$30.00in step with roll. 

A separate moisture barrier, or an underlayment with a integrated moisture barrier, will price you$35.00per roll. If you live in a moisture-prone area, we enormously propose this step. 

Flooring thickness

Installing laminate floor
First Section, by Gavin Tapp on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Laminate flooring is available in various levels of thickness. A laminate degrees between 8mm to 12mm in thickness. Useless to say, the thicker the laminate, the extra resistant it’s to bending because of an uneven subfloor or impact. 

There are other reward inclusive of better sound absorption and simpler installation. The average price for an 8mm laminate is $1.79 consistent with sq.ft., 10mm is $1.99 in keeping with sq.ft., and 12 mm is $2.29 consistent with sq.ft.

If you opt for superb laminate, it is going to cost you between $3 and $5 in keeping with square foot. It has an entire thickness of round 1/2-inch.

Textures and finishes

Laminate floors is available in quite a number distinct textures. For instance, when it comes to wood laminate flooring, you can choose from the following options:

  • Embossed: This entire style texture tiers from$1.79–$2.99 consistent with sq. ft.
  • Embossed in the sign in (EIR): This natural-looking flooring provides depth and texture to the alignment of the floor. The price degrees from$1.89–$3.99 consistent with sq. ft.
  • Handscraped: This pressed floor resembles a hardwood floor and fees between$2.99 and $5.99 consistent with sq. ft.

You could also select special finishes in your laminate floor. Whilst it comes to cost, there is not a lot of a significant difference. Lower than are the various leading laminate finishes:

  • Gloss: Makes the floor extra alluring and stand out. Fantastic for event or membership locations.
  • Matt: A no-shine floors that is perfect for professional businesses.
  • Wood: Any such ground is designed to deliver an aesthetic touch.

Installation hard work cost

Laminate ground installation
Photograph by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay CC0

One of the biggest factors that affect the total flooring price is labor. The average price of work whilst it comes to installing laminate flooring is$1.72 consistent with rectangular foot. When you have a 330 rectangular foot living room, for instance, you may assume your hard work expenses to be approximately$570. Basically, exertions costs make up wherever from 20% to 50% of your final cost.

A certified contractor will set up laminate flooring and cost either in step with hour or in step with project. Earlier than the particular installing begins, there is flooring elimination or carpet replacement to take care of. Let’s see how a lot the labor price varies in both cases: 

Flooring removal

Although laminate flooring can be installed over an existing floor and prevent a while and hassle, it’s best tohire a carpenterto get rid of your subfloor and lay a brand new one before the installation. There’s no trouble of uneven floors with expert help.

A wood worker will cost you around$70 in step with hour, on average. The approximate price of removing a 2 hundred sq. ft. ground is$400 to $550.

Carpet replacement

A carpet does no longer make for a suitable subfloor. Eliminating your existing carpeting is a must. If the installing doesn’t entail any repair work on the concrete below, a carpet elimination will price you$0.50 to $1 in keeping with rectangular foot

A wood worker will want to fix any harm to the concrete ground if the carpet is glued to it. He’ll then point and prep the subfloor with sandpaper or by means of patching. Ideally, it need to be flat or level within 3/16” from one conclusion of a 10’ room to the other. 

Abrasion class ranking (AC rating)

High-quality floor laminate
Water Test, by John Loo on flickr [CC BY 2.0]

Another price factor for laminate floors is the AC rating — denoting a laminate’s resistance to put on and its excellent location. Those scores are on a scale of 1 to 5. The higher the rating, the better is the durability and cost.

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Moldings and trims

Molding and trims add the finishing touches to your laminate flooring. You could choose between right here options:

  • Quarter round molding: It fills the space among the ground and the wall.Approximate cost: $0.99-$3.00 in keeping with sq.ft.
  • Threshold molding: It finishes the distance among the ground and the carpet. Approximate cost: $3.25-$7.00 consistent with sq.ft.
  • T-Molding: It finishes the gap between the ground and a pair of portions of laminate.Approximate cost: $3.49-$6.00 consistent with sq.ft.
  • Flush stair nose: It finishes step downs, stairs, and landings.Approximate cost: $4.50-$6.50 in step with sq.ft.
  • Step nose: It’s used for spaces where the laminate ground meets a step or landing.Approximate cost: $5.00-$10.00 consistent with sq.ft.

Additional concerns and costs

  • Darker laminate hues are regarded top class hues and could enhance the total cost. The lighter, much less popular, colors are often cheaper. 
  • If you desire to set up a radiant floor, the typical cost in a standard-sized home is anyplace from$6000-$14,000depending upon the time it takes for the paintings to be completed.
  • Time of the year influences your installing costs. Do not plan your laminate ground setting up for fall as it’s a very busy time for contractors and carpenters. Aim for the late wintry weather months and check out to find the best deals.
  • Before you lease gurus for the installation, you may eliminate and replace the historical subfloor or carpet yourself to decrease yourhome protection costs
  • Make certain to purchase 5%-15% more floors and underlayment than needed.
  • Get at least three estimates for the installation for a transparent suggestion of the total home improvement costs.
  • Maintaining a laminate floor is easy. It does now not require any waxing and may be mopped with a moist mop or swept. However, don’t set up it in high-humidity locations including bathrooms or laundry rooms.

With correct care, chances are that your laminate floor will serve you more than 30 years!


If you are seeking an economical way to enhance the appear of your home, a laminate floor is your answer. More often than not, a great laminate will resemble wood, tile, or stone — at a miles more cost-effective cost. And, your family and friends won’t even notice the difference.

When it comes to setting up laminate flooring, we hope this text enables you recover clarity regarding the costs. Simply remember to factor within the several charges linked together with your laminate flooring, including, sort of laminate, extra materials, and hard work costs. With cautious planning, your final cost won’t be a surprise, or should we say, a shock to you!

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